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A message from gapuz supporters ... and hater.

FROM : Gapuz Supporter [ANONYMOUS]

I had been reading/watching the news about the ALLEGED leakage where RA Gapuz Review Center is now involved in. I have to make it clear that I am not in any way connected with the Review Center nor am I a reviewee therein. I am a government employee here in the City of San Fernando, La Union and I hope to share my piece on the matter.

I just feel that it is not fare to typecast or brand the reviewees of the said review center as “cheaters”. The stories about them are mere allegations which are not founded on facts but merely on hearsay. Not a scintilla of evidence has been presented to support such allegations and hearsay is not admissible in evidence in any court. Unless the root of all the rumors would bravely come out and prove such allegations with evidence that leaves no doubt in the mind of the most prudent man, only then that such stories shall be vindicated. But I am quick to say that be that as it may, I believe that the reviewees/examinees of the said review center should be afforded a fair chance for they are merely victims of circumstance. They had their review therein for different reasons known only to them, unaware of this ordeal that they may face. If indeed, hypothetically, there was a leakage involving the review center, then we should not be so fast in pointing fingers to the poor reviewees simply because they may have friends, board mates or relatives who may have benefited therefrom in one way or another. Short of saying that had there actually been any leakage or tips, human nature dictates that it may have not been confined within the four corners of the review center. Hence, fingers should not be pointed solely to the poor reviewees. No one really knows who cheated or not.. We cannot point to anyone in particular who did well because of any leakage or because of their own perseverance.

If my memory serves me right, Bar examinees in 2004 have undergone the same ordeal. And I must say that the situation was dealt with fairly by the proper authorities. They have nullified the result of the Mercantile Law Exam due to alleged leakage prior to the exam. I say it was just and fair to do the same as they have not given weight on the scores in Mercantile Law Exam for the computation of the final rating of all the examinees. This is because no one knows who cheated or not.

As I write this letter, the result of the Nursing Board Exam may be out soon. It is my hope that all examinees be given fair chance for they had the best intentions in taking the exam. They wanted to pass the board exam to be able to provide for the needs of their families and help their parents, as well. Let us not be judgmental and point an accusing finger to anyone. All we have to do is search within ourselves and reflect on how we may be able to become better persons… better citizens

FROM : Gapuz Supporter II [ANONYMOUS]

sana wag nyo nman lahatin ang mga gapuz reviewees. hindi nman lhat kasali sa leakage n yan (kung 22ong meron man), particularly sa school nmin. our school didnt scheduled us for the last minute prep of gapuz but instead our last 3 days were scheduled at the PICC forum tent for the last minute prep of east west.

furthermore, during the last day we spent most of our time praying, asking for God's guidance. in fact most of us 3x ngcmba, 1st one was in the morning at the east west last minute prep, 2nd a visit at malate church, and lastly before dinner at our hotel. we've prepared not only physically, emotionally, intellectually but also spiritually because we believe that all of our hard work will be nothing if God is not with us. so don't blab about how hard you've prepared for the exam, or even tel us how much time and money you've spent... HINDI LANG KAYO ANg NGHIRAP NOH! ngtiis kaming tumira ng malayo, away from our parents/families just to prepare.

so stop saying bad things about the gapuz reviwees bacause you dont know what we have been through, you dont know our individual stories. you know what? you're always blaming others for the bad things that are happening right now, you're always pointing on the other direction.

but remember when you point 1 finger to others, you're pointing 3 fingers back to you. besides, pinapahiya nyo lng ang mga sarili nyo sa ginagawa nyong pagmumura, maninisi... para tuloy wala kayong natutuhan sa nursing ethics or natutuhan nyo nga but your not putting it into practice. gusto nyong pumasa sa board (sabagay sino bang ayaw) but your acting like unprofessionals.

look, hindi ako nkikipag away dito at lalong hindi ko pinagtatanggol ang GApuz rvw center, paki ko sa kanila, mas concern ako sa mga co-rvwees ko dhil they have everything to lose dhil gapuz ang nilagay nilang rvw center sa papers nila... n kahit deserving tlaga silang pumasa, ntatakpan nman cla ng controversy and i'm just trying to clear up things, especially dun sa mga nagsasabing kung may magreretake ung mga gling RAgapuz nlng or dun sa mga nagsasabing sana bumagsak ang mga taga gapuz or n hindi sila mgiging competent nurse. grabe gnyan nman kyong makapagsalita... AND I THINK YOU OWE US AN APOLOGY!

From Gapuz Hater : [ANONYMOUS]


------ End Of Message ------

Budek comments : Hindi ko mapigilang mangiti sa message na gapuz hater. Iniimagine ko kasi sinusunog mga taga PRC at si gapuz ay nakabiting patiwarik.

hay naku.. eto lang masasabe ko.. mahirap magbintang... ska tayo manghusga once we find out kung sino talga ang culprit :-)

di mo kasi alam talaga kung sinong nagsasabi ng totoo eh...

for those who don't wanna believe...kung kayo mismo makakita ng leakage na yun baka hindi nu mapatawad mga gumamit nun knowing that you've done all your best during the exam and without using that leakage...malamang magwawala ka at sasabihin mo pa rin na unfair..kami nga sana hindi na lang namin nakita ang leakages at least bumagsak man kami eh matatanggap pa namin pero knowing at mismo na witnessed namin ung leakages parang mahirap tanggapin na kami nadehado at yung iba pumasa lang dahil dun at ang masakit pa most of them were bragging about the said leakages even telling us na napakasisiw lang ng exam....wew..!!! while us sweat it all out during the board..hay life!! Well the Lord is not sleeping and we are confident that God will still blessed the honest...


1> i study 4 years to get my BSN which includes, 2 english subjects, i believe..
2> same concepts over & over
3> yet, i feel like i "need" to review..
4> shit hits the fan at PRC
5> i know, lets blame gapuz!
6> students suffer the brunt of the issue
7> lets rally!
8> lets sue!
9> A sez this
10> B sez otherwise
11> lets ask god for help
12> God sez; "what?! people are dying in africa!"
13> Truth is still shackled while i waste time typing this.. hay, life..

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