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PRC Leakage update : NO RETEST

PRC Leakage update : NO RETEST
By Budek

According to credible sources, PRC nulled NP V and some items in NP III where the leakage questions was found.

PRC promised that results will be released a week from now and according the commission, The 2 BON officials are already forwarded for further investigation of the NBI.

RA Gapuz Review center was not included in the PRC recommendation.

the 91 nursing students and their counsels refuses to cooperate until the PRC created an independent body for the investigation.

However, Students are still alarmed because of the incident. Many are quite not SURE how accurate the nullification of questions are and if PRC thoroughly investigated the matter and no other leaked questions was overlooked.

Students demands the naming of the 2 BON officials, but PRC refuses to do so and gave the responsibility to the NBI.

Although the talk of the town insists the these 2 BON officials were *!#@#$@ and %#$#@!. only time will tell.


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