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History repeats itself : PRC Has it's history of trying to SILENCE leakage whistle-blowers

History repeats itself : PRC Has it's history of trying to SILENCE leakage whistle-blowers.


During the 2001 maritime licensure examination, Former officials of the PRC tried to cover up the anomaly by silencing EDWIN ITABLE. Itable was called by the former PRC commissioner ALFONSO ABAD not to expose the incident to allow the commission to investigate the matter. But NO ACTION WAS TAKEN according to the NBI Report.

NBI noticed a very high score never before seen in the licensure examination. They started to voice suspicion. Itable told the NBI that he knew that some of the review centers has 'LEAKAGE' as well as some PRC Officers.

On July 6, 2001, Itable relayed the information to Pharson Mamalo, chief of PRC’s legal and investigation division. Abad then called him and invited him to a breakfast meeting at Holiday Inn.

But in the meeting, ABAD told Itable not to exposed the 'MESS' as not to pull the PRC down and tarnish it's integrity according to Itable.

Despite of this, The practical examination still continues but the written exam is nulled though, only those who passed the written exam are allowed to take the practical exam [ including those who manage to get the alleged leak ]

After the incident, NBI charged 10 people including ABAD with graft because of the maritime examination mess.

As a result of the leakage, 14 students manage to PERFECT the written examination.

NBI found it WEIRD that ABAD still pursue to release the results ASAP even if issues and overwhelming evidence of the 'MESS'

Because of the issue, AUSTRALIA BANNED hiring filipino sailors.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordered NBI to draw up a STRONG CASE against those who are behind the maritime exam leakage on 2001.

“I am directing NBI to ensure it has an airtight case against the examiners,” She said.

In relation with the nursing licensure examination of june 2006, Dean LACANARIA of St. Louis University was offered a positoin in the board If she can supressed the filing of charges against the PRC, according to her.

Lacanaria said that she won't be cowed, and she will not give in to pressure.

Lacanaria also told reporters that she will identify the official at the proper forum and time.

PRC said in it's official statement that THERE WAS NO LEAKAGE.

The question now is : How exactly will history repeat itself?

- Budek

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baka pinakain lang ng polvoron kaya di sya maka "whistle"? :)


ehehehe.. natatawa pa ko dun sa whistle blower quip, haha hehehe


History is umulit, like y'know, repeat itself.. haha! dudes, the more things change, the more things stay the same, yo..

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