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Kawawa ang mga nag-aaral ng nursing, sobrang napakahina na ng kanilang pinag-aaralan - CHEd Advisers

7 CHED advisers quit over poor nursing education

SEVEN officials of the Commission on Higher Education Technical Committee on Nursing Education resigned yesterday due to alleged disagreement with CHED on upholding the quality of nursing education in the country.

They were Dr. Fely Marilyn Lorenzo, director, Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies; Dr. Carmelita Divinagracia, president, Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing; Dr. Remedios Fernandez, Board of Nursing member of the Professional Regulation Commssion; Amelia Rosales, former chief nurse of the Makati Medical Center; Zylma Sanchez, former chairman of BON-PRC and administrator of Philippine Heart Center; Ma. Rita Tamse, assistant director for Patient Care Services of the Philippine General Hospital and Glenda Vargas, dean, University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing.

The seven officials yesterday submitted their resignation letters to Dr. Carlito Puno, chairman of CHED in Pasig City.

“Kawawa ang mga nag-aaral ng nursing, sobrang napakahina na ng kanilang pinag-aaralan,” the group said.

Lorenzo said they feel they no longer have the support of the CHED commissioner and some regional directors in upholding the quality of nursing education in the country.

“Sa totoo lang, kulang na kulang ang pinag-aralan ng mga nurses natin dito kung ihahambing sa ibang bansa,” they said.

Reliable sources said at least 470 nursing schools were affected by the resignation of the officials.

The groups claimed that the CHED, instead of implementing its memos and resolutions, bowed to political pressures and economic interests, sacrificing the quality of nursing education.

They said until now, no poorly peforming nursing schools have been closed while others operate without base hospitals and use secondary hospitals instead.

Peoples Journal
7/8/2006 20:02 PM

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CHED nursing panel quits, cites lack of will

inang ko po! partly pwedeng sabihin naten na hindi ganun kacompetent yung mga student naten dito sa pinas... pero, u know hu is to blame?.... hmnnn.. sa skul namen, puro tamaditis yun mga teacher namen... hindi ko nga maintindihan kung pano sila nakapasa sa nursing bpard exam noon... naiisip ko minsan tuloy na true or false lang ang board ex noon... or probably, talgang very complacent lang yung mga teachers ngayon... at wala talga sa kalooban yun magturo sa mga studyante... yung iba namang hina hire ng skuls eh ni wala pang units sa educ... maybe, nagtitipid ang skul... nagtataka nga ko, kung baket ginawang 5 years ang nursing... instead na 4 years... baket ba hindi nila tanggalin yung mga subjects na wala namang kwenta... like STS... yun science and teknologi... at yung iba pang walang kinalaman sa nursing... ska ang CHED.. nagchechek ba talga sila sa mga skuls??? hindi nila dapat lahat ibunton sa mga studyante ang sisi....

Budek... ikaw na lang magturo... eh mas may natututunan pa ko sa mga posts mo dito kesa yung pumasok akong maghapon sa skul na walang ginawa ang mga teachers kundi mag chek ng attendance!

nars budek paki spread naman nito...sabik na sabik na kaming mga bikolano sa results!!! Walang leakage sa BICOL kaya unahin na nila kami!!!
That leakage scam is only a thing in Baguio City and or in Metro Manila. The PRC should be urged to release the results of the June 2006 nursing board exam in the provinces where the board exam was definitely and absolutely clean, legal, and scam-free! Let the result of those who took it in Baguio and Manila be the ones to be delayed and investigated as long as they want but NOT those in the provinces. This is not a missed one, missed all! We have worked for the board exam for as long as a year then all of a sudden it will just turn out the result is delayed or even worse to repeat the whole exam just because of a scam concentrated in Baguio City only!
Especially here in Bicol and other provinces where the exam was smooth and no leakage report whatsoever, OUR RESULTS SHOULD BE RELEASED NOW!

kawawa talaga mga nag-aaral ngayon. kya if you have spare time, take the time to review on your own. nowadays schools are making money nalang. even professors, hindi na quality education kung di bigger profit na ang habol. tsk tsk tsk!

we didnt learn anything from our pharma, kya ngayon nagkukumahog ako. sad to say, our professor before eh nagpapabayad in return for a passing grade...

hindi dapat sa students isisi ang lahat, unahin muna ang mga schools na naghahire ng mga professors na di naman nagtuturo! >:(

yup.. what the educators feed us should be of substance ... remember they are our primary source of information. Trash in - trash out ..

yup.. what the educators feed us should be of substance ... remember they are our primary source of information. Trash in - trash out ..

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