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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

TUCP predicts Japan will admit foreign nurses

MANILA, Philippines--The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines said Wednesday it expects that Japan, sooner or later, will scrap restrictions and allow foreign nurses to come in and take care of its rapidly aging population.

TUCP spokesman Alex Aguilar said the Philippine government should invest in training more Filipino nurses even if the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement provides for only 400 Filipino nurses and 600 caregivers to be allowed into Japan in the first two years, subject to renegotiation.

Despite the prohibitive initial quota, Aguilar said TUCP was confident that Japan would eventually open up its lucrative health care labor market in a bigger way to Filipino nurses, physical therapists and caregivers.

"This is a function of demographics. As the Japanese population gets older, they will be forced to accommodate more foreign health care workers," Aguilar said.

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

PBSN XAT Chat Rules and regulations

Sanctions for violations of Rules And Regulations:

1st Offense - Kick
2nd Offense - Banned for 3 hours
3rd Offense - Banned for 6 hours
Inviter and Ad posters banned for life.

General rules that must be followed:

1. Use of bad words are prohibited.

2. Have a nice, peaceful and respectful chat, if you have other businesses PM the concerned chatter. Otherwise find a chat/channel that suits your needs.

3. No flaming, and ranting. If you're against somebody or somebody's comment, please feel free to contact / message any PinoyBSN Staff. We can't have members fighting and exchange of bad words. RESPECT for everyone is important. If you want to validate something, do it so, but in a nice way as not to offend the other party. RESPECT your fellow members opinion.

4. English and tagalog language only please as the majority of people can understand it and be able to reply on it. Please avoid language barriers.

5. Refrain from using caps, caps = shouting, in case you're not aware of a little "netiquette". You can use the underline word feature instead of caps, if you want to emphasize something.

6. No flooding.

7. IMPERSONATION & using names / nicks of administrators, moderators and other members is prohibited.

8. Posting personal information will be under your own discretion and responsibility, PinoyBSN Team won't hold any liability if something happens to you.

9. Posting others personal information and data will be moderated accordingly, we are to respect others' privacy.

10. No spamming.

11. No ads.

12. No invites.

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