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Saturday, July 15, 2006

GAPUZ LEAKAGE....PRESENT PO!!! - Gapuz Reviewee

This is an article I found from someone claiming na gapuz reviewee daw siya. It's worth a read. The first time I saw a gapuz reviewee admitted na may leakage sila. Well, may leakage or wala truth will eventually come out. But lets hear his side.

By Dens Salunga

Hi to all nursing students especially to those who took the NLE last June 2006.Apparently PRC confirmed that there was an existing leakage. I enrolled to GAPUZ REVIEW CENTER the whole program until the final coaching. I attended final coaching twice, first when we had our free closed-door final coaching exclusively for our school and another was when GAPUZ had it's GRAND final coaching the night before the exam, June 10, 2006 . I'm so much tired of these damn issues and shits! What else we can do? Why don't we just admit that there was really a leakage? I myself received a copy of this mysterious leakage the night before the exam and another was the night of the first day of exam.

I got them all and these questions really existed in the actual board. Evening of July 11, 2006 I came to the main office of GAPUZ REVIEW CENTER in Malate I saw it, I really saw it with my two eyes papers containing the answers in the actual board coming out from the fax machine and all of the students who were there was given a copy of it. To those who enrolled to GAPUZ REVIEW CENTER let's just admit it, let's admit that there was really a leakage, not one of you can tell me that there's no such thing. Don't be hypocrite! I was there and I got them all I had the whole thing. Too bad for those thinking that I'm crazy while I'm saying this, too miserable for you because you can't fight fairly and sacrifice your peace of mind in your entire life well I can't! There was really a leakage I’m telling you...I have a copy of it. But pls don't label us as "CHEATERS" it wasn't our fault we thought that it was a part of the service of GAPUZ which we had paid.

Please don't try to interrogate Mr. GAPUZ because it's not his own fault too it was the fault of all those involved parties. It must be the PRC and those 2 BON members must be responsible to this! PRC and those 2 BON members must be put in jail for all they created damn worldwide shit! I pity you PRC and 2 BON don't have the right to ruin our life! Just for your fucking selfishness and greediness for money you spoiled out the future and life of thousands of nursing students! We paid the review center (GAPUZ) we devoted our time studying from JANUARY any it was just resulted in to a HOLY and FUCKING SHIT! To all GAPUZ REVIEWEE let's not just deny we know to ourselves that we received leakage.

We did receive leakage I can testify that! STOP DENYING (well sino ba naman and aamain na may ginawa kang kasalanan?) or else we'll be DENIED of JOBS ABROAD. Give time to think and think over and over again! Don't talk and act IMMATURELY pls God Bless to all but to PRC and 2 BON members GET A LIFE! Stop denying. I just realized that there is no JUSTICE really here in Philippines if this issue just ignored and let it pass because I know and we know there was a leakage so how could you say no? For those who will keep on denying that we received leakage from GAPUZ face me and I will damn slap the copy of the leakage in your face!Kid-0!

- Dens Salunga

Click here for the ORIGINAL POST.

Budek Comments : Dens edited his post, that is why I provided the older cached version from google. He edited his whole name and the messages he posted became meek. From a roaring tiger naging rabbit na bumabati ng "Hi to all NLE takers"


A message from a supporter of the 92 students : Raymund

Posted today by someone named Raymund in support to the 92 students

From : Raymund
Subject : UNTITLED

Why blame the 92 students who are complaining abt the leakage? In fact, we should support them because they have the guts to do so. In fact, the people at the top are the one destroying the good reputation of nurses-the likes of George Cordero (who incidentally owns Inress and PCHS at the same time), BON and PRC.

Mr. Cordero, do not come clean on this matter. We know for the fact that you pooled all PCHS students at SM for the final coaching where you relesed leakages from BON.It is not a matter of extending the number of years of nursing education (where you will benefit through PCHS) but more of improving the curriculum that we need as well as the roster of faculty members.

To PRC: Me and my friends are willing to retake the exam as long as there will no additional expense. This is to ensure that the integrity of the exam will be restored. It will be unfair if you will just isolate certain portions because you can not gauge the extent of the leakage anymore given that a certain review center got leakages from tests 1 up to 5 except test 4.

To the 92 students in Baguio, please mobilize action here in Manila. We are willing to support you on this matter of leakages bec we believe that honesty and hard work are still the best values we nurses should hold on to.

------ End of Message ------

Pinoy BSN Welcomes joangillen and jeddah as new members of the Pinoy BSN Blog team!

Pinoy BSN Blogspot has new addition to it's team.

I want to welcome Jeddah and Joan and thank them personally for their intrest in contributing to the blog site with one sole purpose : Serve and help today's nursing students.

I am looking forward to their new and objective posts that will help and inform.

Expect more informative posts, discussions, news, masteries and exams to empower you!

More power to the nursing students.

- Budek

Another nursing exam weighed

Another nursing exam weighed
Manila Times, July 15, 2006, Saturday

The more than 42,000 aspiring nurses who took the board exams last month may have to retake the tests, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) said on Friday.

“That is an option,” PRC Chairman Leonor Tripon-Rosero said on GMA 7’s evening news program.

On Thursday the PRC confirmed that test questions had been leaked to examinees who took the test at a review center in Baguio City. The commission said two members of the PRC’s Board of Nursing have been implicated in the leakage and that charges were being prepared against them by a fact-finding panel.

Rosero did not identify the two officials.

ABS-CBN News said the two were earlier directed by the board to disqualify themselves from the processing and release of the results pending the investigation.

“This leakage irregularity shall be referred to the National Bureau of Investigation for its own investigation and determination of all persons and parties involved and their criminal prosecution under the law,” the PRC’s fact-finding body said.

The exams, given from June 11 to 12, had five subjects, each with 100 questions. The results were supposed to have been released last week.

The Philippines has deployed more than 100,000 nurses abroad, mainly in the Middle East, the United States and Europe.

The country has 460 nursing schools, 40 of which were said to have a zero passing rate in the board exam. Twenty-three reportedly failed to make the minimum passing rate of eight percent.

Manila Times

PRC admits leakage in nursing exams. Leakage will cause philippine lobbying to NCLEX Difficult - POEA Chief

PRC admits leakage in nursing exams

Last updated 03:59am (Mla time) 07/15/2006

THE Professional Regulation Commission has admitted that there was a leakage of test questions in the June 2006 Nurses Licensure Examination and blamed two members of the Board of Nursing for the leaked questions.

In a statement, PRC chair Leonor Tripon-Rosero said its fact-finding committee has traced the leak to the manuscripts of two Board of Nursing members which PRC did not identify.

Rosero said the two erring board members would be penalized and administrative charges would be filed against them.

“This leakage irregularity shall be referred to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for its own investigation and determination of all the persons and parties involved and their prosecution under the law,” Rosero said.

The leakages in the nursing exams were first exposed by Baguio nursing graduates who saw photocopies of an 18-page document that contained handwritten test questions and answers.


The photocopies were distributed by the R.A. Gapuz Review Center to its nursing licensure applicants, who had shared their copies with some of the complainants.

Deans of nursing schools in Baguio City and 91 of their graduates are seeking the suspension of the nursing board members and licensure test results until an independent fact-finding body can unearth alleged irregularities in the exams.

Nursing school deans of St. Louis University (SLU), Easter College and the University of the Cordilleras (UC) on Friday said they have evidence linking other review schools to the licensure exam leakages.

They urged the PRC to immediately refer evidence implicating the two nursing board members to a more credible and independent investigative body.

Deans Maria Grace Lacanaria (SLU), Ruth Thelma Tingda (Easter College) and Norenia Dao-ayen (UC) said the investigating body should include members of the Philippine Nurses Association, NBI, the Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing and the PRC.

The PRC has asked the Board of Nursing and officials of the R.A. Gapuz Review Center to respond to the complaints on Tuesday.


As this developed, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration warned that the leakage in the nursing exams could taint the credibility of entire government-sponsored testing system and affect the image of all Filipino professionals going out of the country.

POEA chief Rosalinda Baldoz said that as a result of the scandal, the government’s lobbying to host the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses of the United States has been experiencing difficulties.

“We’re not being favorably considered to host the NCLEX due to alleged forgeries and fraud in the licensure examinations. This has tainted the credibility of our nursing [board] exams,” Baldoz said.

From Philippine Daily Inquirer

Ched forms new nursing committee

Ched forms new nursing committee
By Florante S. Solmerin

The Commission on Higher Education yesterday named the new members of the Technical Committee on Nursing Education who replaced the seven officials who resigned due to purported irregularities in the agency.

In a statement, the commission expressed confidence that the new set of committee officers would deliver the needed reforms in the nursing profession.

“With this new composition, the CHED has now spread membership to include representatives from [different] regions [in] Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao,” the agency said.

The announcement came earlier than expected. Dr. Carlito Puno, commission chairman, told reporters earlier this week that he would announce the shortlist of candidates for the committee next week.

The committee will be headed by Dr. Maria Teresita Sy-Sinda, dean of the College of Nursing of Silliman University in Dumaguete City.

Its new members include Ma. Chona Palomares, of the Liceo de Cagayan in Cagayan de Oro City, and Dr. Marciana de Vera, of the University of Northern Philippines in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Stakeholders of the nursing sector, including the Board of Nursing of the Professional Regulatory Commission and the Association of Deans and Colleges of Nursing Inc., also got seats in the committee.

The president of the Philippine Nurses Association, George Cordero, gave way to his executive vice president, Dr. Marlyn Yap, in representing the group in the committee.

