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Answers to California NCLEX-RN Application Questions

Okay I have read the comments in my California Application article and I am here to answer your queries:

You can go visit the NCSBN Review at their website Learning Extension most of their course offerings and prices are there.

In terms of printing the application form you need not print it back to back in separate sheets will do.

I am sorry but I am not quite familiar with the New Mexico Nursing Application. I do not want to give you wrong informations or misguide you since I haven't experienced first hand applying there.

I am not so sure what will happen when you register first in PearsonVue prior to applying to California BON. What exactly did you do when you registered in PearsonVue? Did you pay the registration fee? Because in my own understanding basically you register to inform them that you already got an eligibility from the state that you are applying. Try to contact PearsonVue to know the best thing to do with your situation.

The letter of explanation is just a letter addressed to the Board of Nursing telling that you do not have a license here in the Philippines or whatever reason you may want to say. The important thing is that you give them a letter and some really say that they do not intend to practice here in the Philippines that is why they do not have a license here. So to sum it up, if they do not see a copy of your license this might prolong the process of your application since they will write you a letter telling you to provide a copy of your license or a letter explaining why you do not have a license. So it is important to provide a letter regardless of your reason so your application process will not be delayed.

As for the money order I am not too familiar with the process here in the Philippines since in my case I have a family member there in the US and I had the manager's check done there. You can inquire in banks on how to go about the process and make sure the check is payable to BOARD OF REGISTERED NURSING. Also they DO NOT accept personal checks as far as I know.

First of all I take it that you have not applied to any state yet. Please DO NOT REGISTER IN PEARSON VUE not unless you received an eligibility from the state you applied in. Once you get your eligibility that is the time you register in PearsonVue. I am not sure what are the consequences if you do otherwise but just follow the process. You can change the state you applied in at the PearsonVue website. Since you said you already registered just log in with your username and password to access your information.

Please decide what state you really want to apply to in order to prevent further delays. Changing of state registered will cost you $50.

If that is what the disclaimer says then maybe a copy of your diploma will suffice just wait for the California BON if they will request anything more from you. You register in PearsonVue once you get a letter from California Board of Nursing saying that you are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam.

Well those were the questions posted and I hoped it helped to clarify some questions you guys have. Please email me or leave comments so I can answer them as soon as I can and with the best of my abilities.

Thanks and God bless!

ahm, pls po post naman kayo kung panu mag process ng nclex application sa michigan...

or any masheshare na experience sa pag aply sa michgigan...tnks

Hi joan.Thanks for being so generous about this. My question is that can my sister ,who resides in california, deliver personally my papers to NCLEX sacramento office? Is that allowed? My school is sending my papers to the "nclex P.O. box add" and I plan to ask my sister to deliver my papers to the "nclex-market blvd address". Would that create problems since the two batch of my papers will be sent to 2 different areas? thanks much

I applied for my NCLEX last february, 2007 and received a letter from them last May 2007 that i should send a letter why a still don't have my licensce here and my school to directly mail to them my credentials as a graduate of nursing. I immediately complied with it and until now I haven't received any comment or letter from them.

hi i just want to clarify something about CA-NCLEX. i just recently passed the California NCLEX. the BON of CA sent me a letter telling me that i passed the nclex & they are asking me for US social security number or SSN. if i will not secure SSN within 3 years it stated on the letter that my application will be abandoned or destroyed. what does it mean? do i need to retake the nclex or just re applied my application to the CA BON? pls help.

anyone please post a comment regarding my prob..
my brother sent my application using his personal check in california..what will happened? will the board of nursing send me a letter..3 months had past but there is no letter sent to me by the board..i cannot concentrate on my review classes because of that..

please post a reply!!! thanks

Im leaving for l.a on the 20th of september and i havent sent my application forms yet because im afraid that i might have an entry record there since i only have the multiple tourist visa. Im wondering if I will be ok if I stay in california whil waiting for my papers po. and what will be the step by step process kung tourist lang po ako dun. Thank you. I really need help.

i sent my application to cabon and im waiting for my eligibility, i just want to know if i can take my nclexrn exam in l.a? since i got a tourist visa , will pearsonvue allow me to take my exam in the states? thanks.

guys, read nyo lng 2007 NCLEX-RN
detailed test plan candidate version sa

if i may just ask wat will i do coz i already applied for NCLEX in california last february 2007 but still i havent received my eegibility up to now... i already emailed the board and they replied back that i was made eligible last june 2007, and i can now shedule my exam in pearsonvue... they only emailed me but i still dont have the documents of my eligibility.... what will i do

hi, i just passed my local board dis june and dnt hav my license yet but i will hav it soon dis dec. i hav my application in california already, pero confuse parin asking for ur help what the things to i need to wait my school when will they mail my credential, so, i plan na isabay yung pag mail ko ng apllication ko sa ca, in da same day, para sabay din dumating sa ca bon. is it ok kaya? pls help me. tnx and God bless.pls email me @ or pls post any info.

hi! does anyone knows how to apply nclex in houston texas? pls help me.. i dont know where to start. i just finished my local board last dec 1 & 2. pls help me...

pls help me.. i dont know how to apply my nclex in houston texas. i dont know where to start. ive just finished my local board last dec 1 & 2. sobrang di ko po tlaga alam.. you're help will be very much appreciated. thank you so much! God Bless! =P

hi, im ian..
can i ask some questions..

1. can i fingerprint in regional nbi station?or carriedo manila only?
2. which one will do first, fillling up of forms or submit a request for the TOR in my school?
3. how can i pay the payments?please state it in step by step way.

anyone, please email me in this email ( you can help me with my problem..

i really appreciate the help..
thank you very much..

