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Hi Guys,

Well recently we received an email from an avid follower of PinoyBSN. First of all together with the rest of the administrators thank you very much for your support. And we are very glad that we could be of help in giving you the latest issues and information concerning nurses. In the name of helping and giving information I am here to answer some of common NCLEX- RN Questions.

Fastest Way To Get ELIGIBILITY

First of all, I would just like to correct that AUTHORIZATION TO TEST (ATT) is given by PEARSON VUE the one facilitating the NCLEX-RN exam. So what I think was meant is the fastest way to get ELIGIBILITY because before you can even get your ATT you need to have an eligibility.

Anyways, VERMONT and NEW MEXICO are considered the fastest. One reason would be because its location is not much of a popular choice for Filipinos to get their initial licensing up until now. In some forums and feedback from friends, New Mexico can release ELIGIBILITY as soon as 3 weeks. The longest to release would be CALIFORNIA since they do all the job unlike the other states who hires the services of companies like the CGFNS which gives way to CES and CVS evaluation. And since most of the US States removed the CGFNS Certification/ Exam the CES and CVS kind of covers for that with its detailed evaluation of your credentials.

Eligibility can really vary from one person to the other. Aside from the process of the state in which you are applying to also take note of the bulk of those applying for each state. California is a popular choice since most Filipinos have relatives in that area.

Also, make sure that when you submit your documents all the information or areas to be filled out are completed. Lesser errors and mistakes means lesser chances of having your application delayed.

Trying to follow up your application also helps to identify if there are any discrepancies or missing and lacking information. But do not also bombard the Board as this also delays your processing. Also try looking in to the FAQ's area of their site to answer some of your questions.

Joan's Notes: All information were based from different sources such as reading materials, seminars, forums etc. For your own verification please try to visit and ask others re such matter. For those who have questions feel free to email me at and I shall do my best to answer your queries and post it here on the web. Look out for more information on NCLEX-RN here in PinoyBSN!!

Not sure if I want to user blogger or not, i like the way your site looks and it is free. I want a blog for my site but just can't decide. My site if ya wanna look... fireplace

About Vermont.... Do they have reciprocity to other state and to what state?

thanks for all the info.sayang, i only knew your site later na after i applied for eligibility.its really a blessing to have known this site-very much updated and informational esp.for us neophyte RNs.

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hi po.. just wanna ask lang (sorry if ill sound stupid asking this question)...

If ever i'll choose california as my state for nclex tapos naging ok na papers ko... po-problemahin ko p ba how to get a visa? o package na yun once approve na application ko sa california nclex exam?

dinidiscourage kasi ako ng friend ko take dun, kasi according to her of all the state why will i choose US California?, baka daw isipin ng embassy mag TNT me after... sayang nman daw effort ko apply nclex kung ganun din ending...

hope there's any1 can clear this info to me... d ko pa alam pasikot sikot nitong NCLEX! tnx po...

pano po kung nung march 5, 2007 pa nagregister tapos wala p rin ung ATT ano po bang actions ang pwedeng gawin? Naconfirm nman po nmin kng dumating n ung letter s california..tnx po

^^ oo nga .. pano yun .. apply ka pa ba ng visa for the sake of taking the exam? With the new turn of events na pwde na mag take ng nclex dito, pano na application if i wanna apply for cali? thanks in advance

im just worid, if talaga po ba matagal dumating ang elig from cali? kasi yung friend ko po na kasabay ko nagpas, her elig arrived after 3 wks,but mine until now wala pa and its been 4 months already... =(

to ms joan: (sori din po if ill sound stupid>>)

i just passed the NLE of June 2007. right now, it bothers me still as to WHAT to do next??? i can't decyd whether to get an exerience first or take NCLEX review and exam? any advice????

if i'll go for nclex, where will i start? i'm rily sori bwt just totally confuse on what to do with my life.hehehe

to anyone who can share their advice, i'd absolutely appreciate it1


My eligibility from CA Board of Nsg arrived exactly 8 weeks from filing...I immediately accomplished the requirements after the June 10-11, 2007 boards and filed my application on July 14...Got my eligibility dated Sept 14...

hello po! ask ko lang po kung pano ko malalaman status ng application ko.. i passed my application for NCLEX in CA last July 18 and still i haven't received my eligibility.. yung friend ko po July 26 sya nagpass and nareceive nya na po yung eligibility nya last OCt. 12. Based po dun sa EMS nadelivered sa CA yung application ko ng July 24
thank you po! God bless po!

hi,i would like to take my exam in the US coz my sis stays there,if i apply for a tourist visa what will i tell to the consul? I am afraid i might be denied of a taking the NCLEX a guarantee that i can get a visa?

California eligibility requires AT LEAST 4 mos for months waiting time, again it depends on the bulk of applications being received by Cali BRN. So for some who are fall within the time frame, worry not as many are actually en route to that state.Besides many who received their eligibility are even more worried and feel sorry for rushing things up as they have to register before the allowed expiration of eligibility. Some of whom worries for having lesser time of reviewing. Just keep studying! :-)

i recommend california bon. why? reciprocity people! it takes minimum 12wks, maximum 16 weeks. its worth the wait. why? reciprocity nga and it doesnt matter if u passed the local boards/cgfns they wouldnt care less about those exams as long as u have an explanation. as compared to vermont/new mexico... try googling those places... gusto nyu bang magnurse sa lugar na yun? baba sweldo dun. hehe. seriously people. hindi basta basta ang pagpili ng state. hindi pabilisan ang pagkuha ng ATT. pwede naman kau magreview while waiting. u have to choose the state kung saan may kamaganak kayo or kung saan mataas ang sweldo or kung saan kau comfortable. ngaun kung comfortable kau sa vermont or newmexico dun kau magapply wlang reciprocity dun. d kau makakalipat ng ibang state. panibagong exam nanaman yan.