“The new team of experts is expected to assist CHED in further advancing the quality of nursing education programs in the country to boost the competitiveness of Filipino nurses here and abroad,” the agency’s statement said.

In a letter, the members of the committee who resigned said the agency lacked the will to assure quality nursing education and that it had buckled down to pressure from vested political and economic interests.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Re-test POSSIBLE - Leonor Tripon-Rosero

Re-test POSSIBLE - Leonor Tripon-Rosero
By Budek

Earlier today, Credible sources reported that there will be NO RETEST and leaked questions from NP III and the whole NP V will just be nulled and will not be included to the total scores.

But according to PRC Commission Chairman Dr. Leonor Tripon-Rosero D.M.D, Re-test might be their option. They are still not in the position to decide whether or not they will null the examination she said.

She said that they are not removing a RE-TEST among their options, however, she stated that it is not up to her to decide but to the PRC's Statisticians.

Yesterday, PRC said that results will be released in a week after confirming that there was a leakage. Due to time and budgetary constraints, many of the student's prefer not to have a re-test.

While other students think that a re-test is the best option for the sake of fairness and justice, it is still up to the commission... and the statisticians.

The commission still refuses to name the two BON members who allegedly leaked out the test questions last june board exams.

Although a re-test might not be one of the more popular choice, There is nothing to lose in being prepared.

- Budek

PRC Leakage update : NO RETEST

PRC Leakage update : NO RETEST
By Budek

According to credible sources, PRC nulled NP V and some items in NP III where the leakage questions was found.

PRC promised that results will be released a week from now and according the commission, The 2 BON officials are already forwarded for further investigation of the NBI.

RA Gapuz Review center was not included in the PRC recommendation.

the 91 nursing students and their counsels refuses to cooperate until the PRC created an independent body for the investigation.

However, Students are still alarmed because of the incident. Many are quite not SURE how accurate the nullification of questions are and if PRC thoroughly investigated the matter and no other leaked questions was overlooked.

Students demands the naming of the 2 BON officials, but PRC refuses to do so and gave the responsibility to the NBI.

Although the talk of the town insists the these 2 BON officials were *!#@#$@ and %#$#@!. only time will tell.


What does our history says? : Possible things that might happen after PRC confirmed the 'leakage'

What does our history says? : Possible things that might happen after PRC confirmed the 'leakage'

By : Budek

Never that PRC will let this issue pass without punishing those responsible. Basing on different events in history, We can predict the possible outcome after PRC has confirmed that there was a leakage.


1. There will never be any other investigation from the congress or senate.

- The senate and congress respect PRC's jurisdiction over this case. Since the PRC already confirmed there was a leakage, I don't think there will be anymore investigations other than the possible intervention of the supreme court if requested. The next and last investigation will probably from the NBI and it will be the finale : Investigate, Implicate all those responsible and file charges against these people.

2. The 50 item leaked in baguio , the 100 plus item leaked in manila and other items leaked will not be counted

- Basing on the previous leakage issues, specially the 2001 maritime leakage issue wherein PRC decided not to count the LEAKED test questions, there is a possibility that the leak questions will not be counted.

3. Results will be out, but retake is only for those who passed the examination

- This happened already. PRC released the results of the 2001 maritime examination even after a LEAK has been confirmed. But retake for the practical exam was only given for those who PASSED the theoretical exam. But I think this is unlikely to happen because those who failed will pursue for the court's jurisdiction.

4. Results are NULLED, there will be a re-test

- Possible?.... Why not? I think this is the BEST but not the most practical way in dealing with the issue. This is highly unlikely to happen due to huge budget and time factors necessary to accomplish this task.

5. Barred those who got PHENOMENAL SCORES from the practice

- This already happened. The 11 medical graduates of my university, Our lady of fatima university valenzuela who PERFECT the OB and Biochemistry exam during the february 2003 medical board exams was PROHIBITED TO TAKE OATH AND BARRED BY THE SUPREME COURT TO PRACTICE THE PROFESSION. SC said it is immoral and deceit to cheat in the board exams. I think they petition the SC, I do not know what happened next if they are already allowed to practice but all I know is that they are not anymore allowed to be RANKED in the topnotcher's list after the event in case they are allowed a retake.

6. Re-test only to the nursing practice tests affected

- Highly unlikely, But a re-test for the NP tests affected by the leak question can happen. As what happened to the BAR Exams last 2003, SC extended the examination by one day for the retake of the MERCANTILE LAW exam which was the only exam "LEAKED". Not very similar to the nursing board exam leakage of june 2006, where in multiple questions was leaked from different examinations. If the PRC proves that only NP III and V has the leakage, A retest in this 2 areas of nursing practice is a possibility.

7. Investigation of the NBI will drag another 5, 10 or 15 persons for criminal and administrative charge.

- In the maritime leakage issue of 2003, only one person started the "MESS" but apparently, The NBI concluded that there are more people behind it. The PRC Chair who tried to hide the leakage, the board of examiners of the maritime deck, The owners of the review center who gave out the leakage. All in all, 10 people were charged. The president herself told NBI to make sure that they give a strong evidence in pursuit of justices against people responsible for the leakage.

Out of the traced 2 BON members , I can say it will drag one after another in a domino-like pattern. Remember the officer who told Dean Lacanaria not to divulge the leakage issue? How about, the schools and review centers that will be implicated by this issue? In my opinion, names will come out one by one until most, if not all those responsible are brought to justice. This will give them sleepless nights.

8. all, if not most of the BON members will inhibit

- Everytime there is a leakage issue, MOST if not ALL board members inhibits. Due to pressures from the students, parents, colleges, universities and their conscience. Even those who do not have anything to do with the leakage inhibits. This is a proven fact. It is a culture of the filipino people to hide face in front of shame rather than face it.

9. NBI will BUST the copy centers where this leakage was distributed.

- During the time of Director Wycoco, NBI bust a gang who distributed copy of the questions during the 2004 teachers licensure examination. The copy center gives ALL the questions and answers of the teachers licensure examination for a price of 5,000 pesos. The copy center was owned by a certain review center. NBI sought the owner of the review center.

In summary : I think the possible things that will happen are numbers 1,2,7 and 8. Let's see. I am no madam auring but history has served it's purpose : GUIDE US


UK brings bad news to Pinoy nurses

UK brings bad news to Pinoy nurses

The United Kingdom enforced stricter measures in hiring foreign nurses, including Filipinos, due to budget constraints and deficits incurred by the country's health service, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau reported Thursday.

According to the report, the UK home office will remove nursing from its "shortage occupation list" starting August 7.

The new rule on hiring foreign nurses was due mainly to the National Health Service's fund shortfall and budget deficits incurred by other hospitals.

The report said the new rule will hit the private sector, particularly those processing work permits and hiring foreign nurses.

The imposition of new rules came following an immigration order in April that extended the residency requirement of foreign nurses from four to five years.

Authorities are also set to implement their new points systems in the next two years. The new migration strategy is to hire only highyly-skilled workers.

Under the new system, new applicants will have to undergo a thorough screening to secure work permits.

Nurses who currently work in hospitals, however, would still find difficulty in renewing or extending their work permits. Some of them are already looking for new prospects in other countries, the report said.

Most Filipino workers in the UK are in the health services sector.

From ABS-CBN News

Thursday, July 13, 2006

PRC confirms leakage in nursing exam

PRC confirms leakage in nursing exam

The Professional Regulation Commission confirmed Thursday that test questions in the nursing board examination last month have been leaked, ABS-CBN News learned.

A PRC fact-finding committee tasked to probe the leakage also said that the leakage during the test from June 11-12 was traced to two members of the Board of Nursing. The committee recommended the filing of administrative charges against the two.

The committee, however, did not identify the board officials. They were earlier directed by the board to inhibit themselves from the processing and release of the results pending the investigation.

"This leakage irregularity shall be referred to the National Bureau of Investigation for its own investigation and determination of all persons and parties involved and their criminal prosecution under the law," the fact-finding body said.

The report was signed by Leonor Tripon-Rosero, chairwoman, and commissioners Avelina de la Rea and Renato Valdecantos.

Talk and news reports of the test leakage came out after an examinee, who declined to identify herself, said that a review center in Baguio City handed out test questions that would appear in the exam.

The PRC earlier denied the rumors, saying that the examination system has been improved to prevent leakages.

The exam results are expected to be released next week.


Budek Comments : Isa lang masasabi ko , NAKAKAHIYA. Tandaan nyo, balang araw... Sa oras na ako na ang umupo sa PRC chair........

magdadala ako ng unan di kaya paddings sa pwet, mahirap umupo doon at mag abang ng result mag kaka kalyo ang pwet.

Hospitals discriminate against poor

Hospitals discriminate against poor
By Joyce Pangco Pañares

(First of two parts)

WHEN 22-year-old Armando Jamora Jr. died last week of fever and convulsions because a hospital had refused to admit him, the hospital’s management might not have known he was a relative of boxing champion Manny Pacquiao—a person with the money and clout to get back at them.

Armando, a resident of Kiamba, Sarangani, and a first cousin of Pacquiao’s wife Jinky Jamora, lost his life after the hospital’s staff refused to accept the P30,000 that his family had offered and instead demanded that the required P50,000 be paid in full.

“I am consulting my lawyers for filing appropriate charges against the General Santos City Doctors Hospital for its refusal to give treatment to my dying relative,” said Pacquiao, the World Boxing Council’s super-featherweight champion.

“If they can do this to us, what more to those who have no money and are unknown?”

Jamora’s ordeal is just one of the many cases of discrimination by hospitals in this country, where money is the only way to secure medical treatment.

