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Contempt sought for labor chief after acting like ‘super’ CA

Contempt sought for labor chief after acting like ‘super’ CA

By Tetch Torres
Last updated 03:55pm (Mla time) 10/23/2006

FORMER senator Rene Saguisag has asked the Court of Appeals to cite Labor Secretary Arturo Brion in contempt when he acted like a “super Court of Appeals” by stopping the oath-taking of some 17,000 nurses who passed the June 2006 licensure exam despite a court order that allowed it.

“What did cavalier Secretary Brion do? Indirectly, he has TRO'd [temporary restraining order] this Honorable Court, whose decision he earlier said he would honor,” said Saguisag in his five-page urgent motion.

“He was the self-same person who said litigation took time; therefore, government can just do what it wants when it wants when its acts are questioned. Now this new startling turnabout in defiance of the announced Palace position articulated by Secretaries Michael Defensor and Ignacio Bunye and PRC [Professional Regulation Commission] Chairperson Leonor Tripon-Rosero, supporting the official stand of the Office of the Solicitor-General,” Saguisag said.

Saying that even as a “former member of this Honorable court [appellate court],” Saguisag said Brion was “not like the Chief Justice, who may issue on he’s own a status quo order...Secretary Brion should have the courtesy of coursing his position through the Solicitor-General. Even the Presiding Justice here, he could not thwart a Division's decision.”

Two weeks ago, the Court of Appeals allowed the oath-taking of some
17,000 Nursing board passers and a retake by over 1,000 others who had passed after the PRC recomputed the scores amid allegations then of a leakage of some of the questions.

"Secretary Brion has done far more harm than the cheaters -- whoever they are -- have done, by having the world see us as a society without predictability, stability and coherence -- hallmarks of a mature legal system," said Saguisag who represents a group of nursing students who passed the recent licensure exams.


rene saguisag is stupid....brion is trying to solve the problem...and saguisag is trying to make money out of this problem...

whoever is more stupid? the one trying to prolong the agony of the families of board passers or the one who is telling the truth?

saguisag was right, brion acted like his powers are over and above the powers of CA!

now he is asking us to calm down?!!! for christ's sake!!!


Brion is part of the problem. He wants retake without considering at all the grounds for no retake, especially for test 3 which should be either without retake or with retake of 20 questions only, corresponding to the leaked questions.

When the 60-day TRO was issued, it was enforceable right away. When it ended, the lack of prohibition should be enforceable right away, too, if there is no further Court order reinstituting the prohibition--and there was none. So why stop the oath taking?

Thank you LORD for people like Sen Saguisag, Justice Gonzales & Sol Gen Nachura!


Let Justice Prevail!!!

God bless every single 2006 BOARD PASSER!!!

Saguisag is just trying to make a comeback in politics using the nursing issue.Only a handful support him. The public do not agree that the examinees should not retake. Sino ba naman ang gsutong maging nurse ang mga anti-retakers na mga bastos at walang modo ang karamihan?

Saguisag, di ba lately, di ka na human rights lawyer? Lawyer ka na ng mga human wrongs - Antonio Sanchez, Erap at iba bang lowlife. Dagdag na ang mga anti-retake na bastos. Basahin ninyo naman chat nila. Mga bastos. Kanino ba itng blogsite? Mga anti-retakers yata.

What kind of problem Sec Brion is trying to solve???


He is actually creating more problems by his indicisiveness over the execution of CA order! He's inviting more 'opportunists' to meddle in the issue, again, at the expense of the poor 2006 BOARD PASSERS! When will people like him ever seriously consider the plight of the 2006 BOARD PASSERS????

hey poster 7:33 PM

it's unanimously decided already that this blogsite is 1 of the most visited blogsite by nursing students & nursing graduates alike...

we like this blogsite... we actually love this blogsite! =)

the 'shoutbox' portion here is where we can vent, entertain ourselves & announce impt notices both for retake & no-retake camps! it's actually a 'STRESS RELIEVER' for us affected by this never-ending nursing controversy!!!

if you're not happy here at 'nababastusan' ka sa blogsite na ito... then you're free to cease & desist! sama ka na dun sa 2 BON - cease & desist din order sa kanila) hehe! :P


proretake yan ngooppose..hehe..halata nman..
bsta ituloy ang demanda for moral damages sa 17thou passers,un mga ayaw nito di kau pinipilit.
si kulangot este yangot nga kung ano ano pinagsasabi sa mga passers pati si ang-hit.wg kang magmalinis ah.madame nga cguro antiretake d2 na pipol so? ano naman problem?di gumawa ka din ng site mo..hehehe..
ang mga proretake tlaga mahilig makialam.retake kau kung retake.wg kau makialam sa ayaw.

alam mo kahit ipatanggal pa ninyo itong blogsite na ito... hahanapin pa din namin si 'budek' noh! :P

kahit magtago pa sya sa mars!

solid budek ata kami. hehe! :P

kaya nagkakaproblema ang malacanang kasi like boss, like follower... like pgma, like sec brion...







