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100 items Comprehensive Exam

Choose the BEST answer

1. The nurse enters the room as a 3 year-old is having a generalized seizure. Which intervention should the nurse do first?
A) Clear the area of any hazards
B) Place the child on the side
C) Restrain the child
D) Give the prescribed anticonvulsant

2. A client has just returned to the medical-surgical unit following a segmental lung resection. After assessing the client, the first nursing action would be to
A) Administer pain medication
B) Suction excessive tracheobronchial secretions
C) Assist client to turn, deep breathe and cought
D) Monitor oxygen saturation

3. A nurse from the surgical department is reassigned to the pediatric unit. The charge nurse should recognize that the child at highest risk for cardiac arrest and is the least likely to be assiged to this nurse is which child?
A) Congenital cardiac defects
B) An acute febrile illness
C) Prolonged hypoxemia
D) Severe multiple trauma

4. Which of the following would be the best strategy for the nurse to use when teaching insulin injection techniques to a newly diagnosed client with diabetes?
A) Give written pre and post tests
B) Ask questions during practice
C) Allow another diabetic to assist
D) Observe a return demonstration

5. The nurse is assessing a 2 year-old client with a possible diagnosis of congenital heart disease. Which of these is most likely to be seen with this diagnosis?
A) Several otitis media episodes in the last year
B) Weight and height in 10th percentile since birth
C) Takes frequent rest periods while playing
D) Changing food preferences and dislikes

6. The nurse is reassigned to work at the Poison Control Center telephone hotline. In which of these cases of childhood poisoning would the nurse suggest that parents have the child drink orange juice?
A) An 18 month-old who ate an undetermined amount of crystal drain cleaner
B) A 14 month-old who chewed 2 leaves of a philodendron plant
C) A 20 month-old who is found sitting on the bathroom floor beside an empty bottle of diazepam (Valium)
D) A 30 month-old who has swallowed a mouthful of charcoal lighter fluid

7. A 23 year-old single client is in the 33rd week of her first pregnancy. She tells the nurse that she has everything ready for the baby and has made plans for the first weeks together at home. Which normal emotional reaction does the nurse recognize?
A) Acceptance of the pregnancy
B) Focus on fetal development
C) Anticipation of the birth
D) Ambivalence about pregnancy

8. Upon examining the mouth of a 3 year-old child, the nurse discovers that the teeth have chalky white-to-yellowish staining with pitting of the enamel. Which of the following conditions would most likely explain these findings?
A) Ingestion of tetracycline
B) Excessive fluoride intake
C) Oral iron therapy
D) Poor dental hygiene

9. Which of the following should the nurse teach the client to avoid when taking chlorpromazine HCL (Thorazine)?
A) Direct sunlight
B) Foods containing tyramine
C) Foods fermented with yeast
D) Canned citrus fruit drinks

10. The nurse is discussing dietary intake with an adolescent who has acne. The most appropriate statement for the nurse is
A) "Eat a balanced diet for your age."
B) "Increase your intake of protein and Vitamin A."
C) "Decrease fatty foods from your diet."
D) "Do not use caffeine in any form, including chocolate."

11. The nurse is caring for a child who has just returned from surgery following a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Which action by the nurse is appropriate?
A) Offer ice cream every 2 hours
B) Place the child in a supine position
C) Allow the child to drink through a straw
D) Observe swallowing patterns

12. The nurse is caring for a client with acute pancreatitis. After pain management, which intervention should be included in the plan of care?
A) Cough and deep breathe every 2 hours
B) Place the client in contact isolation
C) Provide a diet high in protein
D) Institute seizure precautions

13. The nurse is caring for a client with trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureaux). To assist the client with nutrition needs, the nurse should
A) Offer small meals of high calorie soft food
B) Assist the client to sit in a chair for meals
C) Provide additional servings of fruits and raw vegetables
D) Encourage the client to eat fish, liver and chicken

14. A client treated for depression tells the nurse at the mental health clinic that he recently purchased a handgun because he is thinking about suicide. The first nursing action should be to
A) Notify the health care provider immediately
B) Suggest in-patient psychiatric care
C) Respect the client's confidential disclosure
D) Phone the family to warn them of the risk

15. The initial response by the nurse to a delusional client who refuses to eat because of a belief that the food is poisoned is
A) "You think that someone wants to poison you?"
B) "Why do you think the food is poisoned?"
C) "These feelings are a symptom of your illness."
D) "You’re safe here. I won’t let anyone poison you."

