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The Mysterious Message about the alleged June board leakage.

Reading dozen of forums, I came along with this message. Nagulat ako because I saw the same exact message on MANY different nursing forums, even on ABS-CBN Forum. This is posted by someone under the code name "SLY" Other messages are simply from an ANONYMOUS User.

From : Anonymous, SLY, Untitled

Good day to all of you. I just came across this thread coz i was looking for the updates about the 2006 Nursing Board exam. I took the said exam in baguio but I reviewed from another center. I really couldn't say much about what happened but i can only share to you what I felt when i saw the said "Emergency Review Material". I felt cheated right then and there. I saw it the evening of the first day and I was so disappointed that this ever happened.Let me start by narrating to you what i did the day before the exams. I reviewed even if we were encouraged to rest but I slept early to complete the 8 hours of much needed sleep (after spending 2months of every day 7am to 6pm cramped in a chair listening to lectures).

I woke up around 3am to prepare and was out by 5:30am with my boardmates( who were also my schoolmates) because we were told to be there at around 6am for the orientation but its was during the same time i was told that one of our boardmates just arrived at 1am after being gone the night before because their review center called them in, talk about emergency( this review center is different from the other much publicized one). I was trying to calm my nerves. The first exam started at 8am and was supposed to be finished by 10am, the second was 11am to 1pm then 2 to 4pm although in between was some delay like the test papers werent there yet. Came the said part 3 of the exam, it was hard! i felt like 2 hours aren't enough to finish it but as i was still on number 85 or so, with some still unanswered, someone passed his or her paper. In our room, i was one of the last to pass my answer sheet.

I came home feeling exhausted. Upon arriving at our boarding house, we were trying to exchange answers but i always hear the phrase " wag na kayo magisip baka masira pa ulo nyo pag hindi pala tugma ang sagot nyo sa mga tamang sagot". so we decided to sleep. Around 7:30 pm a schoolmate of ours called me up and said " Ate meron ka na ba nung review material na galing kay *$%#@?" i answered "huh?meron ba?" "oo, ate meron exact na exact ung binigay na situation dun sa exam kanina dun sa nakahand written. Kaya punta ka na d2 para makita nyo" but instead of going there I sent my male boardmates to go see him. At first i said to them " ang kapal naman nyan" "ate tatlo na copy yan" " I dont think na mababasa ko yan. Mabuti pa na itulog na lang natin" So we did cause it was getting late but around 11pm, my boardmates was banging on my door, shouting "ate gising ka" i was forced to open my door and asked why. Instead to saying more, they showed me the photocopied papers and I felt like someone spilt cold water on me. Same situation with exact words of the supposed answer was written on it.This is not a product of our imagination. I saw it and I am very much disappointed. We really felt cheated. I salute those 92 examinees who filed for they are our representatives.

I was one of the unfortunate ones who couldn't go to baguio on the said date they filed because of several reasons I could not share. PLease try putting yourself in our situation, won't you do the same? This is not some boxing game filipino versus foreigner wherein the foregner won and filipino people are saying "Nadaya kasi" NO! This is the truth. Please do not close your eyes and mind, the leakage is real. We are not trying to pull anybody down, we are just fighting for our right. PLease don't forsake those 92 examinees for they are telling the truth.

---- END OF MESSAGE ----

Budek comments :

Is somebody using this message to publicly convince others that there is a LEAKAGE? Or is it really an experience of a nursing student who witnessed the massive cheating last NLE? Why is he/she circulating the same messages all over different forums? Or is it spread by those who wanted to spread the truth... or rumor?

Whatever their intentions, I foresee long days of waiting for the NLE JUN 2006 Results. PRC Said results will be out by July 14, let's see.

some board questions tend to come out in different board exam dates repeatedly.

in the june and december 2005 board exams, gardo and irene were both in the june and december questions.

there is a probability that the names and situation that appeared in the photocopies were previous board exam questions that came out again in the june 2006 exam.

budek....totoo po ang sinabi nya.
we also experienced the same.
tama lang na ikalat nya yan dahil katulad mo, dami pa hindi talaga makapaniwala or pinipilit na wag maniwala!!!!
sa baguio din ako nagreview at nag exam.

you know guys whatever the result will be, whether there was massive cheating or not, iwan na lang natin lahat kay God na tanging nakakaalam ng totoo.

kung totoo man ito at di man mabigyan ng hustisya o kung meron mang gumagawa lang ng isyu o delaying tactics, karma karma nalang yan.

let's just remember that we are nurses, we are handling lives, we are here to render our service and provide comfort for our patients.

i agree with "SLY", i'm also disappointed for i have witnessed the said" emergency materials" during the first day of the board exam. Two of my friends and i reviewed in manila and we took the board in different school venues here in manila. On the otherhand, the rest of my batch reviewed in baguio. I thought i was the only one who witnessed the leakages.To my surprised, even my 2 friends told me that they also witnessed the leakages and their seatmates even bragged about it. Since then, we just cried and convinced ourselves na "Bayaan na lang namin kasi wala na kami magagawa and we did our best at bahala na Diyos sa kanila." Then,something came up again, 3 days after the board exam, my friends and i already have adjusted and again we were alarmed of the reports from Abs-cbn, about the leakage, so we decided to call some of our friends who reviewed in baguio and once more, we were saddened by the news confirming that almost all of them(my batch) got hold of the leakage the eve of the board exam. That's the only time that we've realized na "grabe" talaga pala. We can't help ourselves but cry because hindi pala patas ang laban... but then MY 2 FRIENDS AND I are proud of all our hardships and honesty and nobody can take that away from us... this is the truth and i salute the honest and for those people with convictions to speak out for justice!!!!

I am not one of those people who took the exam but of course am looking forward to take the boards as well.

I agree with what CUPIDhad's very true and hard to believe thou many had said their settiments about the issue.

Lets just wish and pray that in the long run, justice will be serve by being a competitive nurses.

hi budek... hay naku... ako man nagulat po nung makakita ako ng copy ng questions... i saw it right after the 2nd day exam... naisama kse ko ng kaibigan ko dun sa haus na pinagstayan nya for awhile. yun isang kasama nya ang meron so naambunan lang po sya... pero very sure yun kasama nya na yun na yun ang lalabas kse, yung first 300 questions meron din sya. when they check the xerox against dun sa mga natatandaan nyang mga tanong, morethan 90 yun nakuha nya! hindi na nga lang ako nagpahalatang sobra kong nanlata upon knowing that... imagine, 30 minutes inip na inip na syang lumabas ng exam room... pinatagal pa ng 15 minutes para hindi naman masyadong obvious... (ende daw o!)... ayon sa kaibigan ko... galing daw yung leakage sa PCHS... yun school nung PNA President na si George Cordero... so yung mga kumakalat na galing sa Gapuz ang leakage... kamangha mangha... dun din kase nagreview yung 7 kong kaibigan...

I'm also one of the examinees of the 2006 nursing board exam. I'm also bothered with this report, about cheating.
I would like to ask, if you can publish a copy, of that said to be - cheating materials.
Almost all review outlets from R.A. Gapuz here in Visayas and Mindanao conducted, what they called a closed door review, the night before the exam.
So i think, it's better to be published so that we will know also if their cheating materials (as reported) were the same as what the outcome of the exam.
Thank you and more power!!!

yeah, luckily, i've smuggled myself into the U.S. awaiting my NCLEX schedule before any of the shit hit the fan..

i didn't take the local board because i KNEW this was bound to happen..


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