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Report a moderator/owner Abuse

Please report any owner or moderator abuse by emailing do not forget to put the name of the moderator or owner.

To know what is expected of them....

1. They should be friendly
2. They should follow the nursing code of ethics
3. They should not threaten or coerce any guests or members
4. They should be helpful and accomodating
5. They should not ban forever. Maximum time is 24 hours and banning should always have a reason.
6. They should warn in PRIVATE before banning.

Thanks and have fun :)

As in mabuteh! I was a victim to that too noh? I mean, I know you are based in the Republic of the Philippines while I'm here in the free state and country of New York, USA but both are democratic countries with freedom of speech noh? May time pa nga na pinagtulung tulungan ako samantalang I'm such a nice guy, as in. Inggit lang at wala silang Jaguar. Hmmphh!

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