16. A client has just been admitted with portal hypertension. Which nursing diagnosis would be a priority in planning care?
A) Altered nutrition: less than body requirements
B) Potential complication hemorrhage
C) Ineffective individual coping
D) Fluid volume excess

17. The nurse in a well-child clinic examines many children on a daily basis. Which of the following toddlers requires further follow up?
A) A 13 month-old unable to walk
B) A 20 month-old only using 2 and 3 word sentences
C) A 24 month-old who cries during examination
D) A 30 month-old only drinking from a sippy cup

18. Which of the following conditions assessed by the nurse would contraindicate the use of benztropine (Cogentin)?
A) Neuromalignant syndrome
B) Acute extrapyramidal syndrome
C) Glaucoma, prostatic hypertrophy
D) Parkinson's disease, atypical tremors

19. A 15 year-old client with a lengthy confining illness is at risk for altered growth and development of which task?
A) Loss of control
B) Insecurity
C) Dependence
D) Lack of trust

20. The nurse is caring for a client with cirrhosis of the liver with ascites. When instructing nursing assistants in the care of the client, the nurse should emphasize that
A) The client should remain on bed rest in a semi-Fowler's position
B) The client should alternate ambulation with bed rest with legs elevated
C) The client may ambulate and sit in chair as tolerated
D) The client may ambulate as tolerated and remain in semi-Fowlers position in bed

21. In providing care to a 14 year-old adolescent with scoliosis, which of the following will be most difficult for this client?
A) Compliance with treatment regimens
B) Looking different from their peers
C) Lacking independence in activities
D) Reliance on family for their social support

22. The nurse is preparing to perform a physical examination on an 8 month-old who is sitting contentedly on his mother's lap. Which of the following should the nurse do first?
A) Elicit reflexes
B) Measure height and weight
C) Auscultate heart and lungs
D) Examine the ears

23. Which of these principles should the nurse apply when performing a nutritional assessment on a 2 year-old client?
A) An accurate measurement of intake is not reliable
B) The food pyramid is not used in this age group
C) A serving size at this age is about 2 tablespoons
D) Total intake varies greatly each day

24. The nurse is assessing a client with delayed wound healing. Which of the following risk factors is most important in this situation?
A) Glucose level of 120
B) History of myocardial infarction
C) Long term steroid usage
D) Diet high in carbohydrates

25. Which of the following nursing assessments indicate immediate discontinuance of an antipsychotic medication?
A) Involuntary rhythmic stereotypic movements and tongue protrusion
B) Cheek puffing, involuntary movements of extremities and trunk
C) Agitation, constant state of motion
D) Hyperpyrexia, severe muscle rigidity, malignant hypertension

26. A client with HIV infection has a secondary herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) infection. The nurse knows that the most likely cause of the HSV-1 infection in this client is
A) Immunosuppression
B) Emotional stress
C) Unprotected sexual activities
D) Contact with saliva

27. The nurse measures the head and chest circumferences of a 20 month-old infant. After comparing the measurements, the nurse finds that they are approximately the same. What action should the nurse take?
A) Notify the health care provider
B) Palpate the anterior fontanel
C) Feel the posterior fontanel
D) Record these normal findings

28. At a routine clinic visit, parents express concern that their 4 year-old is wetting the bed several times a month. What is the nurse's best response?
A) "This is normal at this time of day."
B) "How long has this been occurring?"
C) "Do you offer fluids at night?"
D) "Have you tried waking her to urinate?"