In a survey of 13 public hospitals in 2004 by the group Kilosbayan Para sa Kalusugan, 89 percent of the patient respondents said they were made to wait three days and up to a month before they were admitted to a government-run hospital for lack of a down payment.

More than half of the respondents claimed that they were denied treatment even for emergency cases for failing to pay an admission fee of P500 to P2,000.

According to Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo, many public hospitals and health institutions are ill equipped, understaffed and crowded.

The Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu operates on a budget for 400 patients but admits up to 600 patients daily. The Amang Rodriguez Medical Center in Marikina City maintains 250 beds despite having a budget for only 150 beds.

Having two patients to a bed is common at the Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila. At the Philippine General Hospital, also in Manila, many patients lie along the corridors of charity wards.

“These are common occurrences nowadays,” Ocampo says.

“They have become the norm—a tragic manifestation of how inaccessible and unreliable much-needed health services have become to the poor and less privileged.”

HEALTH Secretary Francisco Duque says the government’s hands are tied when it comes to dealing with private hospitals caught violating Republic Act 8344, a law prohibiting all hospitals and medical clinics from refusing to admit or treat any patient who is not able to pay in advance.

“What the General Santos hospital did was unlawful,” he says.

“There is a law that prohibits both public and private hospitals from turning down patients who cannot pay, but our problem is that the [health department] cannot enter the picture as far as privately owned hospitals are concerned until the aggrieved party files a case.”

Violation of the law carries a maximum penalty of two years and four months’ imprisonment and P100,000 in fines. If nonrejection of needy patients is stipulated in the policy of the hospital or clinic, the fine could go up to P500,000 with a maximum imprisonment of six years.

Still, Ocampo says the law remains inadequate as it did not establish a monitoring system for private hospitals and puts the burden of filing charges on patients. If many patients cannot even pay the admission fee, how could they afford to hire lawyers to get justice?

“Our health-care system is no longer responsive to the people’s needs,” Ocampo says.

“The collection of fees is a virtual death sentence to indigent patients.” (Concluded tomorrow)


Classes resumes tomorrow, July 14.

May pasok na po sa NCR bukas and regions 3 and 4. Classes still suspended sa CAR , regions 1 and 2. Balik nanaman sa dating gawi. Goodluck.

Dapat sa malabon wala paring pasok, grabe ang baha dito ha malapit na kaming abutin sa loob ng bahay. Hindi nga ako maka connect sira yata ang tri-isys.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Walang pasok bukas yehey! [ as if naman pumapasok pa ako.]

Applies to NCR, CAR, regions 1,2,3,4.

Ang saya saya!



MANILA (STAR) Now will they follow the leader?

Nursing school deans have joined the rush for nursing jobs at hospitals in other countries.

Dean Carmelita Divinagracia, a former member of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Technical Committee on Nursing Education (TCNE), said many deans now work in hospitals overseas as nurses.

"Deans actually have the bigger chance to pass the National Council Licensure Examination because of their expertise and experience. They get easily hired," she said. The NCLEX is a standardized examination given to nursing graduates who want to work in the United States.

Divinagracia, also the president of the Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing Inc., said the vacuum has been aggravated by the rise in the number of nursing schools in the country brought about by the increasing number of Filipino youths who want to become nurses.

From 310 in 2004, the number of nursing schools in the Philippines ballooned to 410 this year.

"There is a scarcity in deans. What’s happening now is that the experienced deans are being tapped to work in many new schools," Divinagracia said.

This enabled many deans to seek second jobs in other schools, to the detriment of nursing education in these institutions.

"Sometimes, you will find two (nursing) schools having only one dean. In some cases, there are deans who are also members of the faculty in other schools," Divinagracia said.

CHED does not allow "moonlighting" in order to ensure the quality of nursing education in a particular school.

"The dean must be able to physically, mentally, emotionally supervise the school. She should be able to know what is happening in a nursing program in terms of experiences of the students and the kind of faculty she has for that nursing program. She should be able to know what hospitals are being used and I think she should make some ocular visit to those hospitals. In short, a dean must be full-time," Divinagracia said.

She clarified that "moonlighting" was more rampant in previous years because some deans ceased to do this after the TCNE called their attention.

Meanwhile, the R.A. Gapuz Review Center in Baguio City reiterated yesterday that it was not involved in the alleged leakage in last month’s board examination for nursing.

The center, through its lawyer Roderick Salazar III, said that with rumors circulating that the leakage was caused by the "intense rivalry of the review centers, they have just been unduly dragged into the issue."

"The company is ready to answer the baseless charges filed against it and is at the same time, gathering evidence to determine the sources behind the ‘deplorable and malicious’ imputation against it in preparation for the planning filing of charges against those responsible," Salazar said in a statement.

Several nursing students in Baguio City claimed the center leaked questions to its reviewees so they could pass the examination. The questions allegedly came from examiners of the Philippine Nursing Board.

Salazar said it was the first time in the center’s 10 years of service that it was charged with examination irregularities.

The center boasts that aside from being the first and only review center in the Philippines led by an internationally recognized nursing expert, it consistently maintains a 98 percent passing rate for aspiring nurses and has produced 82 board topnotchers since 1994.

Salazar said the center believes that the issue has affected the goodwill it has earned over the years.

"Equally important is the possible negative effect on the overall reputation of the nursing licensure examination in the country and all hopeful Filipino nurses," the statement read. — Sheila Crisostomo


Education programs obsolete, Ched says

Education programs obsolete, Ched says
By Florante S. Solmerin

The Commission on Higher Education is set to revamp the government’s education program to solve what it called the great divide between available jobs and recent graduates.

“It will be a major revamp. We see that programs today are not effective anymore,” Dr. Carlito Puno, commission chairman, said in a press conference last Monday.

In the next four years, the country will need 40,000 education graduates, Puno said.

“But our colleges and universities will be producing 350,000 [education] graduates. Where will we place the 300,000? That is the reason why a lot of them go to Hong Kong and the Middle East to work as domestic helpers,” he said.

The same holds true for graduates of business and medical courses, Puno added.

“We will have to address this problem. This is what is causing the braindrain [migration of workers], underemployment and unemployment,” he explained.

“One issue is, is it brain drain or brain gain? They leave the country, and the country gains a lot of dollars. But that’s not our problem. Our problem is to address the mismatch between what the industries need and what our colleges and universities are producing.”

Puno cited one solution to address the growing problem: Redirect the course preferences of high school graduates.

“What is happening is that high school graduates select courses based on what their peers choose. [If not due to peer pressure], they choose courses on what their parents say so,” Puno pointed out.

From Manila Standard Today


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Nursing test scandal sparks Baguio street protests

Nursing test scandal sparks Baguio street protests

By Vincent Cabreza
Last updated 00:59am (Mla time) 07/12/2006

Published on Page A16 of the July 12, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

BAGUIO CITY—Nursing students and their parents braved heavy rains on Tuesday to march against a perceived cover-up of alleged cheating during last month’s licensing examinations for nurses here.

About 60 marchers stopped downtown traffic, carrying banners that pose the question: “Are we producing incompetent nurses nowadays?”

Among the marchers were representatives of the 91 nursing school graduates, who asked the Professional Regulation Commission to suspend members of the Board of Nursing until the PRC could determine who leaked the answers to the June 11 and 12 licensing examinations here to a nursing review center.

Mary Grace Lacanaria, chapter president of the Association of Deans of Nursing Schools in the Philippines, said the rally coincided with a PRC notice that a fact-finding team had started looking into their complaints.

But the complainants refused to testify before this body, until the PRC referred the matter to an independent fact-finding group, their lawyer, Cheryl Daytec-Yangot, said.

Yangot said they wanted the PRC to hold a transparent investigation.

Pressure from top officials of the Philippine Nurses Association to suppress the complaints and contain the scandal compelled the nursing students to go to the streets to draw public support, said Lacanaria, the dean of the Saint Louis University’s nursing school.

The PNA wants to avoid jeopardizing negotiations with the American National Council of State Boards of Nursing for a Philippine testing center that will offer migrating nurses the United States National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEx), she said.

The demand for nurses is highest in the United States, but the NCLEx requires additional expenses for migrating nurses.

“But the NCLEx can come later. We must focus on our own [industry],” Lacanaria said.

She said the alleged cheating revealed that the Philippines has been exporting incompetent and unreliable professionals.

Cleaning up the licensing examinations today will keep the nursing industry’s reputation of reliability and efficiency intact, Lacanaria said.

Parents who joined the march are organizing themselves into support groups to help restore their children’s faith in the industry, said Elisa Peralta, mother of one of the complainants.

She said her son graduated with honors and had devoted most of his energies to reviewing for the board exams only to have his faith shattered by the reported cheating.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Emergency Drill"

This is a post from valerieblue. She attended the PNA-CAR Press conference about the june 2006 NLE Leakage. This is a MUST READ. She posted this on her blog site last July 9 2006.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

“Emergency Drill”

Last week, I attended a press conference in the Philippine Nurses Association Cordillera Administrative Region (PNA-CAR) regarding the controversial “leakage” also called the “emergency drill” allegedly passed around to nursing reviewers of the RA Gapuz review center the night before the board examination day. The leakage was said to have contained two hundred (200) items of questions with the right answers out of five hundred (500) overall questions ensuring the beneficiaries a forty (40) percent probability that they would automatically get the correct answers, assuming they really cheated. It was believed that 2,800 copies were distributed and each copy costs two thousand five hundred pesos (P2, 500). The only evidence as of the time being were the copies held from the RA Gapuz reviewers. It was also noted that out of the forty six thousand (46, 000) examinees, six thousand (6,000) of them took the exam in Baguio but these examinees came from different parts of the region.

