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Friday, February 01, 2008

BEWARE of this SCAM fellow Nurses! An Opening From Jobstreet, Hospice care center. this is not true...

You are qualified for the position of a HOSPICE CAREGIVER / HOSPICE NURSE for Italy! Thanks for your interest, you should attend the LAST & FINAL BATCH for British English Training on February 02 & 03, 2008 (Saturday & Sunday) from 9:00 am – 5:00pm (Philippine Time). Please call us for inquiries at (02)408-4156 / (02)490-7691 or 0915-563-0882 look for Claude Javier, STRICTLY from 1:00pm - 5:00 pm Tuesday – Friday or add our e-mail address: to your Yahoo Messenger.

Very Important Reminder: We will be starting accepting inquiries on January 29, 2008 (Tuesday) – February 01, 2008 STRICTLY from 1:00pm-5:00pm ONLY!



To better understand the process, we provide you with our application


Application Procedure:

Sending of resume thru email for Pre-qualification (done)

Once qualified, you will receive an e-mail message from us telling you

that you are qualified for the position & we will ask you
to prepare the necessary requirements listed below (done)

After we reserve a work slot for you, we will send an e-mail
message to

you requiring you to attend a 2-day British English Training which is a requirement by the employer (done)

After receiving our e-mail message, you have to call us (first step)

Attend the 2-day British English Training, get the required certificate, interview & orientation with the employer & sign the employment contract

After finishing the 2 day British English Training, receiving the required certificate, interview & orientation with the employer & signing of employment contract, you can now submit the necessary requirements

While the documents are still on process you have to get an endorsement

letter for medical examination (your choice of clinic/hospital as long as it is accredited by DOH, POEA & MARINA)

After we have received your documents (max. of 2 weeks after mailing the documents), we will start processing your work permit (max. of 4 weeks processing

After the approval of your work permit, we will start processing your

working visa (max. of 4 weeks processing)

After the approval of your working visa,
Schedule for Pre- departure orientation seminar (PDOS), interview in the embassy for visa stamping, & securing of pre-paid ticket advice

Deployment Date (maximum of 3 months)

If you are interested with the work slot please inform us immediately, if we haven’t received any response from you, we will be giving the slot to other short listed applicants.

British English Training fee is 3,000.00 (Philippine Peso). We will ONLY accept those qualified applicants who enrolled on or before February 01, 2008 (Friday). You can deposit the training fee at any Metrobank Branches:

Acct. Name: Fly Training & Review Center

Acct. No. 007-227-51909-2

Training will be held at our

Makati Branch Admission office

Fly Training & Review Center

Cityland Tower

Lower Ground Floor 19

Dela Rosa St.

Makati City.

Payments are only accepted thru Metrobank deposit. PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO PUT YOUR PRINTED NAME & SIGNATURE ON THE DEPOSIT SLIP & DON’T FORGET TO BRING IT ON SATURDAY FOR US TO REPLACE IT WITH AN OFFICIAL RECEIPT. We will not accept any payment during training days.

Nobody fails the training, it is only a requirement by the employer for every Caregiver/Nurses who wants to work in TRINITY MISSION HEALTH & REHAB-ITALY. Employers are now here in the Philippines.

List of requirements to be submitted after the training if available on hand, TO FOLLOW IF NOT AVAILABLE to be placed in a green plastic envelope:

1. Updated Resume

2. 4pcs. Passport size picture

3. Valid passport (if available, only needed during British Embassy interview)

4. Employment Certificates (if applicable)

5. Diploma

CHED- for college graduate

TESDA- graduates of vocational, technical & other training institutions

6. Transcript of records

7. Birth Certificate (NSO)

8. NBI Clearance (if available, only needed during British Embassy interview)

9. other job-related certificates

Sincerely Yours,

Claude Javier

Trinity Mission Health & Rehab - Italy


our concern friend have reported this to JOBstreet already...

read this link too

Sunday, January 27, 2008

PinoyBSN Looking for qualified CHAT Moderator

PinoyBSN Looking for qualified CHAT Moderator

We are looking for:

1. Friendly chat moderators
2. Will answer the questions of the chatters
3. Will make the room a better place to chat
4. Will use the power with responsibility
5. Will be a good rolemodel for all the chatters

email and answer this question:

"How can you make PinoyBSN Chat a better place?"

Selected applicants will be granted the moderatorship. However, this can be removed anytime for any abuse complaints.

PBSN Forum


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