29. A client was admitted to the psychiatric unit after refusing to get out of bed. In the hospital the client talks to unseen people and voids on the floor. The nurse could best handle the problem of voiding on the floor by
A) Requiring the client to mop the floor
B) Restricting the client’s fluids throughout the day
C) Withholding privileges each time the voiding occurs
D) Toileting the client more frequently with supervision

30. The nurse is caring for a client with a sigmoid colostomy who requests assistance in removing the flatus from a 1 piece drainable ostomy pouch. Which is the correct intervention?
A) Piercing the plastic of the ostomy pouch with a pin to vent the flatus
B) Opening the bottom of the pouch, allowing the flatus to be expelled
C) Pulling the adhesive seal around the ostomy pouch to allow the flatus to escape
D) Assisting the client to ambulate to reduce the flatus in the pouch

31. The nurse is teaching parents of an infant about introduction of solid food to their baby. What is the first food they can add to the diet?
A) Vegetables
B) Cereal
C) Fruit
D) Meats

32. When counseling parents of a child who has recently been diagnosed with hemophilia, what must the nurse know about the offspring of a normal father and a carrier mother?
A) It is likely that all sons are affected
B) There is a 50% probability that sons will have the disease
C) Every daughter is likely to be a carrier
D) There is a 25% chance a daughter will be a carrier

33. When teaching a client with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease about oxygen by cannula, the nurse should also instruct the client's family to
A) Avoid smoking near the client
B) Turn off oxygen during meals
C) Adjust the liter flow to 10 as needed
D) Remind the client to keep mouth closed

34. The nurse is caring for a post-op colostomy client. The client begins to cry saying, "I'll never be attractive again with this ugly red thing." What should be the first action by the nurse?
A) Arrange a consultation with a sex therapist
B) Suggest sexual positions that hide the colostomy
C) Invite the partner to participate in colostomy care
D) Determine the client's understanding of her colostomy

35. A schizophrenic client talks animatedly but the staff are unable to understand what the client is communicating. The client is observed mumbling to herself and speaking to the radio. A desirable outcome for this client’s care will be
A) Expresses feelings appropriately through verbal interactions
B) Accurately interprets events and behaviors of others
C) Demonstrates improved social relationships
D) Engages in meaningful and understandable verbal communication

36. A 7 year-old child is hospitalized following a major burn to the lower extremities. A diet high in protein and carbohydrates is recommended. The nurse informs the child and family that the most important reason for this diet is to
A) Promote healing and strengthen the immune system
B) Provide a well balanced nutritional intake
C) Stimulate increased peristalsis absorption
D) Spare protein catabolism to meet metabolic needs

37. The parents of a 7 year-old tell the nurse their child has started to "tattle" on siblings. In interpreting this new behavior, how should the nurse explain the child's actions to the parents?
A) The ethical sense and feelings of justice are developing
B) Attempts to control the family use new coping styles
C) Insecurity and attention getting are common motives
D) Complex thought processes help to resolve conflicts

38. A school nurse is advising a class of unwed pregnant high school students. What is the most important action they can perform to deliver a healthy child?
A) Maintain good nutrition
B) Stay in school
C) Keep in contact with the child's father
D) Get adequate sleep

39. A client continually repeats phrases that others have just said. The nurse recognizes this behavior as
A) Autistic
B) Ecopraxic
C) Echolalic
D) Catatonic

40. A client is admitted for hemodialysis. Which abnormal lab value would the nurse anticipate not being improved by hemodialysis?
A) Low hemoglobin
B) Hypernatremia
C) High serum creatinine
D) Hyperkalemia

41. The nurse is caring for a 7 year-old child who is being discharged following a tonsillectomy. Which of the following instructions is appropriate for the nurse to teach the parents?
A) Report a persistent cough to the health care provider
B) The child can return to school in 4 days
C) Administer chewable aspirin for pain
D) The child may gargle with saline as necessary for discomfort