The press conference was organized by concerned examinees in coordination with the Philippine Nurses Association to shed light about the matter and urge the public and the media to support their “fight for the integrity of the nursing profession.” The association also reported some developments as four hundred twenty five (425) nurses signed the motion for reconsideration in support for the complaint earlier filed by ninety one (91) concerned nursing examinees.

Association of the Deans of the Philippine Colleges of Nursing (ADPCN) President Grace Lacanaria said that “their involvement in the leakage has something to do with the associations interest in protecting the nursing profession and as a moral responsibility because cheating is something they cannot condone.” Also present in the press conference were Atty. Sheryl Yangot, the legal council representing the nursing examinees, Noreen Dawayen, the President of the PNA, Inc. CAR, Bernon Peralta, the nursing student representative, their colleagues and the press people.

Basing from the press conference and through the investigation of Atty. Yangot, Dean Lacanaria and company, it turns out that the RA Gapuz Review center is just a small fish in the issue and the recipients of the “emergency drill” are just victims of the rampant “culture of cheating” in the Philippines. There was no other way the leakage would have propagated had it not been for the carelessness of the people who prepared the questions themselves. Atty. Yangot and Dean Lacanaria got hold of a copy of the actual questions in the last nursing board exam when supposedly everything was directed to the shredded machine right after the exam. An unknown, concerned person left the former in theHamada building, outside the office of Atty. Yangot, and the latter left to the guard of the Saint Louis University where Dean Lacanaria is teaching. This happened last June 29, 2006, the day before the press conference.

In addition, Atty. Yangot and company also requested the Professional Regulator Commission (PRC) to create an independent fact finding body that will look into the matter, for the PRC to hold the release of the examination’s result, to be strict in implementing the guidelines for the exam and to act with haste about the matter.

I wrote this story because I was reminded that anytime this week it was scheduled by PRC to release the results of last June 2006 nursing board exam. What would happen to the safety of the public assuming there were undeserved students who passed the board exam? How about the tainted reputation of the nursing profession and even the deteriorating integrity of the PRC? And who was to be blamed? Was it the six Board of Nursing (BOR) members purportedly in charge with coping out the guidelines and had it not for their negligence the review material would not have come out? Was it the government to be blamed for the salary standardization program not being able to suffice the needs of the employees that they have to resort to cheating? Were the students corrupted by this culture partly to be blamed?

This is not a mere coincidence. This is not an issue of recklessness and poverty. This is not even about whose to be blamed. This is a long, lost vicious cycle rooted from a bloated bureaucracy and a pre-spanish “culture of corruption through cheating,” After all, was not the President herself guilty of the same misdeed? Nah! I think that’s but another story.

posted by valerieblue at 7:27 PM

Visit her blogsite at :

Another message from a Gapuz Reviewee DAW.

Another message from a Gapuz Reviewee DAW.

Message from "ako gapuz reviewee"

ako nagreview sa gapuz, eh la nman ako nkuha leakage, gapuz manila ako, ung cnasabi nyong closed door nmin eh live via sattelite kme sa cebu at davao gapuz, may guest kme na former bon at c mam zenaida ng league (chn buk), wla cla naitulong, may maddigest kpb eh hrs frm d exam nlng.

ung iba nman binigay daw ung leakage sa 7 day final coaching, hnd nman ako umabsent kse 7k+ ung fee nun pero la nman ako nkuha leakage.true naghhhntay kme leakage but 2 our demise la nman. maraming cbq na lumabas sa nle na na-take up nmin from his exms, buks, ksama na ung bagong 2 tips na buk, un naka2long tlga un, if leakage un eh bkt pinublish? ska tpos may pina handwritten sya na wla nmang kwenta, may mga filipino theorist pang ewan. u

ng naka2long tlga ung past books esp ung psych. cnsb nla mabilis dw kme sumagot, hnd nman lht, exact 1 hr ko tinake np1, ung np2 madali lng cguro 40min, ung wla pang 1hr kse la na ko masagot, ung np4 hirap dn, ung last madali lng kse dami nmin exm 2ngkol jan. ska 45 min lng binibigay smin evry 90-100 item exam.

sanay na kme. biruin mo 5-7 100 items a day. 2log na nga lng ako pag uwi ko eh. sna nga lng pumasa ako, ultimately kung pwd lng lahat na tyo. wla nman ako npancing kakaiba kse after taking d exams nireview ko lhat ng bullets, may lumabas nga pero thats cbq's.

iv heard may naglabas ng so called leakage sa may sm cinema, nirent daw ng isang rvw ctr. nkta nung frend ko ung papers, sagot nlng daw ang inanouce, ewn ko kung 220. nga pla pinabalik kme sa adriatico ofc after d 1st day, nye la nman d kwenta, funda un eh, madali na un. may tanong nga lng ako, bkit hnd nmin ksabay baguio mag closed door? kelan cla nag closed door? kse kme nung june 10, cla kelan? alanganamang hnd cla nag closed door... bkt kya? hmmm.

------ End of message ------

Budek comments : May sense naman yung sinabi nya medyo nahilo lang ako sa spelling at hindi siya gumawa ng paragraph, kaya inayos ko pa yan sa lagay na yan.

School execs seek Flavier help in exam leak probe

School execs seek Flavier help in exam leak probe

BAGUIO CITY—Officials of the city’s nursing schools on Tuesday asked Sen. Juan Flavier to look into the alleged cheating in the June 11 and 12 nursing board examinations here.

School deans handed Flavier documents that included supposed pieces of evidence that a local nursing review school circulated handwritten test questions and answers. The senator opened the city’s new health services building here last week.

At least 91 nursing graduates asked the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to delay the release of test results pending the investigation.

Lawyer Cheryl Daytec-Yangot, the complainants’ counsel, said the involvement of R.A. Gapuz Nursing Review Center in the test leakages suggested that cheating could have also occurred in other PRC test centers where the review center had local operations.

Officials of the review center denied that the center released test questionnaires and answers. They said the examinees could be referring to copies of old test questions that their clients use for practice on the eve of each board exam schedule.

A nursing school dean said there was pressure from the Philippine Nurses Association to end the scandal because it might affect a plan to establish American licensing centers in the country for migrating Filipino nurses.

Flavier, a former health secretary, reserved his comments about the controversy.

“I just received the copies. I still have to study them [before I can seek] a Senate investigation,” he said.

Baguio Rep. Mauricio Domogan, who was also approached by local nursing schools, said pursuing a congressional investigation at this stage would be “unfair” to the PRC.

From Philippine Daily Inquirer

Nursing committee up for revamp

Nursing committee up for revamp

By Florante S. Solmerin

The Commission on Higher Education will replace next week the seven members of the technical committee on nursing education who have resigned over claims that the agency has “surrendered itself to vested political and business interests.”

“We assure the public that the next committee will be well represented and will include representatives of smaller schools,” said Dr. Carlito Puno, commission chairman.

“We in the commission are raising the issue of broad representation which they [former committee members] didn’t like,” added Puno, who brushed aside the allegations.

He said the new committee, which is tasked to provide technical advice to the commission on how to raise the quality of nursing education in the country, would be more “representative.”

This is in contrast to the composition of the old committee, whose members, particularly those who resigned, were from Metro Manila, Puno said.

“Because of this, CHED was being criticized for this imbalance. Then we have to make the representation broader. I assure you, their resignation will not have an adverse effect on quality of nursing education,” he added.

Dr. Marilyn Lorenzo, former chairman of the committee, said she doubted the new committee or the commission would be able to stem the decline of the quality of nursing education.

“It really depends on who they get. We have to see. But following their [CHED] line of thinking, I don’t think they will continue the policies we started. It will be hard to reverse our policies, but they will try,” Lorenzo said.

She stood pat on her resigned colleagues opinion that the agency “has surrendered to political and business interests” which was why the quality of nursing education had gone down over the years.

“I hope the new members will be credible and incorruptible. We also hope they can remain independent and really push for quality. But if they put in people with vested interests, it would be very difficult,” Lorenzo said.

In their resignation letter, Lorenzo and other members of the old committee accused the commission of lacking the will to assure quality nursing education.

“Instead, the agency has buckled down to pressure from vested political and economic interests, sacrificing quality for mediocrity and business interests,” they said.

They also criticized the agency’s plan to appoint school owners to the committee, saying this was tantamount to “conflict of interest.”

Aside from Lorenzo, director of the Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies, other members of the old committee include Carmelita Divinagracia, Remedios Fernandez, Amelia Rosales, Zylma Sanchez, Glenda Vargas, and Rita Tamse.

Puno maintained that the appointment of Dr. George Cordero of the Manila-based Philippine College of Health Sciences and president of the Philippine Nurses Association, to the technical committee was not a conflict of interest.

“The position of CHED is that [in] the composition of the membership of all technical committees, school owners and presidents of professional associations should be represented since they are also stakeholders,” Puno clarified.

He admitted, however, that Cordero’s appointment was deferred pending the completion of the short list of the new committee members.

Puno denied that the agency was bowing to political and business interests, saying he did not favor the proposal of closing down nursing programs or schools whose passing rates in the board examinations were less than 30 percent.

“Why should we not also consider other factors like quality of faculty, researches done, and facilities? We seem to be trigger happy and not developmental in our approach,” he said.

To solve this, Puno said the agency would allocate P1 billion in the next three years for faculty development programs for college courses, including nursing.

Manila Standard Today July 11, 2006 issue

Monday, July 10, 2006

A message from gapuz supporters ... and hater.

