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"Emergency Drill"

This is a post from valerieblue. She attended the PNA-CAR Press conference about the june 2006 NLE Leakage. This is a MUST READ. She posted this on her blog site last July 9 2006.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

“Emergency Drill”

Last week, I attended a press conference in the Philippine Nurses Association Cordillera Administrative Region (PNA-CAR) regarding the controversial “leakage” also called the “emergency drill” allegedly passed around to nursing reviewers of the RA Gapuz review center the night before the board examination day. The leakage was said to have contained two hundred (200) items of questions with the right answers out of five hundred (500) overall questions ensuring the beneficiaries a forty (40) percent probability that they would automatically get the correct answers, assuming they really cheated. It was believed that 2,800 copies were distributed and each copy costs two thousand five hundred pesos (P2, 500). The only evidence as of the time being were the copies held from the RA Gapuz reviewers. It was also noted that out of the forty six thousand (46, 000) examinees, six thousand (6,000) of them took the exam in Baguio but these examinees came from different parts of the region.

The press conference was organized by concerned examinees in coordination with the Philippine Nurses Association to shed light about the matter and urge the public and the media to support their “fight for the integrity of the nursing profession.” The association also reported some developments as four hundred twenty five (425) nurses signed the motion for reconsideration in support for the complaint earlier filed by ninety one (91) concerned nursing examinees.

Association of the Deans of the Philippine Colleges of Nursing (ADPCN) President Grace Lacanaria said that “their involvement in the leakage has something to do with the associations interest in protecting the nursing profession and as a moral responsibility because cheating is something they cannot condone.” Also present in the press conference were Atty. Sheryl Yangot, the legal council representing the nursing examinees, Noreen Dawayen, the President of the PNA, Inc. CAR, Bernon Peralta, the nursing student representative, their colleagues and the press people.

Basing from the press conference and through the investigation of Atty. Yangot, Dean Lacanaria and company, it turns out that the RA Gapuz Review center is just a small fish in the issue and the recipients of the “emergency drill” are just victims of the rampant “culture of cheating” in the Philippines. There was no other way the leakage would have propagated had it not been for the carelessness of the people who prepared the questions themselves. Atty. Yangot and Dean Lacanaria got hold of a copy of the actual questions in the last nursing board exam when supposedly everything was directed to the shredded machine right after the exam. An unknown, concerned person left the former in theHamada building, outside the office of Atty. Yangot, and the latter left to the guard of the Saint Louis University where Dean Lacanaria is teaching. This happened last June 29, 2006, the day before the press conference.

In addition, Atty. Yangot and company also requested the Professional Regulator Commission (PRC) to create an independent fact finding body that will look into the matter, for the PRC to hold the release of the examination’s result, to be strict in implementing the guidelines for the exam and to act with haste about the matter.

I wrote this story because I was reminded that anytime this week it was scheduled by PRC to release the results of last June 2006 nursing board exam. What would happen to the safety of the public assuming there were undeserved students who passed the board exam? How about the tainted reputation of the nursing profession and even the deteriorating integrity of the PRC? And who was to be blamed? Was it the six Board of Nursing (BOR) members purportedly in charge with coping out the guidelines and had it not for their negligence the review material would not have come out? Was it the government to be blamed for the salary standardization program not being able to suffice the needs of the employees that they have to resort to cheating? Were the students corrupted by this culture partly to be blamed?

This is not a mere coincidence. This is not an issue of recklessness and poverty. This is not even about whose to be blamed. This is a long, lost vicious cycle rooted from a bloated bureaucracy and a pre-spanish “culture of corruption through cheating,” After all, was not the President herself guilty of the same misdeed? Nah! I think that’s but another story.

posted by valerieblue at 7:27 PM

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what do you get if you cross a mexican and a filipino?

a lazy cheater!


I think the PNA should settle its own problem first. There are a lot of false info coming out.

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