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Baguio Examinees Fear ‘Whitewash’ on Nursing Board Scam

Baguio Examinees Fear ‘Whitewash’ on Nursing Board Scam

The attempt to cover up the truth about the leakage on the June nursing board exam, and the “inaction” by the Professional Regulatory Board (PRC) are meant to prevent the issue from tarnishing the image of the Philippines. The alleged reason: a top official of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) is allegedly lobbying for the country to become a testing center for the U.S. National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), an examination for nurses who seek employment in the U.S.

Northern Dispatch
Posted by Bulatlat

BAGUIO CITY (246 kms north of Manila) – The attempt to cover up the truth about the leakage on the June nursing board exam, and the “inaction” by the Professional Regulatory Board (PRC) are meant to prevent the issue from tarnishing the image of the Philippines. The alleged reason: a top official of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) is allegedly lobbying for the country to become a testing center for the U.S. National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), an examination for nurses who seek employment in the U.S.

Despite the move to suppress the complaint, however, professional health workers, examinees of the latest board exam, nursing students and their supporters held a rally here on July 11, braving rains down Session Road. In a program at the People’s Park here after the rally, the speakers reiterated their main call for the PRC to establish an independent fact-finding body to investigate the scam and to suspend members of the Board of Nursing (BON)who are suspected of being involved in the alleged leakage while the probe is going on.

The ralliers said in a statement that they “express disappointment with the PRC for its failure to act on the complaint expeditiously,” as they also expressed fear that the PRC is doing a “whitewash.”

NCLEX-RN testing center

The ralliers said that PNA national president George Cordero told the heads of the PNA-Cordillera and the Cordillera Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing (ADPCN) to slow down in their expose on the leakage scam as it will affect the Philippines’ chances of becoming an NCLEX-RN testing center.

The ralliers’ statement revealed that on June 17, Cordero called PNA-Cordillera governor Ruth Thelma Tingda “to suppress the complaint.”

They added that on June 19, Cordero also called Dr. Mary Grace Lacanaria, urging the latter “to suppress the complaint” and to resort to “damage control” instead of carrying on with it.” Cordero, they said in the statement, warned that the issue of the board examination leakage may – and certainly will – damage the PNA’s lobbying to make the country an NCLEX-RN testing center.

Lacanaria is the dean of the College of Nursing at St. Louis University (SLU) and the president of the ADPCN. Cordero allegedly offered her a position in his nursing school, but she turned it down.

Lacanaria and Tingda are among those who joined as intervenors in the complaint against the leakage that was filed before the PRC.

Move to whitewash complaint

Standing on their grounds against the leakage, 92 board examinees in this city filed their complaint at the PRC-CAR office on June 21. They claimed that leakage on Sets III and V of their examinations, numbering “more or less 50 questions” benefited examinees/reviewees from the Gapuz review center but 119 leaked questions benefited another review school.

On June 28, 425 professional nurses joined the complainants through an intervention they filed at the PRC national office.

It was learned that the common calls of the complainants and intervenors are the immediate convening of an independent fact finding committee (IFFC) to investigate the leakage; to file the necessary administrative and criminal charges against those who are responsible; and put on preventive suspension all members of the Board of Nursing (BON) while the investigation is going on.

The intervenors and their counsels found out, when they filed their intervention on June 28, that the PRC national legal and records divisions have no records on the complaint filed on June 21.

They also found out that the PRC national and its regional office issued contradicting statements as to the creation of the committee. They claimed that lawyer Senando Esteban of PRC-CAR told them on June 30 that the committee would be created, to be headed by lawyer Renato Valdecantos, a PRC Commissioner.

In their talk with Valdecantos on July 3, he allegedly admitted to them that he is the head of the committee with all members from the PRC; and that there is an on-going investigation with the Board of Nursing not related to the leakage. He also retracted his earlier statement to them that there was a committee created to investigate the leakage, as the complaint is still with the Legal Division.

These contradictory statements from PRC officials “give enough reason for them to claim that the PRC’s actions are tainted with intentions to railroad and whitewash the complaint,” the intervenors and complainants said in their July 11 statement.

They are pushing for an independent committee. The members of the committee should not be from the PRC, as they allegedly showed their bias. Nordis learned from the lawyers of the complainants/intervenors that the committee was already created composed by members coming from the PRC.

Independent members of the committee should be reputable members of the ADPCN, a nurse, representative of health non-government organization, and from the National Bureau of Investigation, PRC and Commission on Higher Education, said Cheryll Daytec-Yangot, a counsel of the complainants/intervenors in an interview.

“Suspend BON!”

Lacanaria and Tingda, in an earlier press conference, said that the Board of Nursing prepares the questions for, and administers the nursing licensure examination.

The Board, they said, has “all the privileges related to the exam,” including access to the questionnaires. And two of its members were allegedly involved in the scam.

The ralliers alleged that before the nursing board exams were given on June 11 to 12, two members of the Board and Cordero traveled to Switzerland.

Reliable sources said that the travel was irregular under the circumstances. Not only because the examinations were then approaching but also because Cordero operates a nursing school and a review center, aside from the fact that one of his children was set to take the board examinations.

Twenty-two deans and examinees met with Cordero on June 10. In that meeting, Cordero allegedly leaked board examination questions, the complainants said in their statement.

While they call for the suspension of the Board to prevent it from influencing the investigation, they wonder why Valdecantos conducts back-door talks with the body – two of whose members are alleged to have been involved in the scam.

“Is there a conspiracy between these offices?” asked one examinee in the July 11 rally.

In an earlier update from the PRC, insiders said they will be filing administrative cases against the two Board members whom they declined to name for now.

Uncovering, remedying

The interested parties are also pushing for a congressional inquiry – particularly a Senate investigation – in aid of legislation.