42. The nurse is caring for a 14 month-old just diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. The parents state this is the first child in either family with this disease, and ask about the risk to future children. What is the best response by the nurse?
A) 1in 4 chance for each child to carry that trait
B) 1in 4 risk for each child to have the disease
C) 1in 2 chance of avoiding the trait and disease
D) 1in 2 chance that each child will have the disease

43. The nurse is performing an assessment on a client with pneumococcal pneumonia. Which finding would the nurse anticipate?
A) Bronchial breath sounds in outer lung fields
B) Decreased tactile fremitus
C) Hacking, nonproductive cough
D) Hyperresonance of areas of consolidation

44. During seizure activity which observation is the priority to enhance further direction of treatment?
A) Observe the sequence or types of movement
B) Note the time from beginning to end
C) Identify the pattern of breathing
D) Determine if loss of bowel or bladder control occurs

45. Which of the following statements describes what the nurse must know in order to provide anticipatory guidance to parents of a toddler about readiness for toilet training?
A) The child learns voluntary sphincter control through repetition
B) Myelination of the spinal cord is completed by this age
C) Neuronal impulses are interrupted at the base of the ganglia
D) The toddler can understand cause and effect

46. A client complaining of severe shortness of breath is diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The nurse observes a falling pulse oximetry. The client's color changes to gray and she expectorates large amounts of pink frothy sputum. The first action of the nurse would be which of the following?
A) Call the health care provider
B) Check vital signs
C) Position in high Fowler's
D) Administer oxygen

47. The nurse is caring for a client with benign prostatic hypertrophy. Which of the following assessments would the nurse anticipate finding?
A) Large volume of urinary output with each voiding
B) Involuntary voiding with coughing and sneezing
C) Frequent urination
D) Urine is dark and concentrated

48. An anxious parent of a 4 year-old consults the nurse for guidance in how to answer the child's question, "Where do babies come from?" What is the nurse's best response to the parent?
A) "When a child asks a question, give a simple answer."
B) "Children ask many questions, but are not looking for answers."
C) "This question indicates interest in sex beyond this age."
D) "Full and detailed answers should be given to all questions."

49. A 3 year-old child is treated in the emergency department after ingestion of 1ounce of a liquid narcotic. What action should the nurse do first?
A) Provide the ordered humidified oxygen via mask
B) Suction the mouth and the nose
C) Check the mouth and radial pulse
D) Start the ordered intravenous fluids

50. The charge nurse on the eating disorder unit instructs a new staff member to weigh each client in his or her hospital gown only. What is the rationale for this nursing intervention?
A) To reduce the risk of the client feeling cold due to decreased fat and subcutaneous tissue
B) To cover the bony prominence and areas where there is skin breakdown
C) So the client knows what type of clothing to wear when weighed
D) To reduce the tendency of the client to hide objects under his or her clothing

51. In teaching parents to associate prevention with the lifestyle of their child with sickle cell disease, the nurse should emphasize that a priority for their child is to
A) Avoid overheating during physical activities
B) Maintain normal activity with some restrictions
C) Be cautious of others with viruses or temperatures
D) Maintain routine immunizations

52. The nurse understands that during the "tension building" phase of a violent relationship, when the batterer makes unreasonable demands, the battered victim may experience feelings of
A) Anger
B) Helplessness
C) Calm
D) Explosive

53. A parent has numerous questions regarding normal growth and development of a 10 month-old infant. Which of the following parameters is of most concern to the nurse?
A) 50% increase in birth weight
B) Head circumference greater than chest
C) Crying when the parents leave
D) Able to stand up briefly in play pen

54. The nurse has been assigned to these clients in the emergency room. Which client would the nurse go check first?
A) Viral pneumonia with atelectasis
B) Spontaneous pneumothorax with a respiratory rate of 38
C) Tension pneumothorax with slight tracheal deviation to the right
D) Acute asthma with episodes of bronchospasm

