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PinoyBSN Looking for qualified CHAT Moderator

PinoyBSN Looking for qualified CHAT Moderator

We are looking for:

1. Friendly chat moderators
2. Will answer the questions of the chatters
3. Will make the room a better place to chat
4. Will use the power with responsibility
5. Will be a good rolemodel for all the chatters

email and answer this question:

"How can you make PinoyBSN Chat a better place?"

Selected applicants will be granted the moderatorship. However, this can be removed anytime for any abuse complaints.

gud pm,its so nice to be a part of your chat society,im glad that this was made specially for pinor nurses,i met lots of them but,i noticed that one of the moderators like "newbie"keep on putting me on banned for unexcusable reason!! and i also noticed that "newbie" allows other users to say explicit words... its so unfair.. i hope you guys do some actions right here!! i suggest that we should kick newbie as moderator!! how can he/she leads us if he cant even discipline his members,, shame on nebie!!!

im doding daga,imglad that this chat station wer specially made for pinoy nurses,just wanna catch the attention of "newbie", im only a new member of this chat club,but why are you keep on putting me in banned,, how dare you!!ive asked for your forgiveness but you ignored but insted you banned me.. how come you allowed others to say explicit words??? and you dont even banned them!!! daaaamnnn!! how can you lead us, if you cant even disciplined other members, its better for you to step down... i hope this would be a lesson to all of us,,, FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT!!! YOU CANT JUST BANNED US LIKED THAT!! YOUR NOT THERAPEUTIC!! HEHEHE!

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