Am in a dilemma, got my California BON eligibility last October. I want to take NCLEX in calif have a multiple entry tourist it advisable to take there?have not yet scheduled w/ it true that some who went there were denied entry?fingerprint cards we sent to BON are also in computers of airport entry immigration?do they deny entry to prospective exam takers bec we have NCLEX in mla already?kaye

thanks for the info, napaka useful talaga ng site nato....Its been 13 weeks since I have completed all the requirements needed ny the Cali BON, until now I havent heard of them, ganon po ba talaga, wala man lang sila acknowledgement kung natanggap na nila yung application??? or kung may problema sa application....Btw ask ko lang po kung pwedeng pagsabayin ang pag apply ng eligibilty, halimbawa po, naka apply na ako sa Cali then mag aaply uli ako sa Vermont, will that be a problem???? thanks po.

i have a question re finger prints...nagkamali kse ako ng fill up dahil late ko na nabasa ung instruction na abrv pla ang ibang ans dun,di ko pa naman napapadala sa kanila...if ever i ask for another form,padadalhan kaya nila ako and babayaran ko rin ba yung 1st form na pinadala nila kung san nagkamali ako?? tnx so much...

Hi! just want to ask on how to apply nclex here in the philippines... what are the procedures medyo naguguluhan kasi ako eh.. and to what i've read here parang antagl ng process ng mga papers so im planning na magayos na ng mga papers for nclex but i do not how and where to start. Please I need your help. thanks. i want a state that is not asking for CGFNS just NCLEX. thanks again.

[here's what you've mentioned w/ regards to the address in the application]
If you have a relative or family member residing abroad whom you can trust and at the same time ask for little favors then if possible try using a US Address they say that it makes communication faster between you and the Board of Nursing just in case they need something from you.

my question is:
if in case i fill it up w/ an address in california,
assuming that i'll be eligible to take the exam,
would there be any issue/problem that i'll encounter if i'll take the exam here in makati | register/pay as an exam taker in pearsonvue makati?

please do reply..

hmm..just wanna clarify things po regarding NCLEX-CA requirements is it really true that licence is needed?dame rumors eh & i'm sO confuse na tlga..i'm currently residing here in WA but planning 2 take NCLEX-CA but i can't start since i dOn't have my licence..i dOn't think i can gO back easily 2 phil 2 sit the NLE right away..i have all their recquirement except the licence..what will i gonna dO i can concentrate 2 review & i even cancel my review class cause i'm not sure yet if i'll be allowed 2 take their exam..pls hellffffff!

as far as i know, kailangan na ng local license kung foreign grad ka if you want to take the nclex in the US - unless you are a greencard holder or US citizen ka. Actually, kahit pa may greencard ka or US citizen ka, once na makita nila na nde ka graduate ng US ay papadalhan ka nila ng letter at hihingi ng explanation kung bakit nde ka nag exam kung saang bansa ka gumraduate.Pag pumasa ka ng NCLEX and wala ka pang SSN nde mo pa makukuha yung lisensya itself. You need to provide the SSN within 3 years or else ulit ka. So i recommend na humanap ka na ng employer mo dahil around 2 years ang waiting period to get here sa US via nursing visa.

Next, yung mga concerned kung pede sila mag take ng exam dito sa US while on a tourist visa, yes pede. Pero wag niyo na lang babanggitin sa port of entry kung hindi baka hindi ka talaga makapasok. Give a different reason na lang dahil strict talaga.

About waiting time for the eligibility to come out, medyo matagal nga yun- around 3-4 months although, pag retake mga 1 month lang.

Yung tungkol naman sa pag register sa Pearsonvue, makakapagregister ka sa pearsonvue pero useless kung hindi mo makukuha eligibility mo kasi kahit nakaregister ka na ay hindi mo makukuha ang ATT mo. Gets?

hi!! just wanna ask if i can use foreign address in the application for CaBON??? thanks....

hi,dis s joan.pls help me regarding po sa pag-fill up ng fingerprint card.handwritten po ba un or typewritten?am I the one to fill it up or sa NBI na po?My another problem is regarding po sa payment.How could I send my payment to the CaBON?Confused po tlga ako.If isabay ko un dollar sa pagmail ko ng fingerprintcard or it needs a managers check?salamat po ng marami for your prompt reply.

can you post somethimg related to cgfns....i took the exam last feb 27 and i'm planning to apply for cgfns..i'm currently enrolled with ielts which i think one of the requirements needed for cgfns....what are other requirements...and how much should i pay?same type of review ba ang kailangan tulad ng nclex?if you want or you have time to send me an info at my e-add

hope you can reply as soon as you can?fatimanian din pla of the author ata nito is Mr. Jungco?....

thanks in advanz.....God bless u all....>_<

when is your name posted as license holder? i just took the nclx-rn and awaiting my result. i was check the list for license holder on the internet after a week since i did the nclex but did not see my name, does this mean i failed or what

hi..please help. i took the nclex-rn exam last feb 17, up to now magtrithree months na ala p kong letter. cali po ang state ko. yung nakasabayan kong nag-exam after 1 month lang tanggap na nya yung result nya. wat should i do?maraming salamat

hi. i just want to ask something about the registration process on pearsonvue, im quite confused kase regarding sa payment process nila. if i choose to pay them through credit card, since i dont have my own credit card is it okay to use my sister's account because she is residing in california?would it be a problem? cause it was indicated there that the billing address that i have written on my account info should be the same with the address on the credit card holder. please further explain to me the payment process using credit cards. i will be starting on my review for my nclex by nextweek and i would want to make sure that i am registered to pearson before i start my rview. thanks. pls help me asap. God Bless

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