55. The nurse is assessing a 4 year-old for possible developmental dysplasia of the right hip. Which finding would the nurse expect?
A) Pelvic tip downward
B) Right leg lengthening
C) Ortolani sign
D) Characteristic limp

56. A 2 year-old child has recently been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. The nurse is teaching the parents about home care for the child. Which of the following information is appropriate for the nurse to include?
A) Allow the child to continue normal activities
B) Schedule frequent rest periods
C) Limit exposure to other children
D) Restrict activities to inside the house

57. The nurses on a unit are planning for stoma care for clients who have a stoma for fecal diversion. Which stomal diversion poses the highest risk for skin breakdown
A) Ileostomy
B) Transverse colostomy
C) Ileal conduit
D) Sigmoid colostomy

58. A client is unconscious following a tonic-clonic seizure. What should the nurse do first?
A) Check the pulse
B) Administer Valium
C) Place the client in a side-lying position
D) Place a tongue blade in the mouth

59. The nurse is teaching a client who has a hip prostheses following total hip replacement. Which of the following should be included in the instructions for home care?
A) Avoid climbing stairs for 3 months
B) Ambulate using crutches only
C) Sleep only on your back
D) Do not cross legs

60. A nurse who travels with an agency is uncertain about what tasks can be performed when working in a different state. It would be best for the nurse to check which resource?
A) The state nurse practice act in which the assignment is made
B) With a nurse colleague who has worked in that state 2 years ago
D) The Nursing Social Policy Statement within the United States
C) The policies and procedures of the assigned agency in that state

61. Parents of a 7 year-old child call the clinic nurse because their daughter was sent home from school because of a rash. The child had been seen the day before by the health care provider and diagnosed with Fifth Disease (erythema infectiosum). What is the most appropriate action by the nurse?
A) Tell the parents to bring the child to the clinic for further evaluation
B) Refer the school officials to printed materials about this viral illness
C) Inform the teacher that the child is receiving antibiotics for the rash
D) Explain that this rash is not contagious and does not require isolation

62. What principle of HIV disease should the nurse keep in mind when planning care for a newborn who was infected in utero?
A) The disease will incubate longer and progress more slowly in this infant
B) The infant is very susceptible to infections
C) Growth and development patterns will proceed at a normal rate
D) Careful monitoring of renal function is indicated

63. While teaching a client about their medications, the client asks how long it will take before the effects of lithium take place. What is the best response of the nurse?
A) Immediately
B) Several days
C) 2 weeks
D) 1 month

64. The nurse is caring for a 12 year-old with an acute illness. Which of the following indicates the nurse understands common sibling reactions to hospitalization?
A) Younger siblings adapt very well
B) Visitation is helpful for both
C) The siblings may enjoy privacy
D) Those cared for at home cope better

65. Following a cocaine high, the user commonly experiences an extremely unpleasant feeling called
A) Craving
B) Crashing
C) Outward bound
D) Nodding out

66. One reason that domestic violence remains extensively undetected is
A) Few battered victims seek medical care
B) There is typically a series of minor, vague complaints
C) Expenses due to police and court costs are prohibitive
D) Very little knowledge is currently known about batterers and battering relationships

67. When making a home visit to a client with chronic pyelonephritis, which nursing action has the highest priority?
A) Follow-up on lab values before the visit
B) Observe client findings for the effectiveness of antibiotics
C) Ask for a log of urinary output
D) As for the log of the oral intake

68. When a client is having a general tonic clonic seizure, the nurse should
A) Hold the client's arms at their side
B) Place the client on their side
C) Insert a padded tongue blade in client's mouth
D) Elevate the head of the bed

69. The nurse is teaching a client with dysrhythmia about the electrical pathway of an impulse as it travels through the heart. Which of these demonstrates the normal pathway?
A) AV node, SA node, Bundle of His, Purkinje fibers
B) Purkinje fibers, SA node, AV node, Bundle of His
C) Bundle of His, Purkinje fibers, SA node , AV node
D) SA node, AV node, Bundle of His, Purkinje fibers

