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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Greetings from PinoyBSN family

Happy Birthday Kitchie (Rhina)!!!

Belated happy birthday KITIN!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Registration Schedule of New Nurses
(December 2007 Nurse Licensure Examination)

ABA, Adrian A. to ALE, Quinessa S. (March 24)
ALEGADO, Jane A. to AQUINO, Tristan L. (March 25)
AQUINO, Xenia Joy L. to BALBIN, Anna Irish Y. (March 26)
BALBIN, Jon Nelson C. to BELLO, Martin II R. (March 27)
BELLO, Mecca Angela Q. to BURGOS, Roland A. (March 28)
BURI, Karen Anson R. to CAPUNDAN, Gretchen M. (March 31)
CAPUNO, Ann Naciancina V. to CIANO, Setrina N. (April 1)
CIELO, Leonida P. to DALAYGON, Casedil D. (April 2)
DALERE, Daryl Dave T. to DELA CRUZ, Uzzielle D. (April 3)
DELA CUADRA, Eunice Mae P. to DURA, Clair M. (April 4)
DURAGO, Neniel Kate B. to FAJARDO, Stephanie R. (April 7)
FAJARDO, Vergel S. to GAMAD, Charliselle A. (April 8)
GAMAD, Honesto Jr. G. to GRANIL, Romyr Jane A. (April 10)
GRANITO, Hazel Grace L. to JABONILLO, Joyce S. (April 11)
JACA, Flora Mae G. to LANGAMON, Emerald P. (April 14)
LANGBAYAN, Gibran A. to LOPEZ, Joann N. (April 15)
LOPEZ, John Michael C. to MALLARI, Florian Edgar A. (April 16)
MALLARI, Francis Ian Q. to MEDINA, Jeden Marneleh A. (April 17)
MEDINA, Julie Jane D. to NANGLIGAN, Marilyn D. (April 18)
NANI, Al-Nash A. to ORDANZA, Ma. Angelica E. (April 21)
ORDEN, Janice M. to PARUNGAO, Melvin A. (April 22)
PARUNGAO, Nalla L. to PULIDO, Eduardo C. (April 23)
PULIDO, Pamela E. to REYES, Jera R. (April 24)
REYES, Jerome Anthony D. to SALAMAT, Sharlene Ann G. (April 25)
SALAMATIN, John Lester R. to SEMIC, Jiesylmay T. (April 28)
SEMILLA, Florence Erika B. to TACDORO, Shiela B. (April 29)
TACIO, Herbert D. to TONO, Emelou S. (April 30)
TONOG, Joeky Z. to VESAGAS, Rainier M. (May 1)
VETUS, Ralph Joshua I R. to ZUNIGA, Woodrow Rafael III M. (May 5)

For outside Manila, schedules may not be followed respectively. Visit your nearest PRC Regional Office

JUNE 2007 Nursing Board Passers (PRC Manila) can claim their CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION (Lupon) at Window 19, Registration Division, PRC Manila. (for those who registered in PRC Manila only; for outside Manila please check with your respective regional office)

As of March 5, available certificates:
From ABALOS, Russel to FORTALIZA, Frederick.

Bring your PRC License Card and a front-back photocopy of your PRC License Card. No fees required.

Courtesy of Noelito RN

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