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What does our history says? : Possible things that might happen after PRC confirmed the 'leakage'

What does our history says? : Possible things that might happen after PRC confirmed the 'leakage'

By : Budek

Never that PRC will let this issue pass without punishing those responsible. Basing on different events in history, We can predict the possible outcome after PRC has confirmed that there was a leakage.


1. There will never be any other investigation from the congress or senate.

- The senate and congress respect PRC's jurisdiction over this case. Since the PRC already confirmed there was a leakage, I don't think there will be anymore investigations other than the possible intervention of the supreme court if requested. The next and last investigation will probably from the NBI and it will be the finale : Investigate, Implicate all those responsible and file charges against these people.

2. The 50 item leaked in baguio , the 100 plus item leaked in manila and other items leaked will not be counted

- Basing on the previous leakage issues, specially the 2001 maritime leakage issue wherein PRC decided not to count the LEAKED test questions, there is a possibility that the leak questions will not be counted.

3. Results will be out, but retake is only for those who passed the examination

- This happened already. PRC released the results of the 2001 maritime examination even after a LEAK has been confirmed. But retake for the practical exam was only given for those who PASSED the theoretical exam. But I think this is unlikely to happen because those who failed will pursue for the court's jurisdiction.

4. Results are NULLED, there will be a re-test

- Possible?.... Why not? I think this is the BEST but not the most practical way in dealing with the issue. This is highly unlikely to happen due to huge budget and time factors necessary to accomplish this task.

5. Barred those who got PHENOMENAL SCORES from the practice

- This already happened. The 11 medical graduates of my university, Our lady of fatima university valenzuela who PERFECT the OB and Biochemistry exam during the february 2003 medical board exams was PROHIBITED TO TAKE OATH AND BARRED BY THE SUPREME COURT TO PRACTICE THE PROFESSION. SC said it is immoral and deceit to cheat in the board exams. I think they petition the SC, I do not know what happened next if they are already allowed to practice but all I know is that they are not anymore allowed to be RANKED in the topnotcher's list after the event in case they are allowed a retake.

6. Re-test only to the nursing practice tests affected

- Highly unlikely, But a re-test for the NP tests affected by the leak question can happen. As what happened to the BAR Exams last 2003, SC extended the examination by one day for the retake of the MERCANTILE LAW exam which was the only exam "LEAKED". Not very similar to the nursing board exam leakage of june 2006, where in multiple questions was leaked from different examinations. If the PRC proves that only NP III and V has the leakage, A retest in this 2 areas of nursing practice is a possibility.

7. Investigation of the NBI will drag another 5, 10 or 15 persons for criminal and administrative charge.

- In the maritime leakage issue of 2003, only one person started the "MESS" but apparently, The NBI concluded that there are more people behind it. The PRC Chair who tried to hide the leakage, the board of examiners of the maritime deck, The owners of the review center who gave out the leakage. All in all, 10 people were charged. The president herself told NBI to make sure that they give a strong evidence in pursuit of justices against people responsible for the leakage.

Out of the traced 2 BON members , I can say it will drag one after another in a domino-like pattern. Remember the officer who told Dean Lacanaria not to divulge the leakage issue? How about, the schools and review centers that will be implicated by this issue? In my opinion, names will come out one by one until most, if not all those responsible are brought to justice. This will give them sleepless nights.

8. all, if not most of the BON members will inhibit

- Everytime there is a leakage issue, MOST if not ALL board members inhibits. Due to pressures from the students, parents, colleges, universities and their conscience. Even those who do not have anything to do with the leakage inhibits. This is a proven fact. It is a culture of the filipino people to hide face in front of shame rather than face it.

9. NBI will BUST the copy centers where this leakage was distributed.

- During the time of Director Wycoco, NBI bust a gang who distributed copy of the questions during the 2004 teachers licensure examination. The copy center gives ALL the questions and answers of the teachers licensure examination for a price of 5,000 pesos. The copy center was owned by a certain review center. NBI sought the owner of the review center.

In summary : I think the possible things that will happen are numbers 1,2,7 and 8. Let's see. I am no madam auring but history has served it's purpose : GUIDE US


cno b tlga ang 2BON ang nagkalat??
WATCH THIS site...

Well???...That's is your opinion. Pero para pa rin sa akin ay impossible na marami ang nakinabang sa cheating kasi ganoon rin naman ang isang taong "UMUTOT" kadalasan ay isa lang siya sa isang grupo ng tao at very impossible na marami sila, kaya kung sino ang "Umutot" siya lang ang ituro...Di ba???????

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