FROM : Gapuz Supporter [ANONYMOUS]

I had been reading/watching the news about the ALLEGED leakage where RA Gapuz Review Center is now involved in. I have to make it clear that I am not in any way connected with the Review Center nor am I a reviewee therein. I am a government employee here in the City of San Fernando, La Union and I hope to share my piece on the matter.

I just feel that it is not fare to typecast or brand the reviewees of the said review center as “cheaters”. The stories about them are mere allegations which are not founded on facts but merely on hearsay. Not a scintilla of evidence has been presented to support such allegations and hearsay is not admissible in evidence in any court. Unless the root of all the rumors would bravely come out and prove such allegations with evidence that leaves no doubt in the mind of the most prudent man, only then that such stories shall be vindicated. But I am quick to say that be that as it may, I believe that the reviewees/examinees of the said review center should be afforded a fair chance for they are merely victims of circumstance. They had their review therein for different reasons known only to them, unaware of this ordeal that they may face. If indeed, hypothetically, there was a leakage involving the review center, then we should not be so fast in pointing fingers to the poor reviewees simply because they may have friends, board mates or relatives who may have benefited therefrom in one way or another. Short of saying that had there actually been any leakage or tips, human nature dictates that it may have not been confined within the four corners of the review center. Hence, fingers should not be pointed solely to the poor reviewees. No one really knows who cheated or not.. We cannot point to anyone in particular who did well because of any leakage or because of their own perseverance.

If my memory serves me right, Bar examinees in 2004 have undergone the same ordeal. And I must say that the situation was dealt with fairly by the proper authorities. They have nullified the result of the Mercantile Law Exam due to alleged leakage prior to the exam. I say it was just and fair to do the same as they have not given weight on the scores in Mercantile Law Exam for the computation of the final rating of all the examinees. This is because no one knows who cheated or not.

As I write this letter, the result of the Nursing Board Exam may be out soon. It is my hope that all examinees be given fair chance for they had the best intentions in taking the exam. They wanted to pass the board exam to be able to provide for the needs of their families and help their parents, as well. Let us not be judgmental and point an accusing finger to anyone. All we have to do is search within ourselves and reflect on how we may be able to become better persons… better citizens

FROM : Gapuz Supporter II [ANONYMOUS]

sana wag nyo nman lahatin ang mga gapuz reviewees. hindi nman lhat kasali sa leakage n yan (kung 22ong meron man), particularly sa school nmin. our school didnt scheduled us for the last minute prep of gapuz but instead our last 3 days were scheduled at the PICC forum tent for the last minute prep of east west.

furthermore, during the last day we spent most of our time praying, asking for God's guidance. in fact most of us 3x ngcmba, 1st one was in the morning at the east west last minute prep, 2nd a visit at malate church, and lastly before dinner at our hotel. we've prepared not only physically, emotionally, intellectually but also spiritually because we believe that all of our hard work will be nothing if God is not with us. so don't blab about how hard you've prepared for the exam, or even tel us how much time and money you've spent... HINDI LANG KAYO ANg NGHIRAP NOH! ngtiis kaming tumira ng malayo, away from our parents/families just to prepare.

so stop saying bad things about the gapuz reviwees bacause you dont know what we have been through, you dont know our individual stories. you know what? you're always blaming others for the bad things that are happening right now, you're always pointing on the other direction.

but remember when you point 1 finger to others, you're pointing 3 fingers back to you. besides, pinapahiya nyo lng ang mga sarili nyo sa ginagawa nyong pagmumura, maninisi... para tuloy wala kayong natutuhan sa nursing ethics or natutuhan nyo nga but your not putting it into practice. gusto nyong pumasa sa board (sabagay sino bang ayaw) but your acting like unprofessionals.

look, hindi ako nkikipag away dito at lalong hindi ko pinagtatanggol ang GApuz rvw center, paki ko sa kanila, mas concern ako sa mga co-rvwees ko dhil they have everything to lose dhil gapuz ang nilagay nilang rvw center sa papers nila... n kahit deserving tlaga silang pumasa, ntatakpan nman cla ng controversy and i'm just trying to clear up things, especially dun sa mga nagsasabing kung may magreretake ung mga gling RAgapuz nlng or dun sa mga nagsasabing sana bumagsak ang mga taga gapuz or n hindi sila mgiging competent nurse. grabe gnyan nman kyong makapagsalita... AND I THINK YOU OWE US AN APOLOGY!

From Gapuz Hater : [ANONYMOUS]


------ End Of Message ------

Budek comments : Hindi ko mapigilang mangiti sa message na gapuz hater. Iniimagine ko kasi sinusunog mga taga PRC at si gapuz ay nakabiting patiwarik.

History repeats itself : PRC Has it's history of trying to SILENCE leakage whistle-blowers

History repeats itself : PRC Has it's history of trying to SILENCE leakage whistle-blowers.


During the 2001 maritime licensure examination, Former officials of the PRC tried to cover up the anomaly by silencing EDWIN ITABLE. Itable was called by the former PRC commissioner ALFONSO ABAD not to expose the incident to allow the commission to investigate the matter. But NO ACTION WAS TAKEN according to the NBI Report.

NBI noticed a very high score never before seen in the licensure examination. They started to voice suspicion. Itable told the NBI that he knew that some of the review centers has 'LEAKAGE' as well as some PRC Officers.

On July 6, 2001, Itable relayed the information to Pharson Mamalo, chief of PRC’s legal and investigation division. Abad then called him and invited him to a breakfast meeting at Holiday Inn.

But in the meeting, ABAD told Itable not to exposed the 'MESS' as not to pull the PRC down and tarnish it's integrity according to Itable.

Despite of this, The practical examination still continues but the written exam is nulled though, only those who passed the written exam are allowed to take the practical exam [ including those who manage to get the alleged leak ]

After the incident, NBI charged 10 people including ABAD with graft because of the maritime examination mess.

As a result of the leakage, 14 students manage to PERFECT the written examination.

NBI found it WEIRD that ABAD still pursue to release the results ASAP even if issues and overwhelming evidence of the 'MESS'

Because of the issue, AUSTRALIA BANNED hiring filipino sailors.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordered NBI to draw up a STRONG CASE against those who are behind the maritime exam leakage on 2001.

“I am directing NBI to ensure it has an airtight case against the examiners,” She said.

In relation with the nursing licensure examination of june 2006, Dean LACANARIA of St. Louis University was offered a positoin in the board If she can supressed the filing of charges against the PRC, according to her.

Lacanaria said that she won't be cowed, and she will not give in to pressure.

Lacanaria also told reporters that she will identify the official at the proper forum and time.

PRC said in it's official statement that THERE WAS NO LEAKAGE.

The question now is : How exactly will history repeat itself?

- Budek

Sources and Reference
Manila Standard Today
Sunstar Baguio

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Arroyo to be asked to order probe vs nursing test leakage

Arroyo to be asked to order probe vs nursing test leakage

CONCERNED nursing graduates and “leakage” complainants are planning to ask President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to create an independent fact-finding body to probe allegations of cheating during the June 11 and 12 licensure exams.

In a statement emailed Sun.Star, the complainants also expressed disappointment with the Professional Regulatory Commission “for its failure to act on said complaint expeditiously”, fearing that “the PRC is doing a whitewash.”

“The PRC’s sluggish action and its apparently deceitful and misleading statements give enough reason for the complainants and the intervenors to claim that the PRC’s actions are tainted with intentions to railroad and whitewash,” it stressed.

The statement also claimed that “it appears that the actual number of examination questions leaked is far more than was initially thought and that the damage caused by the leakage to the nursing profession is even more extensive than what was presumed. But it seems easy to determine who among the BON members is/are responsible for the leakage by simply identifying the member/s whose questions came out in the materials evidencing leakage.”

“What is taking the PRC so long to pinpoint the persons liable? If the Board of Nursing (BoN) has already been tarnished with such an appalling anomaly, what is the assurance that previous nursing board examinees have not been victims of the same damage-causing irregularity? And if we have a PRC that is as futile as that which we now deal with, what is the assurance that it can preclude issues of the same nature from possibly tainting the other board examinations,”? the complainants claimed.

“This issue deserves to be considered as a concern of national importance as it affects the interest of the general public,” the statement added, as it called on concerned parties to join the rally set on July 11 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

“Notwithstanding attempts to suppress the complaint, the individuals and groups concerned are determined to continue their quest for truth and justice. The nursing profession (should) remain to be a noble profession; it is not for sale!” it added. (CGCruz)

Sunstar Baguio July 9, 2006 issue

Nursing Board Examinees Say Cheaters Pose Danger to Profession

Nursing Board Examinees Say Cheaters Pose Danger to Profession
The recent nursing board examinees in Baguio City say their complaint against the alleged examination leakage, filed before the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) last week, is not merely confined to the scam. They are more concerned, they say with board passers – who, because they allegedly benefited from the leakage, would pose great danger to public health services when they begin practicing their profession.

Northern Dispatch
Posted by Bulatlat

BAGUIO CITY – The recent nursing board examinees in this city say their complaint against the alleged examination leakage, filed before the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) last week, is not merely confined to the scam. They are more concerned, they say with board passers – who, because they allegedly benefited from the leakage, would pose great danger to public health services when they begin practicing their profession.

While supportive of the complaint, professional nurses in this city say the leakage issue is now elevated to a higher level as the scam was a manifestation of systemic problems encountered by the profession. The root causes of the scam, the nurses say, should be investigated, including the possible involvement of members of the Board of Nursing, review centers and other government officials.

