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Xatchat advisory

Due to multiple reports of Moderator abuse, banning without sufficient reason and others, The PBSN chat is temporarily moderated by a XATCHAT representative. Failure to comply with xatchat rules and regulation will result with the permanent deletion of our chatbox.

He has the full authority on our chatroom temporarily.

dear owner,

i have been a constant visitor of your site because of the reviewers and updates that you have here. i don't go in the chatroom often since there isn't too much "professional" talk.

i have seen you change the chatroom for like, 3 or 4 times already. the latest one you got, had been "reset" for God knows how many times already.

you also mentioned having certain criteria or a votation for the moderators of this site.. but i don't know if that ever materialized.

what is the moderatorship supposed to be? a seniority contest? a friendship contest?

i think too the moderators should be more accomodating.
they seem to me like MMDA's waiting for sumone to commit a mistake so they can kick em out. it should be like that, don't you agree?

this isn't the first time you had problems with the moderators and i have seen you post this kind of message.

bottomline is.. if you say something about resetting the chat and all because of various reasons, be firm about it.
make changes happen.


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