Rule of law should be followed. If Sec. Brion has a problem with that then he shouldn't be in that office. Laws are there to keep chaos at bay. The problem that this country faces is that too many people follow the law only if it best serve their interests.

Personally, I find it very handsome for a top caliber lawyer like Rene Saguisag to work pro bono for our cause. He is a man to be admired because he is helping those that does not have the means to fight and not because of the money. Isn't that human rights?

Saguisag is Godsent especially when Brion, Ang, Tadle and co. saw to it that we will not have the financial means to pay a lawyer such as he since they denied us our livelihood.

For your information:

1. justice can only be served when both parties are properly represented by lawyers so that both sides can be heard and defended.

2. CA rulin should have taken effect as soon as it is released. Please do your homework and consult law books. It is all there.

Ignorance of the law excuses no one

mabuti nga sa iyo,secretary brion.dapat k nga lang ma-contempt.pakialamero k kc eh.s susunod alamin mo muna ang pinapasukan mong posisyon bago k makialam.AGAIN:MABUTI NGA SAYO!!!BELAT!!!nasampolan k tuloy.

ke pro-retake o anti-retake, sana reminder lang tayo na nursing is a noble profession with communication as amongst its vital tools in delivering nursing service. nursing hasnt reached its present status of being profession without struggles.earlier nurses have fought for what we are today.dissension is part of any group but do we have to resort to personality bashing? is it possible to maintain a decorum expected among ourselves who claim to love nursing in the midst of all these controversies? we never know, this controversy might e blessing in disguise as it forces us to take a good look at the nursing profession in the country. a wake up call you may say.
we differ in our positions in many matters but let us not trample upon the basic principles that makes nursing caring profession - communication included.
just sharing my thoughts for those interested.

Rene Saguisag's services for the june passers are free of charge!!!!

sa ayaw ng site na ito, gumawa ka ng sarili mong site.

Mabuhay si Rene Saguisag!!!

Anonymous said...
Mga kasama, nakuha ko ito sa ABS-CBN Forum. Maramin ang pro-retake doon. Di gaya dito, iilang tao lang nagpopost na anti-retake at parang maramin sila.


This is good for humor DH but seriously, the cabinet used a simple Cost Benefit Analysis and had a look at statistics to justify the retake. This is how it probably went:

What is at stake here? The reputation and integrity of around 137,000 Filipino health care workers deployed worldwide, mostly in the middle east, north America, Europe (specially UK), Netherlands, high income asia, and future japan. These nurses remit an average of $ 2.2 Billion US Dollars per annum.

How much will is cost to fund the retake of 17,821 nurses? Inclusive of logistics, lunch and some pocket money to take home? Less than $ 2 Million US Dollars. That’s quite cheap isn’t it?

What can we further gain with a retake? The continued outflow of approximately 13,000 nurses per annum, in addition to the 137,000 who will get to keep their jobs after a retake. The Philippines will continue to enjoy an inflow of over 2$ Billion US Dollars, which is also increasing by approximately $200,000 Million US dollars per annum, at an accelerating rate. Most priceless of all is the peace of mind that Filipinos will continue to be the most trusted race to fill in the ever increasing demand of registered nurses in the future.

Considering these figures, seems like a retake is not such a bad deal for the Philippines after all?
I therefore propose that we change the title of this forum to "LET'S DO A RETAKE!!! - JUSTICE FOR ALL"""

4:30 PM

Sino naman yung walang muwang na nang-arithmetic na yun?

Yung naka-deploy sa abroad, they are there because they passed the pre-hiring tests (such as NCLEX) required by recruiters and employers. And they have stayed there because they have been rendering satisfactory performance in their job. The present issue of retake or no retake is of no moment to them. I know that for a fact because I am one of them.

What is it that you can'y understand that this is not about how many Billions of dollars our nurses abroad remits to our country, it's about justice, a basic human right that every June 2006 passer is seeking. I don't think the honorable Court would give a ruling based on the basis of how much money our nurses remits every year. I'm very sorry to tell you retake proponents that come Oct. 28, all board passers of the June 2006 NLE will be vindicated. This is the LAW were talking about here, the LAW that protects the innocent kahit ano paman sabihin ninyo, it is duty bound to protect the rights of the innocent and you can't do something about it. Itaga ninyo yan sa bato. So to all who maligned us, called us by so many names, better luck next time. Do it better next time, because no Dennis Bautista, UST, Tadle et al, Yangot and the Baguio braves could stop us from getting our licenses. You know why? Because of the thing we called as THE LAW! Duralex Sedlex!

Recruiters abroad have their means of qualifying exams for us nurses from the Philippines to be employed in their countries. Katangahan ang information na binibigay ng ABS-CBN. There'no justice in retake as we all know.

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