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Pinoy BSN Blog needs Writers, Researchers and Info geeks to contribute to the blogsite. with over 1,000 visitors daily, Pinoy BSN is indeed growing and I cannot handle all the things in here. The more, the merrier, the greater contribution and help we can share for the filipino nursing students.


You must be a nurse, nursing student or graduate who is willing to help by posting information, news and other things that will help the nursing student community.

Knows how to use BLOGGER and have a blogger account [ ] Dont worry, it's not that hard. You need a blogger account so you can post. Just register if you still don't have.

Eager and willing to share knowledge, ideas, facts and infos that makes the students life easier.

Can make articles that will stimulate and awaken young student's mind and articles that will bring enlightenment to the crucial issues that affects the profession.

Know where to seach for news both local and international related to nursing and post them at their freshest time.

Knows and understands therapeutic communication : never agree, never disagree, don't give advise be objective, ONLY POST FACTS, Never post rumors.

Let other student knows that there is pinoybsn blog to increase the number of visitors. [ Though, the site is non profit and will never generate income no matter how many the visitors are. Our main goal is to HELP, TEACH and SHARE KNOWLEDGE. ]

Intrested applicants : please email me at and tell me how you could help Pinoy BSN Blog. I will send you a blogger invite. A blogger invite will give you the power to post in Pinoy BSN Blog and it will start as soon as you accept the invite.

More power to the nursing students!

do we get paid for that?'s a pleasure of contributing to this blogspot... :) hopefully, i can come up with great ideas to contribute to this blogspot... :)

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