70. Clients with mitral stenosis would likely manifest findings associated with congestion in the
A) Pulmonary circulation
B) Descending aorta
C) Superior vena cava
D) Bundle of His

71. In assessing the healing of a client's wound during a home visit, which of the following is the best indicator of good healing?
A) White patches
B) Green drainage
C) Reddened tissue
D) Eschar development

72. The nursing intervention that best describes treatment to deal with the behaviors of clients with personality disorders include
A) Pointing out inconsistencies in speech patterns to correct thought disorders
B) Accepting client and the client's behavior unconditionally
C) Encouraging dependency in order to develop ego controls
D) Consistent limit-setting enforced 24 hours per day

73. A client has received her first dose of fluphenazine (Prolixin) 2 hours ago. She suddenly experiences torticollis and involuntary spastic muscle movement. In addition to administering the ordered anticholinergic drug, what other measure should the nurse implement?
A) Have respiratory support equipment available
B) Immediately place her in the seclusion room
C) Assess the client for anxiety and agitation
D) Administer prn dose of IM antipsychotic medication

74. The nurse asks a client with a history of alcoholism about the client’s drinking behavior. The client states "I didn’t hurt anyone. I just like to have a good time, and drinking helps me to relax." The client is using which defense mechanism?
A) Denial
B) Projection
C) Intellectualization
D) Rationalization

75. The nurse is teaching a smoking cessation class and notices there are 2 pregnant women in the group. Which information is a priority for these women?
A) Low tar cigarettes are less harmful during pregnancy
B) There is a relationship between smoking and low birth weight
C) The placenta serves as a barrier to nicotine
D) Moderate smoking is effective in weight control

76. The nurse is caring for a client with end stage renal disease. What action should the nurse take to assess for patency in a fistula used for hemodialysis?
A) Observe for edema proximal to the site
B) Irrigate with 5 mls of 0.9% Normal Saline
C) Palpate for a thrill over the fistula
D) Check color and warmth in the extremity

77. Which therapeutic communication skill is most likely to encourage a depressed client to vent feelings?
A) Direct confrontation
B) Reality orientation
C) Projective identification
D) Active listening

78. The nurse walks into a client's room and finds the client lying still and silent on the floor. The nurse should first
A) Assess the client's airway
B) Call for help
C) Establish that the client is unresponsive
D) See if anyone saw the client fall

79. What is the best way for the nurse to accomplish a health history on a 14 year-old client?
A) Have the mother present to verify information
B) Allow an opportunity for the teen to express feelings
C) Use the same type of language as the adolescent
D) Focus the discussion of risk factors in the peer group

80. A new nurse on the unit notes that the nurse manager seems to be highly respected by the nursing staff. The new nurse is surprised when one of the nurses states: "The manager makes all decisions and rarely asks for our input." The best description of the nurse manager's management style is
A) Participative or democratic
B) Ultraliberal or communicative
C) Autocratic or authoritarian
D) Laissez faire or permissive

81. A 2 year-old child is being treated with Amoxicillin suspension, 200 milligrams per dose, for acute otitis media. The child weighs 30 lb. (15 kg) and the daily dose range is 20-40 mg/kg of body weight, in three divided doses every 8 hours. Using principles of safe drug administration, what should the nurse do next?
A) Give the medication as ordered
B) Call the health care provider to clarify the dose
C) Recognize that antibiotics are over-prescribed
D) Hold the medication as the dosage is too low

82. The nurse is performing a developmental assessment on an 8 month-old. Which finding should be reported to the health care provider?
A) Lifts head from the prone position
B) Rolls from abdomen to back
C) Responds to parents' voices
D) Falls forward when sitting

