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English Exams

As promised I would be placing here informations on the other exams Filipino nurses are taking especially when they go to the US or anywhere abroad. Like what Budek has mentioned in the side bar I would first deal with the 2nd exam that we should all pass... THE ENGLISH EXAMS.

There are different companies who offer these english exams so let me enumerate them to you and share whatever information I have learned about them from other people and references.

IELTS- International English Language Testing System

As mentioned the IELTS exam has four areas the listening, reading, writing and speaking subjects. The exam has 2 types of modules the Academic and the General Training Module. For Nurses, they usually take the Academic module. Academic module is usually taken by people who have intentions in studying abroad while the General Training Module are for those who are looking to migrate or skilled workers. The Academic Module carries more weight as compared to the General Training Module. I think the reason why nurses take the academic module is because at least if they have intentions of furthering their education later on abroad they would not need to take the exam again plus this is more readily available in the IELTS testing centers here in the Philippines. But it is up to you to decide which module suits your requirement.

The IELTS is usually a pen and paper exam though in other countries they are already starting to also make the exam computer based but so far here in the Philippines the exam is still pen and paper based.

The exam is taken for 2 days your listening, reading and writing test are taken in one day and the speaking test is scheduled on another day. The require score for nurses is an overall band score of 6.5 but for the speaking part if you intend on applying in the US you should get a band score of 7 and 6 for UK. You should not get a grade lower than 5.5 in listening and speaking areas.

Well thats about it... I would post more detailed information about this exam in my upcoming posts and well if you have questions feel free to post them up in the comments section.

Hope this information helps :D

Joan's Notes: Guys these information I presented to you are based on what I have read in different resources (Kaplan, Scott's English, Forums etc.) it would also help if you get verification from others. We aim to just at least give you guidelines and a little background. Have a good day everyone!

i have a question for IELTS... is it true if you have worked for a call center for 6 months you are exempted in IELTS?

The answer is no chris, because being in a call center doesnt guarantee that you can speak english fluently.

You really need to take the written and oral exams.

that's to bad since i has been working at a call centers for many month now. i waste my time for nothings. i have to reveiw agin?

ey george... the thing is... try to go over at different ielts review books offered in "front of prc" :-) check out the exam formats and familiarize your self with it ...try the excercises po. it would do you a lot of help in preparing for the test. working alone in the call center is not a guarantee that you'll pass the exam although its going to be your edge sa speaking portion but then again, that is if your mind is used to "thinking fast"... because subjects can be anythin under the sun... :-) good luck buddy...

@george.. don;t think na waste of time un sa callcenter mo bro... afterall, binabayaran naman nila yung stay mo jan :-)ska.. wag ka manghihinayang sa pagrereview... its for your own gain bro... u can do self review naman...

IELTS added info: if u failed IELTS po... u may have the re-exam anytym po u want... ( policy nila changed last May of 2006 po)

hi there... that is right your employment in a call center or your experience there does not make you exempted in taking the IELTS exam.

Though in a way it can benefit you since it enhances your english speaking skills so you get practiced.

I still advice that even if you do not go for like a formal review for the IELTS like what was mentioned do practice tests for the different parts of the test just so you would know what to expect and not be shocked on the day of the exam.

what if i will take toefl instead of IELTS? will that be ok? kc i hve noticed that most counties are requiring IELTS...

well its up to you if you would rather take the TOEFL because all of these are almost the same since they are all English Test... but sometimes also check what state or country you are planning on applying to cause there might be some states that specifically require the IELTS or TOEFL. So you can base that from there :)

You really don't have to review for IELTS. It's chicken for us Filipinos. Unless you are that poor in english.

As for those who have worked in a call center, IELTS is very similar to the exams given by the prestigious call centers in thier pre employment/hiring exams. Need not worry much. I would say IELTS maybe is just a notch harder as compared to that.

Very informative! Thanks guys!

I'm going to take the IELTS on September 2. Wish me luck!

any suggestion where can i attend a review class for IELTS? really hav no idea..and jst wnt to improve pa ksi. thnx a lot. :)

san po bang review center sa manila na may pinakamataas na passing rate sa ielts.. in other words yung da best na review center. tnx

Im not sure what review center in manila is categorically the best. but if you mind my suggestion, try Speak-well Academy, located in makati. Contact number is (02)8924385.

lifetime ba yung ielts.. may recomended na book para i-review tnx..

hello!Can you please give me a BEST website for practicing english test for ielts or a BEST site for Basic english test.thanks.


yes, can you please suggest a good review school for ielts? necessary ba talaga or can we self-review?

do i have to take IELTS first before the nclex?

hello! may I ask... kasi I already took and passed the IELTS last March of this year and I am about to take my NCLEX-California next week (Oct 8). Is it true that if I pass the NCLEX, my IELTS will not expire? Im quite confused kasi iba-ibang info ang nakuha ko. Please help me...

Thanks ahead. =)

hello! may I ask... kasi I already took and passed the IELTS last March of this year and I am about to take my NCLEX-California next week (Oct 8). Is it true that if I pass the NCLEX, my IELTS will not expire? Im quite confused kasi iba-ibang info ang nakuha ko. Please help me...

Thanks ahead. =)

hi... i am applying for Licensure in California and i would just like to know if i am required to take the IELTS examination? hope to hear from you soon=) thank you =)

i just passed my IELTS with flying colors. you know what? don't waste your money going to a review center. Filipinos have the edge. English is our second language remember? what i did was i started practising by speaking Englist with my kids and i familiarized myself with the tasks by going to the British council office. they allow you to use their facilities (which has loads of review materials) for free as long as you show them that you are an IELTS candidate. and your call center exp will help a lot. good luck


IELTS has an expiration of 2 years from the date you took the exam. Before it expires you need to apply for the CGFNS visascreen.

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