The call to trace the roots of the scam was issued by representatives of the examinees, deans of nursing colleges, and officers of the Philippine Nursing Association (PNA) in a June 30 press conference held here. They also revealed that 425 professional nurses in Baguio and Cordillera expressed support to the complaint filed before the PRC, demanding the creation of a body to investigate the scam.

The scam

The June 11 and 12 board examination in this city was allegedly marred by fraud when the R.A. Gapuz Review Center was reported to have given its student reviewees notes containing a considerable number of questions that later came out in the examination.

The Gapuz review handout – a xeroxed 18-page handwritten review notes – allegedly contained exactly the same examples as those in the actual exams.

The complainants said 46,000 took the exam held nationwide, with some 6,000 of them in Baguio. Two thousand of the Baguio examinees took review classes at the R.A. Gapuz Review Center and received copies of the review handout.

Saying that the leakage was unfair for those who reviewed for the exam, the examinees filed the complaint last week while the motion for intervention was filed on June 28 directly at the PRC national office.

‘Culture of cheating’

The examinees as well as the professional nurses in this city under PNA condemned the “culture of cheating” evident in the board examination.

Dr. Mary Grace Lacanaria, dean of the Saint Louis University and head of the Cordillera Associations of Deans of the Philippines College of Nursing (ADPCN), said they do not tolerate cheating.

She said a national official of the PNA who is also working with a review center tried to convince her to stop their move to investigate the leakage scam. They are determined, however, to push through with their fight, she said.

“It can be a David vs. Goliath, but we (as David) are being supported in the struggle as manifested by broad support for the intervention,” Lacanaria said. She said they have the support of PNA chapters and ADPCN nationwide, the Baguio City Council which passed a resolution supporting investigation of the scam, and the offices of Senators Juan Flavier and Pia Cayetano.

The profession (nursing) deals with human lives and should not be put under question considering the business of saving lives is one where mistakes cannot be tolerated, said the nurses in their motion to intervene.

“We firmly believe that only those who are capable are fit to be admitted to the nursing profession, and this capability is demonstrated when one passes the board exam fairly and squarely,” it said.

Roots of the scam

Northern Dispatch also learned that at least 200 questions in the board exam were also leaked in Metro Manila.

PNA officers of Baguio said that among the 420 nursing schools nationwide, there are at least 25 threatened with closure due to poor performance.

Prof. Caster Palaganas, who teaches at the Baguio campus of the University of the Philippines and is a PNA member, said these schools invested millions and will try their all to have access to examination questions leakage to improve their passing percentage.

Meanwhile, the complainants condemned the backdoor channel talks initiated by the PRC officials with the Board of Nursing (BON), allegedly to cover up the issue and BON’s involvement.

“Why not act on our complaint by creating an impartial body to investigate those involved in the leakage?” they said in the press conference.

The BON is headed by Eufemia Octaviano with the following as members: Remedios Fernandez, Gracia Dioniso, Letty Kuan, Estelita Galetira, and Virginia Madeja.

Northern Dispatch / Posted by Bulatlat

Budek comments : Apparently may binigay na sa office ni sen. flavier at sen. cayetano. So there is no reason for Sen. Flavier to say na wala pang reklamo right? as he said before he cannot investigate unless may formal complaint. Ngayon the question is... hanggang kailan mag hihintay ang nursing students sa investigation ng senate kung magkakaroon man. Mukhang motivated na motivated si DAVID para patumbahin si GOLIATH, Personally I can say talaga na matatagalan pa ang resulta. 'Lam nyo ang pinaka makapangyarihan at pinaka mahirap tinagin na nilalang ay ang nilalang na may matinding hangarin, yan ang paniniwala ko at totoo po iyan. Pag ihing ihi ka at taeng tae ka may matindi kang hangarin at papatay ka makapasok ka lang sa CR hindi ba? [ Kala nyo malalim na yung ibig kong sabihin no? ] I don't think na papayag si DAVID na magpatalo.

bottom line : be open to all possibilities. We cannot say na i rerelease, we cannot say na uulitin but what if ulitin? We are not in control of the situation so better prepare for the possibilities. STUDY walang mawawala mag N-NCLEX ka rin naman hindi ba? Unless na dream mo ang maging nars sa mga bulubundukin ng pilipinas.

100 Item Obstetrics-Maternal And Child Health Nursing Examination

100 Item Obstetrics-Maternal And Child Health Nursing Examination


Question Pool

DISCLAIMER: Care has been taken to verify that all answers and rationale below are accurate. Please comment up if you noticed any errors or contradictions to maintain accuracy and precision of the answers as not to mislead the readers.



4 – Very hard question, 25% Chance of answering correctly
3 – Hard question, 50% Chance of answering correctly
2 – Moderately hard question, 75% of answering correctly
1 – Easy question, 99% will answer the question correctly

Introduction: The questions are coded according to their sources and will only be for my personal reference. RED questions are original questions I created. FATIMA students READ and DIGEST each of these questions carefully. Goodluck.

SITUATION : [ND89] Aling Julia, a 32 year old fish vendor from baranggay matahimik came to see you at the prenatal clinic. She brought with her all her three children. Maye, 1 year 6 months; Joy, 3 and Dan, 7 years old. She mentioned that she stopped taking oral contraceptives several months ago and now suspects she is pregnant. She cannot remember her LMP.

1. Which of the following would be useful in calculating Aling Julia's EDC? [3]

A. Appearance of linea negra
B. First FHT by fetoscope
C. Increase pulse rate
D. Presence of edema

2. Which hormone is necessary for a positive pregnancy test? [1]

A. Progesterone
C. Estrogen
D. Placental Lactogen

3. With this pregnancy, Aling Julia is a [1]

A. P3 G3
B. Primigravida
C. P3 G4
D. P0 G3

4. In explaining the development of her baby, you identified in chronological order of growth of the fetus as it occurs in pregnancy as [1]

A. Ovum, embryo, zygote, fetus, infant
B. Zygote, ovum, embryo, fetus, infant
C. Ovum, zygote, embryo, fetus, infant
D. Zygote, ovum, fetus, embryo, infant

5. Aling Julia states she is happy to be pregnant. Which behavior is elicited by her during your assessment that would lead you to think she is stressed? [3]

A. She told you about her drunk husband
B. She states she has very meager income from selling
C. She laughs at every advise you give even when its not funny
D. She has difficulty following instructions

6. When teaching Aling Julia about her pregnancy, you should include personal common discomforts. Which of the following is an indication for prompt professional supervision? [2]

A. Constipation and hemorrhoids
B. Backache
C. Facial edema
D. frequent urination

7. Which of the following statements would be appropriate for you to include in Aling Julia's prenatal teaching plan? [1]

A. Exercise is very tiresome, it should be avoided
B. Limit your food intake
C. Smoking has no harmful effect on the growth and development of fetus
D. Avoid unnecessary fatigue, rest periods should be included in you schedule

8. The best advise you can give to Aling Julia regarding prevention of varicosities is [3]

A. Raise the legs while in upright position and put it against the wall several times a day
B. Lay flat for most hours of the day
C. Use garters with nylon stocking
D. Wear support hose

9. In a 32 day menstrual cycle, ovulation usually occurs on the [2]

A. 14th day after menstruation
B. 18th day after menstruation
C. 20th day after menstruation
D. 24th day after menstruation

10. Placenta is the organ that provides exchange of nutrients and waste products between mother and fetus. This develops by [4]

A. First month
B. Third month
C. Fifth month
D. Seventh month

11. In evaluating the weight gain of Aling Julia, you know the minimum weight gain during pregnancy is [3]

A. 2 lbs/wk
B. 5 lbs/wk
C. 7 lbs/wk
D. 10 lbs/wk

12. The more accurate method of measuring fundal height is [2]

A. Millimeter
B. Centimeter
C. Inches
D. Fingerbreadths

13. To determine fetal position using Leopold's maneuvers, the first maneuver is to [1]

A. Determine degree of cephalic flexion and engagement
B. Determine part of fetus presenting into pelvis
C. Locate the back,arms and legs
D. Determine what part of fetus is in the fundus

14. Aling julia has encouraged her husband to attend prenatal classes with her. During the prenatal class, the couple expressed fear of pain during labor and delivery. The use of touch and soothing voice often promotes comfort to the laboring patient. This physical intervention is effective because [2]

A. Pain perception is interrupted
B. Gate control fibers are open
C. It distracts the client away from the pain
D. Empathy is communicated by a caring person

15. Which of the following could be considered as a positive sign of pregnancy ? [1]

A. Amenorrhea, nausea, vomiting
B. Frequency of urination
C. Braxton hicks contraction
D. Fetal outline by sonography

SITUATION : [FFC] Maternal and child health is the program of the department of health created to lessen the death of infants and mother in the philippines. [2]

16. What is the goal of this program?

A. Promote mother and infant health especially during the gravida stage
B. Training of local hilots
C. Direct supervision of midwives during home delivery
D. Health teaching to mother regarding proper newborn care

17. One philosophy of the maternal and child health nursing is [1]

A. All pregnancy experiences are the same for all woman
B. Culture and religious practices have little effect on pregnancy of a woman
C. Pregnancy is a part of the life cycle but provides no meaning
D. The father is as important as the mother

18. In maternal care, the PHN responsibility is [2]

A. To secure all information that would be needing in birth certificate
B. To protect the baby against tetanus neonatorum by immunizing the mother with DPT
C. To reach all pregnant woman
D. To assess nutritional status of existing children

19. This is use when rendering prenatal care in the rural health unit. It serves as a guide in Identification of risk factors [1]

