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Need Your Help

Hi Guys,

Well first of all we would like to thank you for your continuous patronage to PINOY BSN. In our efforts to make the site more interesting and informative I would like to ask help from you guys.

Nars Budek does a great job of placing the latest news and helpful reviews for the different nursing subject areas so I could leave that to her and maybe just add if I see something.

I was thinking if you guys actually wanted me to place an area or post helpful informations in terms of applying abroad or basically just giving out infomations about the different international requirements and informations on the different exams. I think this can be my main contribution for the site.

Let me know guys if I should go on with this idea by placing comments.

I would like to hear from you and God Bless!

that would be of great help especially to us, june examinees. at least may magandang balita para mabuhayan kami ng pag-asa at hindi laging nanggagalaiti sa galit sa aming mga nababasa. GOD Bless you..

- an examinee from pangasinan -

tuloy pa din sana pagbigay nyo ng latest info, review materials at siyempre regarding work abroad kasi ito naman talaga target of most nurses. keep up the good work!!!

just post wotever is helpful gurl... any contribution whether about work, updates or anythin abt nursing :-)

sure. anything that can help us land a job abroad. i'm glad to know someone is willing to help. thanx in advance! God bless!

the intention is good but you have to ensure that no erroneous information is posted.

always verify the information from the source and don't rely on mere "my friend who is a nurse in the US told me.."

they may be in the US working as a nurse but they may have obsolete information.

information must be obtained directly from CGFNS, IELTS, NCSBN.

its ok for our good naman eh

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