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Most of the people I met and honestly I also had my share of this "phase" which is having a problem of determining which state to apply to. But this is one of the most crucial part in terms of moving forward to your NCLEX-RN application process.

Choosing the right state can pose many questions to an applicant. But sometimes we need not complicate things really.

People tend to choose a state basing it on which state process papers fastest. Which is a not so bad idea considering that you really do not have a target state or you do not have relatives in the USA or basically really do not care what state you get in to as long as you are there in the US.

But if you have relatives or very close friends in certain US states then I think that is the best way to go. The effects of making this choice comes after actually when you already passed the NCLEX-RN exam and when you finally get your visas and work there. Life in the US can be pretty hard especially if you do not have someone to depend on too. It helps if you have relatives or friends atleast you can get advices, help or anything to get you started with your life.

What other people do is that they apply to a state that gives eligibility fast and then after passing the NCLEX-RN exam apply to their decided state this is what they call application by endorsement. This is okay esepecially if you have the resources financially and well it varies from state to state how their process. The length of this process vary from one state to the other since you would still have to fulfill the requirements of the state you intend to endorse to. There are also compact states which can affect the results of your endorsement.

So as an ending point in this article, please bear in mind that sometimes the fastest way isn't always the best option. But if you got nothing to lose then sometimes it doesn't hurt to take a risk. But whatever it is you decide on think it over a hundred times remember you cannot afford to commit mistakes.

Hopefully with this article we were able to make things easier for you and good luck on finding the right state that suits you best!

Joan's Notes: The information given is based on opinion and actual experiences. Also from forums, seminars and articles I have encountered. The aim of the artilce is just to be able to provide basic informations based on opinions and experience. This may vary from person to person.

I totally agree with you. I don't really want to encourage the new grads to pick the "fastest route" to apply for U.S. licensure because the exam is really hard. I suggest to either wait or pick a state na di masyadong mahirap pasukan. I noticed lahat yata wanted to apply either New Mexico, and Vermont because they don't require CGFNS. but the truth is application fee for both states are expensive. California on the other hand is the cheapest na alam ko.however, it takes longer for them to process the application sa dami ng umaapply. But I think it is really worth the wait kasi, while you are waiting for your eligibility letter, it will actually buy you time to study for NCLEXRN. The exam itself is very hard, and I even knew some U.S. new grad who failed for the first time. lalo na sa mga walang work experience, and di pa na expose sa U.S. Hospitals. I suggest for them to study hard, pick a good review book for NCLEXRN do answer the practice questions sa accompanying CD ng mga review books, and try to go back to the mistakes,and figure out bakit mali ang mga sagot..blah blah. Hindi madali ang NCLEXRN, if ever na you fail, sasama lang ang loob nyo, and too bad for those relatives ninyo na nagpakahirap sa perang gagastusin ninyo to take the NCLEXRN.Saka it will take a lot of preparation to pass it. exam lang yan pero that is only 1% of your nursing career, you have to find a way how to come to the U.S., get the necessary paperworks, find a job, and don't forget you have to eat and find a place to stay. there is no such thing as "free" pag dito ka na sa states, people here tend to be so kuripot but you have to understand dollar din ang gastos dito. So, I think try to wait a while and not try to take the fastest have to have a realistic plan.

Maraming salamat po sa inyong dalawa, Joan and Newbiern. I really need the info you gave.
Tanong lang po... can you refer me to a site where mapapag-aralan ko pa nang husto ins and outs of the NCLEX, especially for Pinoys like me na walang alam sa bagay na ito?
Like... what states ba okay ang NCLEX?
Salamat po ulit...

I don't know any other sites that will help you with " ins and outs" sa nclexrn. ang alam ko lang na makakatulong is read your nclexrn reviewer, and your med-surg textbook. I find them really helpful. other than that, most sites sa internet is not free. I had Kaplan review, but I had to pay extra just for more review questions. You can buy books sa National Bookstores if you like, I find them really helpful too. Goodluck sa yo, hang in there and you will pass it too ;-)

I don't know any other sites that will help you with " ins and outs" sa nclexrn. ang alam ko lang na makakatulong is read your nclexrn reviewer, and your med-surg textbook. I find them really helpful. other than that, most sites sa internet is not free. I had Kaplan review, but I had to pay extra just for more review questions. You can buy books sa National Bookstores if you like, I find them really helpful too. Goodluck sa yo, hang in there and you will pass it too ;-)

Hi! My first time here and I'd like to say this blog site has given me quite a relief knowing people having same dilemma like me. I am planning to apply for NCLEX in the state of Vermont. But I am skeptical whether they require a local RN license (Phils) or not. I learned from someone that they do not require but the the Vermont website says otherwise. We'll it's so unfortunate to pass the June '06 NLE and not knowing when to get a license. Thus I am taking my chance to apply for NCLEX in US states that do not require CGFNS nor local RN license. Thanx!!!

Also, it is very important to choose the right review center. A lot of review centers in the Philippines (90%) walang pakialam sa NCLEX application mo.

I was very lucky that I was a Rachell ALlen, USA 's student and that they helped us din processed the application. Well kami pa rin ang kumuha ng mga papers but they taught us what to do and gave us advices. Truly, I felt, Rachell Allen is not just an ordinary review center but also, non-profit review center. Hindi na niya kailangan magpayaman sa Pinas dahil US based siya and she has her educational foundation for nurses who are financially in need.

Check niyo website nila at WWW.RACHELLALLEN.COM

I heard about them from where I heard so many positive comments.

Thank you so much guys for the infos about really a great help with me.....

suggestions namn regarding us state na okay to aply for nclex and lahat ba ng states they allow new nursed to petition family members?

hi!i have the same prob wid aljec_nj..need your reply on this plsss...tnx n more power!..april

guys help nman, i need a california nclex application form. i just dwnload the pdf file kya lng my mga typographical error ung file. does anyone of you have a good copy pls send it to me at my email: thanks in advance

i just want to ask if meron ba offer ang NEW YORK for NCLEX-RN dito sa pinas. my available bang application para sa NCLEX..plss inform naman po dis is my email.. nid ko lang po ng info for dat..thanx

hello guys...does anyone have a copy of SAIPAN NCLEX APPLICATION FORM or new york nclex form... i need it. my e-maild add thanks & God bless ...

California is da best state... just like the song: California - Here We Come....

hello just want to ask if i am underboard here in the philippines ca i still take the nclex exam? if ever ok siya, pede ko ba sk ano ang mga requirements ng nclex so that i can prepare the papers...please help ...

hi there R.N" a new passer and now im palnning to have my nclex..but the problem is i dont have any sites where in i can apply..can u give me the sites?i already have the california site but i dont know how 2 apply actually..hope i could pass it too..

hi guys!i am an immigrant of the USA. do you guys know a state which do not require a local license and cgfns? didiretso na kasi ako sa nclex. i hav no plans on taking the local exam at wala narin cases ko. please help! thanks po.


how many weeks before saipan board of nursing will send you the result of the nclex-rn?is there any means that i could know the results early?do they have a quick results?

hello. I am a NCLEXRN passer . they say I cant apply for reciprocity because I am a passer in the State of California. How about the retro now? 2007 pa ako passed but no visa yet due to the retro? will they extend the 3 yrs from BON in Califoria?

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