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Education programs obsolete, Ched says

Education programs obsolete, Ched says
By Florante S. Solmerin

The Commission on Higher Education is set to revamp the government’s education program to solve what it called the great divide between available jobs and recent graduates.

“It will be a major revamp. We see that programs today are not effective anymore,” Dr. Carlito Puno, commission chairman, said in a press conference last Monday.

In the next four years, the country will need 40,000 education graduates, Puno said.

“But our colleges and universities will be producing 350,000 [education] graduates. Where will we place the 300,000? That is the reason why a lot of them go to Hong Kong and the Middle East to work as domestic helpers,” he said.

The same holds true for graduates of business and medical courses, Puno added.

“We will have to address this problem. This is what is causing the braindrain [migration of workers], underemployment and unemployment,” he explained.

“One issue is, is it brain drain or brain gain? They leave the country, and the country gains a lot of dollars. But that’s not our problem. Our problem is to address the mismatch between what the industries need and what our colleges and universities are producing.”

Puno cited one solution to address the growing problem: Redirect the course preferences of high school graduates.

“What is happening is that high school graduates select courses based on what their peers choose. [If not due to peer pressure], they choose courses on what their parents say so,” Puno pointed out.

From Manila Standard Today

education programs have been obsolete since after marcos.. duh!!!

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