83. The nurse is participating in a community health fair. As part of the assessments, the nurse should conduct a mental status examination when
A) An individual displays restlessness
B) There are obvious signs of depression
C) Conducting any health assessment
D) The resident reports memory lapses

84. The nurse caring for a 14 year-old boy with severe Hemophilia A, who was admitted after a fall while playing basketball. In understanding his behavior and in planning care for this client, what must the nurse understand about adolescents with hemophilia?
A) Must have structured activities
B) Often take part in active sports
C) Explain limitations to peer groups
D) Avoid risks after bleeding episodes

85. When assessing a client who has just undergone a cardioversion, the nurse finds the respirations are 12. Which action should the nurse take first?
A) Try to vigorously stimulate normal breathing
B) Ask the RN to assess the vital signs
C) Measure the pulse oximetry
D) Continue to monitor respirations

86. In order to enhance a client's response to medication for chest pain from acute angina, the nurse should emphasize
A) Learning relaxation techniques
B) Limiting alcohol use
C) Eating smaller meals
D) Avoiding passive smoke

87. The primary nursing diagnosis for a client with congestive heart failure with pulmonary edema is
A) Pain
B) Impaired gas exchange
C) Cardiac output altered: decreased
D) Fluid volume excess

88. After talking with her partner, a client voluntarily admitted herself to the substance abuse unit. After the second day on the unit the client states to the nurse, "My husband told me to get treatment or he would divorce me. I don’t believe I really need treatment but I don’t want my husband to leave me." Which response by the nurse would assist the client?
A) "In early recovery, it's quite common to have mixed feelings, but unmotivated people can’t get well."
B) "In early recovery, it’s quite common to have mixed feelings, but I didn’t know you had been pressured to come."
C) "In early recovery it’s quite common to have mixed feelings, perhaps it would be best to seek treatment on an outclient bases."
D) "In early recovery, it’s quite common to have mixed feelings. Let’s discuss the benefits of sobriety for you."

89. Clients taking which of the following drugs are at risk for depression?
A) Steroids
B) Diuretics
C) Folic acid
D) Aspirin

90. The nurse is assessing a client on admission to a community mental health center. The client discloses that she has been thinking about ending her life. The nurse's best response would be
A) "Do you want to discuss this with your pastor?"
B) "We will help you deal with those thoughts."
C) "Is your life so terrible that you want to end it?"
D) "Have you thought about how you would do it?"

91. The nurse is caring for a client 2 hours after a right lower lobectomy. During the evaluation of the water-seal chest drainage system, it is noted that the fluid level bubbles constantly in the water seal chamber. On inspection of the chest dressing and tubing, the nurse does not find any air leaks in the system. The next best action for the nurse is to
A) Check for subcutaneous emphysema in the upper torso
B) Reposition the client to a position of comfort
C) Call the health care provider as soon as possible
D) Check for any increase in the amount of thoracic drainage

92. The nurse is caring for a newborn who has just been diagnosed with hypospadias. After discussing the defect with the parents, the nurse should expect that
A) Circumcision can be performed at any time
B) Initial repair is delayed until ages 6-8
C) Post-operative appearance will be normal
D) Surgery will be performed in stages

93. A client has been receiving lithium (Lithane) for the past two weeks for the treatment of bipolar illness. When planning client teaching, what is most important to emphasize to the client?
A) Maintain a low sodium diet
B) Take a diuretic with lithium
C) Come in for evaluation of serum lithium levels every 1-3 months
D) Have blood lithium levels drawn during the summer months

94. When an autistic client begins to eat with her hands, the nurse can best handle the problem by
A) Placing the spoon in the client’s hand and stating, "Use the spoon to eat your food."
B) Commenting "I believe you know better than to eat with your hand."
C) Jokingly stating, "Well I guess fingers sometimes work better than spoons."
D) Removing the food and stating "You can’t have anymore food until you use the spoon."