A. Underfive clinic chart
B. Home based mother's record
C. Client list of mother under prenatal care
D. Target list of woman under TT vaccination

20. The schedule of prenatal visit in the RHU unit is [4]

A. Once from 1st up to 8th month, weekly on the 9th month
B. Twice in 1st and second trimester, weekly on third trimester
C. Once in each trimester, more frequent for those at risk
D. Frequent as possible to determine the presence of FHT each week

SITUATION : Knowledge of the menstrual cycle is important in maternal health nursing. The following questions pertains to the process of menstruation

21. Menarche occurs during the pubertal period, Which of the following occurs first in the development of female sex characteristics? [2]

A. Menarche
B. Accelerated Linear Growth
C. Breast development
D. Growth of pubic hair

22. Which gland is responsible for initiating the menstrual cycle? [3]

A. Ovaries
D. Hypothalamus

23. The hormone that stimulates the ovaries to produce estrogen is [1]


24. Which hormone stimulates oocyte maturation? [2]


25. When is the serum estrogen level highest in the menstrual cycle? [4]

A. 3rd day
B. 13th day
C. 14th day
D. End of menstrual cycle

26. To correctly determine the day of ovulation, the nurse must [2]

A. Deduct 14 days at the mid of the cycle
B. Subtract two weeks at cycle's end
C. Add 7 days from mid of the cycle
D. Add 14 days from the end of the cycle

27. The serum progesterone is lowest during what day of the menstrual cycle? [4]

A. 3rd day
B. 13th day
C. 14th day
D. End of menstrual cycle

28. How much blood is loss on the average during menstrual period? [4]

A. Half cup
B. 4 tablespoon
C. 3 ounces
D. 1/3 cup

29. Menstruation occurs because of which following mechanism? [2]

A. Increase level of estrogen and progesterone level
B. Degeneration of the corpus luteum
C. Increase vascularity of the endothelium
D. Surge of hormone progesterone

30. If the menstrual cycle of a woman is 35 day cycle, she will approximately [2]

A. Ovulate on the 21st day with fertile days beginning on the 16th day to the 26th day of her cycle
B. Ovulate on the 21st day with fertile days beginning on the 16th day to the 21th day of her cycle
C. Ovulate on the 22st day with fertile days beginning on the 16th day to the 26th day of her cycle
D. Ovulate on the 22st day with fertile days beginning on the 14th day to the 30th day of her cycle

SITUATION : Wide knowledge about different diagnostic tests during pregnancy is an essential arsenal for a nurse to be successful.

31. The Biparietal diameter of a fetus is considered matured if it is atleast [4]

A. 9.8 cm
B. 8.5 cm
C. 7.5 cm
D. 6 cm

32. Quickening is experienced first by multigravida clients. At what week of gestation do they start to experience quickening? [4]

A. 16th
B. 20th
C. 24th
D. 28th

33. Before the start of a non stress test, The FHR is 120 BPM. The mother ate the snack and the practitioner noticed an increase from 120 BPM to 135 BPM for 15 seconds. How would you read the result? [3]

A. Abnormal
B. Non reactive
C. Reactive
D. Inconclusive, needs repeat

34. When should the nurse expect to hear the FHR using a fetoscope? [4]

A. 2nd week
B. 8th week
C. 2nd month
D. 4th month

35. When should the nurse expect to hear FHR using doppler Ultrasound? [4]

A. 8th week
B. 8th month
C. 2nd week
D. 4th month

36. The mother asks, What does it means if her maternal serum alpha feto protein is 35 ng/ml? The nurse should answer [4]

A. It is normal
B. It is not normal
C. 35 ng/ml indicates chromosomal abberation
D. 35 ng/ml indicates neural tube defect

37. Which of the following mothers needs RHOGAM? [1]

A. RH + mother who delivered an RH - fetus
B. RH - mother who delivered an RH + fetus
C. RH + mother who delivered an RH + fetus
D. RH - mother who delivered an RH - fetus

38. Which family planning method is recommended by the department of health more than any other means of contraception? [4]

A. Fertility Awareness Method
B. Condom
C. Tubal Ligation
D. Abstinence

39. How much booster dose does tetanus toxoid vaccination for pregnant women has? [4]

A. 2
B. 5
C. 3
D. 4

40. Baranggay has 70,000 population. How much nurse is needed to service this population? [4]

A. 5
B. 7
C. 50
D. 70

SITUATION : [ND2I246] Reproductive health is the exercise of reproductive right with responsibility. A married couple has the responsibility to reproduce and procreate.

41. Which of the following is ONE of the goals of the reproductive health concept? [3]

A. To achieve healthy sexual development and maturation
B. To prevent specific RH problem through counseling
C. Provide care, treatment and rehabilitation
D. To practice RH as a way of life of every man and woman

42. Which of the following is NOT an element of the reproductive health? [4]

A. Maternal and child health and nutrition
B. Family planning
C. Prevention and management of abortion complication
D. Healthy sexual development and nutrition

43. In the international framework of RH, which one of the following is the ultimate goal? [3]

A. Women's health in reproduction
B. Attainment of optimum health
C. Achievement of women's status
D. Quality of life

44. Which one of the following is a determinant of RH affecting woman's ability to participate in social affairs? [3]

A. Gender issues
B. Socio-Economic condition
C. Cultural and psychosocial factors
D. Status of women

45. In the philippine RH Framework. which major factor affects RH status? [4]

A. Women's lower level of literacy
B. Health service delivery mechanism
C. Poor living conditions lead to illness
D. Commercial sex workers are exposed to AIDS/STD.

46. Which determinant of reproductive health advocates nutrition for better health promotion and maintain a healthful life? [4]

A. Socio-Economic conditions
B. Status of women
C. Social and gender issues
D. Biological, Cultural and Psychosocial factors

47. Which of the following is NOT a strategy of RH? [3]

A. Increase and improve contraceptive methods
B. Achieve reproductive intentions
C. Care provision focused on people with RH problems
D. Prevent specific RH problem through information dessemination

48. Which of the following is NOT a goal of RH? [3]

A. Achieve healthy sexual development and maturation
B. Avoid illness/diseases, injuries, disabilities related to sexuality and reproduction
C. Receive appropriate counseling and care of RH problems
D. Strengthen outreach activities and the referral system

49. What is the VISION of the RH? [2]

B. Practice RH as a WAY OF LIFE
C. Prevent specific RH problem
D. Health in the hands of the filipino

SITUATION : [SORANGE19] Baby G, a 6 hours old newborn is admitted to the NICU because of low APGAR Score. His mother had a prolonged second stage of labor

50. Which of the following is the most important concept associated with all high risk newborn? [1]

A. Support the high-risk newborn's cardiopulmonary adaptation by maintaining adequate airway
B. Identify complications with early intervention in the high risk newborn to reduce morbidity and mortality
C. Assess the high risk newborn for any physical complications that will assist the parent with bonding
D. Support mother and significant others in their request toward adaptation to the high risk newborn

51. Which of the following would the nurse expect to find in a newborn with birth asphyxia? [1]

A. Hyperoxemia
B. Acidosis
C. Hypocapnia
D. Ketosis

52. When planning and implementing care for the newborn that has been successfully resuscitated, which of the following would be important to assess? [1]

A. Muscle flaccidity
B. Hypoglycemia
C. Decreased intracranial pressure
D. Spontaneous respiration

SITUATION : [P-I/46] Nurses should be aware of the different reproductive problems.

53. When is the best time to achieve pregnancy? [2]

A. Midway between periods
B. Immediately after menses end
C. 14 days before the next period is expected
D. 14 days after the beginning of the next period

54. A factor in infertility maybe related to the PH of the vaginal canal. A medication that is ordered to alter the vaginal PH is: [2]

A. Estrogen therapy
B. Sulfur insufflations
C. Lactic acid douches
D. Na HCO3 Douches

55. A diagnostic test used to evaluate fertility is the postcoital test. It is best timed [2]

A. 1 week after ovulation
B. Immediately after menses
C. Just before the next menstrual period
D. Within 1 to 2 days of presumed ovulation

56. A tubal insufflation test is done to determine whether there is a tubal obstruction. Infertility caused by a defect in the tube is most often related to a [3]

A. Past infection
B. Fibroid Tumor
C. Congenital Anomaly
D. Previous injury to a tube

57. Which test is commonly used to determine the number, motility and activity of sperm is the [2]

A. Rubin test
B. Huhner test
C. Friedman test
D. Papanicolau test

58. In the female, Evaluation of the pelvic organs of reproduction is accomplished by [2]

A. Biopsy
B. Cystoscopy
C. Culdoscopy
D. Hysterosalpingogram

59. When is the fetal weight gain greatest? [3]

A. 1st trimester
B. 2nd trimester
C. 3rd trimester
D. from 4th week up to 16th week of pregnancy

60. In fetal blood vessel, where is the oxygen content highest? [3]

A. Umbilical artery
B. Ductus Venosus
C. Ductus areteriosus
D. Pulmonary artery

61. The nurse is caring for a woman in labor. The woman is irritable, complains of nausea and vomits and has heavier show. The membranes rupture. The nurse understands that this indicates [1]

A. The woman is in transition stage of labor
B. The woman is having a complication and the doctor should be notified
C. Labor is slowing down and the woman may need oxytocin
D. The woman is emotionally distraught and needs assistance in dealing with labor

SITUATION : [J2I246] Katherine, a 32 year old primigravida at 39-40 weeks AOG was admitted to the labor room due to hypogastric and lumbo-sacral pains. IE revealed a fully dilated, fully effaced cervix. Station 0.

