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Mastering ANTIEMETICS : A story towards mastery

This story will let you master all anti emetic drugs that are usually prescribed to the patients with nausea and vomiting.

I created this story because of frustration on how to retain those anti-emetics that are very very frequently asked in the local board exams and in NCLEX / CG Books. Also take note that TAGAMET and PEPCID are antacids used for heartburn that are also used to prevent nausea and vomiting. MAALOX has many many uses, but it is mainly an Antacid. The rest, are intended for nausea and vomiting. I did not include BENADRYL because it has variety of purpose, one is to prevent nausea, vomiting and dizziness specially for patients with Endolymphatic Hydrops [ Menieres Disease ]

Si Marinol At Penny

Inap na Inap [INAPRINE] na si marinol [MARINOL] sa kakaantay sa kanyang maal [MAALOX] na si penny. [PHENERGAN]

Dumating na si penny, [PHENERGAN] na Tagamet-ro [TAGAMET] manila pa.

Zofra ka na! [ZOFRAN] Sabay Compaz [COMPAZINE] ng kamay si marinol [MARINOL] para manampal.

Naubos ko na ang pepsi [PEPCID] dito sa tindahan, Ni regla [REGLAN] na ako kaantay bakit ngayon ka lang?

Honey, and drama drama [DRAMAMINE] mo naman.


Easy lang to remember no? Hayyyy... atleast wala ng magkakamali. Tinanong sa exam yang Zofran na yan pati yang Reglan madalas tanungin. Kala ko pampa regla ang reglan, yung zofran naman, kala ko yung nilalagay sa fried chicken. Jufran pala iyon.
- Budek

hay nkakainis ka talga budek! baket ngayon ka lang kse nagumpisa magpost post ng ganito no! hihihihi... tenkyu!!!! izzi

toxic kasi izzi yung leakage news eh.. :p

nakakatuwa naman to budek, hangkyut tandaan!;p

wow galing mo. thank you for this.

Master Budek thank you very much, it helps me a lot... sana ung 71% ko last June maging atleast 75% na this coming december... God Bless poh and don't stop helping future nurses like me... *bea*

its nice to have a certain story about everything u want to know..mapadali maalala.. hehe.. nice one budek! ^_^

tnx for the story budek...

another excellent story! thank you! :p its very helpful! :p

hi budek....isa kang tunay na henyo...---sdcas

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