95. A client develops volume overload from an IV that has infused too rapidly. What assessment would the nurse expect to find?
A) S3 heart sound
B) Thready pulse
C) Flattened neck veins
D) Hypoventilation

96. A neonate born 12 hours ago to a methadone maintained woman is exhibiting a hyperactive MORO reflex and slight tremors. The newborn passed one loose, watery stool. Which of these is a nursing priority?
A) Hold the infant at frequent intervals.
B) Assess for neonatal withdrawl syndrome
C) Offer fluids to prevent dehydration
D) Administer paregoric to stop diarrhea

97. While planning care for a preschool aged child, the nurse understands developmental needs. Which of the following would be of the most concern to the nurse?
A) Playing imaginatively
B) Expressing shame
C) Identifying with family
D) Exploring the playroom

98. A depressed client who has recently been acting suicidal is now more social and energetic than usual. Smilingly he tells the nurse "I’ve made some decisions about my life." What should be the nurse’s initial response?
A) "You’ve made some decisions."
B) "Are you thinking about killing yourself?"
C) "I’m so glad to hear that you’ve made some decisions."
D) "You need to discuss your decisions with your therapist."

99. The nurse is caring for 2 children who have had surgical repair of congenital heart defects. For which defect is it a priority to assess for findings of heart conduction disturbance?
A) Artrial septal defect
B) Patent ductus arteriosus
C) Aortic stenosis
D) Ventricular septal defect

100. The nurse is caring for a post myocardial infarction client in an intensive care unit. It is noted that urinary output has dropped from 60 -70 ml per hour to 30 ml per hour. This change is most likely due to
A) Dehydration
B) Diminished blood volume
C) Decreased cardiac output
D) Renal failure


Good Day! Thanks for posting Fumdamentals of Nursing Questiona. Please give the answer of the 100 questions you had posted through internet. What about the June, 2006 NLE questions if you have all of it. Please post it too. GOD Bless.

Good Day! Thanks for posting Fumdamentals of Nursing Questiona. Please give the answer of the 100 questions you had posted through internet. What about the June, 2006 NLE questions if you have all of it. Please post it too. GOD Bless.

Dearest Giver of the 100-Comprehensive Exam,

Good morning, please don't make it longer time to give the answers and rationales, I am exciting and eager to know the answers, please make it as soon as possible, salamat...

Donnah from Davao City

Dearest Giver of the 100-Comprehensive Exam,

Good morning, please don't make it longer time to give the answers and rationales, I am exciting and eager to know the answers, please make it as soon as possible, salamat...

Donnah from Davao City

Pahabol request from pinoybsn organizers,

Good morning to all, I would like to request my repeated request that kindly give the ANSWERS & RATIONALES of the 50 Items MS Nursing Practice Exam?? please matagal na po ito naka post and yet wala pang answers and rationales and matagal na namin ito inaabangan...salamat po!!!

Donnah pa rin from Davao City...

donnah, thanks for the support and conituing patronage of the site.
i'm currently typing the answers and rationale to 50 items MS exam. thanks for your patience.


For those who are responsible of making these kind of effort..
i was
browsing d internet concerning with Nursing Aptitude Exam when i stuck in this site which i find it very useful in my incoming NAT EXAM..uhm ask ko lng po kng wat type of exam they tend to do.. or mga questions, u know :)hornestly ksi gusto koto ipasa.. thanks!! i will appreciate this talaga

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im tin of Faith, tnx for this questions i really appreciate it, but hopefully i can bring it home... hehehehe

Dandang hapon,thanks for posting lots of question bout physc.hope u display more questions..hehehe

those questions that you have been posted in this site really helps a lot in my review. although there is some subjects that doesnt have any answers and rationales. it takes a lot of time ans effort researching for right answers and rationales. may i request too that may you post all of the answers. it will be better if it is accompanied by a rationale.. thanks..and GodBless you all.:)

gud evening.. thanks for posting this type of question, it helps me a lot. by god's grace i know i can pass the june 2008 nle. thanks a lot god bless poh :)

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