Good day!!! I just want to know how long will it take before I receive my eligibilty from New York Board of Nursing? Is it true na inaabot ng 1 year before mareceive ang eligibility. Please help me nman coz im kinda confused.

can u please give me an insight whether to what state should i apply for nclex. the difference between vermont and new mexico.their reciprocity states and the type of living there. tnx and more power

actually,my friends & I have sent the application to new mexico, and nung November pa to and until now wala pa din? why is it so eh sabi mo as early as 3 weeks and sabi ng iba 2 months pa daw. my problem po b kya? kc sa iba kong kakilala august pa cla ng send until now wala p din eligibility...

Mga kapwa RN’s, huwag po kayong masyadong impatient and worrisome kasi nga ang totoo dyan case-to-case basis talaga ang pag process sa application natin and for whatever reason kung bakit naging ganyan ay ang taga NCLEX lang ang may alam  Kita niyo na sa mga ibang nagsusulat dito na meron iba ang bilis ang iba naman until now wala pa. Now I tell you my story… kung impatient kayo the more ako dapat maging impatient. Andito na nga ako sa California but guess what? It took me 5 mos to rcvd my eligibility, and ngayon I’m still waiting for my ATT. Of course, I have my moments na emote tayo ng emote but then naisip ko kung andyan na ang ATT ko and then ipapaexam na ako on the first available sched, ready naba ako? So yun, I snapped my self out sa kaka emote  so instead, I took the delay in my application positively, iniisip ko nalang na yun yung sign ni Lord na dapat mag review pa ako. Kasi sayang lang naman if mabilis yung processo tapos ang ending e bagsak ka sa exam… e saan ngayon ang mas matagal diyan, diba? Kung babagsak ka di back to square one kana naman. Buti pa instead mag-isip tayo ng kung ano-anong scenario na ang nangyayari sa application natin dapat mag focus nalang tayo sa review. Kasi sayang itong opportunity if ipalalagpas lang natin.

As for yung nag-tatanong regarding sa tourist visa application, dapat talaga planohing maigi ang pag-apply kasi once meron kanang denial mahihirapan kana talagang makakuha ulit ng visa. As far as sa nalalaman ko lang ang mga tingin ng mga consul sa lahat ng mag-aaply ng tourist visa is that they all have the intent to migrate. So if you want to apply a tourist visa, prove them wrong sa iniisip nila. Dapat mapakita mo that you have a strong ties sa pinas, na babalik ka talaga. Sa ngayon yung family is not considered “strong ties” anymore kasi nakita na nila pattern ng mga pinoy na kahit maliit na anak nila e kaya nilang iwanan maka migrate lang sila or makapagtrabaho sa US or kung saan-saan abroad. Nasa pag present mo nayan ngayon ng iyong “alibi” nag mag tourist-tourist ka kunwari. So if sasabihin mong mag take ka ng NCLEX kaya ka pupunta doon, what do you think the consul wud think? Of course, that reason is so obvious na meron ka talagang intent to migrate. So planohin mo ng maayos. And also, dapat maingat ka sa pag-fill-up sa application form nila kasi most of the time doon nila binibase yung questions and decision nila.

Pray nalang po tayo kasi if tingin ni Lord hindi makakabuti sa atin hindi talaga yan ibibigay but the Lord will bless us in another way much better that what we are asking. Or ibibigay niya, but in His own time. Meron ding iba na magpupumilit maka-abroad lang, pero ano ngayon ang mangyayari? Magiging miserable din ang buhay kasi nga walang blessing ni Lord.

hi pipol...ask ko sana kau ng suggestion/ thnking twice about getting a dialysis training since now plang ako nag-uumpisa maglakad ng nclex (as in the process palang ng pagkalap ng mga reqts). then, feb lang ako nag-apply sa mga hospital (actually, 2 hosp lang un sa cabanatuan)..
a frend told me, wag ko n dw ituloy pagkuha ng training kasi mas need daw bedside nurses sa cali. so pinull out ko ung slot ko for april. kasi dw masasayng lang tym ko, 5 weeks din ung, mga 8thou.
tapos, ung isang frend nmn ng parents ko hu works sa canada hu s planning to go sa US, mas ok daw kung kuha pa ako nun..para daw mas mataas ung pwedeng salary..

kaya, iniisip ko kung itutuloy ko pa kuha...anu sa plagay nyo?? =)

thanks. God bless!!!

i'll visit here ulit to see wat i can get from here or anyone hu may help can email me at thanks po!!!

tc everyone. God bless Us.=)

lovelots, kaReN

hello, gusto ko lang po magpasalamat kay sierra sa kaniyang advice, kasi tulad niya, ako din nag aantay ngayon ng eligibility dito sa california, at ito na yung 5th week ko... pero ayun wala padin.

yun din iniisip ko na kung dumating nga ng maaga, eh di pa ako ready, so i think this is a sign from Lord talaga na dapat magsikap nako sa review and everything.. well ayun naman so far... good luck sating mga future RN's at God Bless us all.

from experience, as well as some of my friends' experience.. california took 3-4 months for the elgblty to arrive and they would also send a follow up email asking you to mail your prc license.. vermont took 8 months approximately kasi nga once you pass your nclex, license is good forever,unlike california na 2 years lang and you have to send your sss no. or else apply ka nlng reciprocity sa other states. once you receive your elegibility, madali na lang ang att. hope this helps

hello guys...meron ba may alm about sa application for CNRE or CNATs...?tanx..

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