Kissack Gabaen, counsel for the complainants and intervenors, said the legislative inquiry will serve as a venue not only to unmask the extent of the scam but also to come up with appropriate legislation to determine which agency should have jurisdiction over scams like the alleged leakage.

He explained that there is a gray area as to what office has jurisdiction over the scam. He clarified that the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) has jurisdiction over nursing students and the PRC over professional nurses. “How about in between these stages?” he asked. This could be addressed by the inquiry to come-up with appropriate legislation, he said.

He believes however, that those linked to the scam would do everything to suppress the revelation of the truth.

Nordis tried to interview Cordero to get his side on the issue, but he could not be reached. In an interview over ABS-CBN, however, he denied the allegations against him.

Northern Dispatch / Posted by Bulatlat

FYI: yung dean ng SLU, si laceneria ba yun.. May review center din sya sa baguio. kaya sya aggresive jan sa leakage na yan ay dahil ndi sya naaawa sa mga students, kundi dahil sa review center nya.. wala ng mageenroll sa review center nya kung mataas yung ratings ng gapuz. kaya ganun. ndi yata nabiyayaan ng leakage. and i adore george cordero, he is willing to give him sa job in his school para sa atin. kasi once na kumalat yan, kawawa din tayo dahil ndi na matutuloy ang Nclex testing area sa atin. si laceneria wala syang pakialam sa mga magtatake ng nclex kasi ndi na sya magtatake, paano naman tau.. lalo na yung mga walang pera at gustong iangat ang buhay ng pamilya nya..

anong "i adore cordero" hindi para sa mga nurses ang ginagawa nya. gusto nya lang ma suppress ang issue dahil damay sya dun at ginagawa nya lang dahilan ang nclex para hindi pag usapan ang issue na yan. kasama rin sya dyan na dapat imbestigahan.

nakakapanindig balahibo ang balitang ito. nakakagalit! nakakapanlumo.. dahil sa pansariling interes at pagkagahaman, nasa bingit ng alanganin ang kapalaran at kapakanan ng 46,000 examinees katulad ko. PARUSAHAN LAHAT NG MAY KASALANAN sa scandal na ito!

- examinee from pangasinan -

ANonymous, kaw ba nagtake ng board?! ako mas importantante sa akin na tumahimik nalang, icheck nila ang exam, tapos matuto na sila sa mistake nila. tayo mga nagtake ang mahihirapan nyan. kaw ba kung pumasa ka ngayong board, sa tingin mo ba walang doubt ang kukuha sau. alam mo kung ndi magretake tau, kawawa naman tau, kasi batch natin cheater. gets mo ba?!?!Ang sinasabi ko lang i adore hin kasi ginagawa nya paraan para lang matigil na yang scandal na yan. kasi like now, wala na tayo chance para sa NCLEX. ndi naman kami katulad mo na mayaman para pumunta pa sa ibang bansa para magtake lang nun! Nagegets mo ba?!?! Parang tanong yan sa board exam eh, may friend kang nurse at alam mo na may aids yung kasama nya sa bahay, ano gagawin mo sa nurse, dba kakausapin mo na may aids yung kasama mo.. kasi alam mo na nagwowork sya sa hospital at maapektohan ang marami. kaya un ang tingin ko ginawa nya, alam nya mali kaso mas gusto nya na makatulong sa marami. ilan lang ba naapektohan sa leakage na yan?!?! 91 students at yung dean ng baguio?!?! Eh kung tinigil na yang scaandal na yan?!!? Ilan ang makikinabang?! ndi lang ung mga students na nagtake ng board, pati din yung mga magtatake palang. kawawa naman tau, ang majority ng boses natin 92 students lang. nasaaan ung 42 thousand plus pa?!?!

alam mo john hindi tayo pwedeng mnahimik lalo na sa issue na yan,, buti nga yung 92 students naglakas ng loob na magfile na kaso sa PRC... sa tingin mo ba kung di nila ginawa yun lalabas ang katotohanan.... may point si cordero na wag na lang ilabas yung issue dahil tayo ang unang apektado.....pero paano yung katotohanan... di rin natin alam kung yun nga ang tunay nyang dahilan para sa NCLEX... paano pala kung pansarili lang.... AT GUSTO MO MANAHIMIK NA LANG AT ICHECK NA LANG YUNG TEST PAPER NATIN... SA TINGIN MO BA BA DI KA APEKTADO KUNG SAKALING MATAAS ANG PASSING RATE.... APEKTADO TAYUNG LAHAT....ANG IMPORTANTE NGAYUN MANALANGIN NA LANG TAYO NA SANA MAGING MAAYOS ANG LAHAT... GUDLUCK SA ATING LAHAT

alam mo anonymous, ndi ba mas maganda hintayin ang result bago magreklamo! Tingnan mo tuloy tumagal tuloy ang paglabas ng result. ndi ba nila pwede gawin yun after ng exam results?!?! 92 lang sila, paano naman kami, na gusto malaman ang result. ate gusto makaalis agad ng ibang bansa para makatulong sa pamilya namin?! Bakit sa tingin mo ba yung 92 students na yun tlgang kusang loob nila na magprotesta. pustahan tau may sumolsol jan.. SI dean lacanaria, may review center yan. bka yung mga reviewee nya nagreklamo kasi bakit yung review center nya walang leakage. alam mo sariling intention yan. kawawa yung 92 students. ginamit sila para lang sa sariling intention. Yun ang ikinagagalit ko.. Ako mas gusto ko panigan ang 42,000 na ndi nagrreklamo kaysa sa 92 students na nagpagamit lang.

may mga taong bulag kahit dilat ang mata...

sometimes we nid to close our eyes to think!

may ,mga taong tinatalian sariling kamay at paa...

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