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Council wants exam 'leakage' probed

Monday, July 03, 2006

Council wants exam 'leakage' probed

THE City Council will ask concerned agencies to push for an in-depth investigation on the alleged "leakage" in the board examinations for nurses simultaneously administered by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) last June 11 and 12. This was agreed upon by members of the Association of Deans of Philippine College of Nursing (ADPCN) in Cordillera and the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) in Baguio who appeared before the City Council session last week.

The two nurses' association requested the City Council's support to ensure speedy action on the leakage allegation. "We are confident that just like us, you abhor any form of dishonesty done by anybody else," the groups said in a letter. According to the nurses, the alleged leakage may have been done nationwide even as Baguio examinees were the only ones "brave enough to come out despite and in spite of threats." The leakage happened when the examinees noticed that reviewees from a particular review school, earlier identified as the R.A. Gapuz Review Center, used handwritten "emergency drill materials" provided to them just hours before the exams. Upon seeing the materials, the examinees noticed that many of the questions in the emergency drill materials were similar to one set of the examination. Names and situations in the board examinations were exactly same, the examinees stated in their affidavit. This prompted 92 Baguio examinees to file their complaint. The PNA also deplored the conclusive and "sweeping statement" published in a national daily that "there is no leakage" when no investigation has yet been conducted. "Help us guard the integrity of our nursing profession," the nurses told the City Council. The letters were also sent to the PRC asking for a thorough investigation on the controversy.

(July 3, 2006 issue from SUNSTAR BAGUIO)

Budek comments : I saw a copy of the alleged leakage and the questions are EXACTLY similar to what has been asked in the actual board exam according to my friends whom i asked to determine if the questions I managed to get was really asked. Including the name of the character in the situation. Kung hindi nga lang bawal i publish ang mga board question i would have published it para makita ng marami.

I still don't know though, Maybe I am still in denial that is why i really can't say there was a leakage in the previous board exam. a RETEST, though will be a burden, is more equitable for all of the examinees.

Hindi na maganda yung issue, its already a battle between the PNA and the BON, PNA is still the more powerful body regarding this matter in my opinion because under pa rin sa kanila ang mga members ng board. If the PNA believe na there was a 'leak' I think BON couldn't do anything more about it other than investigate and hold the results further.

The agony however, will still be at the nursing students shoulders.

i agree with you Budek na meron talagang leakage and i saw it too pero honestly i was not bothered by it coz i know di naman lahat ng 5 tests eh meron...but sad to say ito ang kalakaran even before the ill-fated june 2006 NLE...regarding naman the brewing showdown between PNA and BON i dont think mangyayari yun just because of the fact that the President of PNA now Mr. George Cordero (who incidentally an owner of a nursing school and one review center - INRES)is also responsible of putting his own "puppets" in the BON...i dont want to name names kasi hindi lahat ng tagaBON ay hawak niya sa point is, i dont think Mr. Cordero will jeopardized his own interest which in the first place yun ang importante sa kaniya...pag nagkagulo ang PNA which he heads and the BON (na almost half of its members are either kaibigan, kumare, kaklase, o simply nakikinabang din sa yaman niya)eh sino ang maiipit sa gitna? di si Cordero din...i havent seen this guy though kundi lang sa website ng PNA...pero dito sa review center na pinanggalingan ko kalat na kalat na ang kuwentong ito...

Hello gud evenin... Im interested to see the alleged copy of the leakage during the june2006 NLE...

Can u mail it to me pls? thanx... its


Hello gud evenin... Im interested to see the alleged copy of the leakage during the june2006 NLE...

Can u mail it to me pls? thanx... its

Hi patrick...

I think bawal ilabas ang questions until matapos and ma finalize ang ratings. So until then, I dont think i can share a copy.


would u mind of emailing me the copy of the said leakage...want to see it to validate if that leakage was true...Im a borad taker last june11,12

sure vash, i will send sample questions... is 3 or 4 enough? whats your email?

good evening too all!could you plz send me the said leakage.thank you!!

hello!im interesting too!could u plz send me a copy of the said leakage?

hello budek, im one of the examinee last june nle, i heard and partly believe na meron naman palagi, pagalingan na lang siguro kung sino makakuha, nasa diskarte baga, although very unfair talaga, pero if you would see the questions last board exams, ay naku very unfair din ang mga questions, nakakainis lalo na yung sa ethics, napakadaming lumabas na d mo maintindihan ano ba talaga ang isasagot mo kasi it depends na lang sa personality ng person na nagtatake ng exam.( may leakage o wala parepareho lang yan, kung kaloob ni lord na pumasa ka papasa ka, kung di ay di ka talaga papasa kahit me leakage they are saying na d naman lahat ng 500 items ay me leakage...Connie

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