62. She is immediately transferred to the DR table. Which of the following conditions signify that delivery is near? [2]

I - A desire to defecate
II - Begins to bear down with uterine contraction
III - Perineum bulges
IV - Uterine contraction occur 2-3 minutes intervals at 50 seconds duration


63. Artificial rupture of the membrane is done. Which of the following nursing diagnoses is the priority? [2]

A. High risk for infection related to membrane rupture
B. Potential for injury related to prolapse cord
C. Alteration in comfort related to increasing strength of uterine contraction
D. Anxiety related to unfamiliar procedure

64. Katherine complains of severe abdominal pain and back pain during contraction. Which two of the following measures will be MOST effective in reducing pain? [4]

I - Rubbing the back with a tennis ball
II- Effleurage
IV-Breathing techniques


65. Lumbar epidural anesthesia is administered. Which of the following nursing responsibilities should be done immediately following procedure? [1]

A. Reposition from side to side
B. Administer oxygen
C. Increase IV fluid as indicated
D. Assess for maternal hypotension

66. Which is NOT the drug of choice for epidural anesthesia? [4]

A. Sensorcaine
B. Xylocaine
C. Ephedrine
D. Marcaine

SITUATION : [SORANGE217] Alpha, a 24 year old G4P3 at full term gestation is brought to the ER after a gush of fluid passes through here vagina while doing her holiday shopping.

67. She is brought to the triage unit. The FHT is noted to be 114 bpm. Which of the following actions should the nurse do first? [2]

A. Monitor FHT ever 15 minutes
B. Administer oxygen inhalation
C. Ask the charge nurse to notify the Obstetrician
D. Place her on the left lateral position

68. The nurse checks the perineum of alpha. Which of the following characteristic of the amniotic fluid would cause an alarm to the nurse? [1]

A. Greenish
B. Scantly
C. Colorless
D. Blood tinged

69. Alpha asks the nurse. "Why do I have to be on complete bed rest? I am not comfortable in this position." Which of the following response of the nurse is most appropriate? [3]

A. Keeping you on bed rest will prevent possible cord prolapse
B. Completed bed rest will prevent more amniotic fluid to escape
C. You need to save your energy so you will be strong enough to push later
D. Let us ask your obstetrician when she returns to check on you

70. Alpha wants to know how many fetal movements per hour is normal, the correct response is [4]

A. Twice
B. Thrice
C. Four times
D. 10-12 times

71. Upon examination by the obstetrician, he charted that Alpha is in the early stage of labor. Which of the following is true in this state? [1]

A. Self-focused
B. Effacement is 100%
C. Last for 2 hours
D. Cervical dilation 1-3 cm

SITUATION : Maternal and child health nursing a core concept of providing health in the community. Mastery of MCH Nursing is a quality all nurse should possess.

72. When should be the 2nd visit of a pregnant mother to the RHU? [2]

A. Before getting pregnant
B. As early in pregnancy
C. Second trimester
D. Third trimester

73. Which of the following is NOT a standard prenatal physical examination? [1]

A. Neck examination for goiter
B. Examination of the palms of the hands for pallor
C. Edema examination of the face hands, and lower extremeties
D. Examination of the legs for varicosities

74. Which of the following is NOT a basic prenatal service delivery done in the BHS? [2]

A. Oral / Dental check up
B. Laboratory examination
C. Treatment of diseases
D. Iron supplementation

75. How many days and how much dosage will the IRON supplementation be taken? [4]

A. 365 days / 300 mg
B. 210 days / 200 mg
C. 100 days/ 100mg
D. 50 days / 50 mg

76. When should the iron supplementation starts and when should it ends? [4]

A. 5th month of pregnancy to 2nd month post partum
B. 1st month of pregnancy to 5th month post partum
C. As early in pregnancy up to 9th month of pregnancy
D. From 1st trimester up to 6 weeks post partum

77. In malaria infested area, how is chloroquine given to pregnant women? [4]

A. 300 mg / twice a month for 9 months
B. 200 mg / once a week for 5 months
C. 150 mg / twice a week for the duration of pregnancy
D. 100 mg / twice a week for the last trimester of pregnancy

78. Which of the following mothers are qualified for home delivery? [2]

A. Pre term
B. 6th pregnancy
C. Has a history of hemorrhage last pregnancy
D. 2nd pregnancy, Has a history of 20 hours of labor last pregnancy.

79. Which of the following is not included on the 3 Cs of delivery? [2]

A. Clean Surface
B. Clean Hands
C. Clean Equipments
D. Clean Cord

80. Which of the following is unnecessary equipment to be included in the home delivery kit? [4]

A. Boiled razor blade
B. 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
C. Flashlight
D. Rectal and oral thermometer

SITUATION : [NBLUE166] Pillar is admitted to the hospital with the following signs : Contractions coming every 10 minutes, lasting 30 seconds and causing little discomfort. Intact membranes without any bloody shows. Stable vital signs. FHR = 130bpm. Examination reveals cervix is 3 cm dilated with vertex presenting at minus 1 station.

81. On the basis of the data provided above, You can conclude the pillar is in the [1]

A. In false labor
B. In the active phase of labor
C. In the latent phase of labor
D. In the transitional phase of labor

82. Pitocin drip is started on Pilar. Possible side effects of pitocin administration include all of the following except [3]

A. Diuresis
B. Hypertension
C. Water intoxication
D. Cerebral hemorrhage

83. The normal range of FHR is approximately [3]

A. 90 to 140 bpm
B. 120 to 160 bpm
C. 100 to 140 bpm
D. 140 to 180 bpm

84. A negative 1 [-1] station means that [1]

A. Fetus is crowning
B. Fetus is floating
C. Fetus is engaged
D. Fetus is at the ischial spine

85. Which of the following is characteristics of false labor [1]

A. Bloody show
B. Contraction that are regular and increase in frequency and duration
C. Contraction are felt in the back and radiates towards the abdomen
D. None of the above

86. Who's Theory of labor pain that states that PAIN in labor is cause by FEAR [4]

A. Bradley
B. Simpson
C. Lamaze
D. Dick-Read

87. Which sign would alert the nurse that Pillar is entering the second stage of labor? [1]

A. Increase frequency and intensity of contraction
B. Perineum bulges and anal orifice dilates
C. Effacement of internal OS is 100%
D. Vulva encircles the largest diameter of presenting part

88. Nursing care during the second stage of labor should include [1]

A. Careful evaluation of prenatal history
B. Coach breathing, Bear down with each contraction and encourage patient.
C. Shave the perineum
D. Administer enema to the patient

SITUATION : [NBLUE170] Baby boy perez was delivered spontaneously following a term pregnancy. Apgar scores are 8 and 9 respectively. Routine procedures are carried out.

89. When is the APGAR Score taken? [1]

A. Immediately after birth and at 30 minutes after birth
B. At 5 minutes after birth and at 30 minutes after birth
C. At 1 minute after birth and at 5 minutes after birth
D. Immediately after birth and at 5 minutes after birth

90. The best way to position a newboarn during the first week of life is to lay him [3]

A. Prone with head slightly elevated
B. On his back, flat
C. On his side with his head flat on bed
D. On his back with head slightly elevated

91. Baby boy perez has a large sebaceous glands on his nose, chin, and forehead. These are known as [1]

A. Milia
B. Lanugo
C. Hemangiomas
D. Mongolian spots

92. Baby boy perez must be carefully observed for the first 24 hours for [2]

A. Respiratory distress
B. Duration of cry
C. Frequency of voiding
D. Range in body temperature

93. According to the WHO , when should the mother starts breastfeeding the infant? [4]

A. Within 30 minutes after birth
B. Within 12 hours after birth
C. Within a day after birth
D. After infant's condition stabilizes

94. What is the BEST and most accurate method of measuring the medication dosage for infants and children? [3]

A. Weight
B. Height
C. Nomogram
D. Weight and Height

95. The first postpartum visit should be done by the mother within [4]

A. 24 hours
B. 3 days
C. a week
D. a month

96. The major cause of maternal mortality in the philippines is [3]

A. Infection
B. Hemorrhage
C. Hypertension
D. Other complications related to labor,delivery and puerperium

97. According to the WHO, what should be the composition of a commercialized Oral rehydration salt solution? [4]

A. Potassium : 1.5 g. ; Sodium Bicarbonate 2.5g ; Sodium Chloride 3.5g; Glucose 20 g.
A. Potassium : 1.5 g. ; Sodium Bicarbonate 2.5g ; Sodium Chloride 3.5g; Glucose 10 g.
A. Potassium : 2.5 g. ; Sodium Bicarbonate 3.5g ; Sodium Chloride 4.5g; Glucose 20 g.
A. Potassium : 2.5 g. ; Sodium Bicarbonate 3.5g ; Sodium Chloride 4.5g; Glucose 10 g.

98. In preparing ORESOL at home, The correct composition recommnded by the DOH is [4]

A. 1 glass of water, 1 pinch of salt and 2 tsp of sugar
B. 1 glass of water, 2 pinch of salt and 2 tsp of sugar
C. 1 glass of water, 3 pinch of salt and 4 tsp of sugar
D. 1 glass of water, 1 pinch of salt and 1 tsp of sugar

99. Milk code is a law that prohibits milk commercialization or artificial feeding for up to 2 years. Which law provides its legal basis? [4]

A. Senate bill 1044
B. RA 7600
C. Presidential Proclamation 147
D. EO 51

100. A 40 year old mother in her third trimester should avoid [4]

A. Traveling
B. Climbing
C. Smoking
D. Exercising

Passing : 60/100


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