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Nursing "LEAKAGE" is alarming , UP Dean push for investigation

WE, members of the nursing profession, express our concern over the reported leakage in the June 2006 nurses’ board examination questions. It was reported that “the leakages could not have been perpetrated without the active participation or negligence [of any or all the] members” of the Board of Nursing.

We believe that the members of the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) and the Board of Nursing (BON) should be models of utmost integrity in administering licensure examinations for nurses; therefore, they should discharge their duties honestly and faithfully.

We urge the PRC to immediately create an independent body to conduct a swift, impartial and public investigation of the reported leakage.

We also urge the PRC to withhold the release of the results of the board examination pending this investigation.

We collectively uphold the principles of academic excellence, integrity, professional responsibility and service to the people.

We call on the PRC and the Commission on Higher Education, which are legally mandated to oversee and regulate nursing education in the country, to strictly implement the provisions of the Nursing Law on standards for nursing education. We strongly believe that this incident is but a manifestation of the country’s deteriorating, highly commercialized nursing education -- the result of the proliferation of nursing schools and review centers.

We consider this a matter of prime urgency, and we hope that due process will be observed here; and, if warranted, the necessary cases filed against all those who are directly involved in this irregularity.

We commit ourselves to the quest for truth and we will pursue this case to the end in the name of justice and safe nursing practice.

JOSEFINA TUAZON, dean, University of the Philippines College of Nursing and 22 other signatories from the nursing profession.

From Philippine Daily Inquirer

I Believe that Josefina Tuazon should set an example by herself and all of her amigas and amigos in the same profession who are for retake. They should surrender their license and lead the 2006 if not all the nursing students from the starts of nursing licensure exam, for we firmly believe that 2006 should not shoulder the burden of all irregularities created without notice from the start of nursing profession. 2006 nurses are made scapegoat. We cannot totally clease unless all take a bath by way of retake board without exemption of all the officer from top to bottom to make sure that the nursing profession are erradicated of accordingly stigma. Batch 2006 is surely at the top of the ice berg only and that there is surely something more at the back of this fiasco. Pointing there and evrywhere are the works of all politicians, flunkers and other more who wants to ride free of charge for publishing and postering their names for incoming election. Whistle Blower perhaps wanted to be discovered, to become an actor or actress...

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