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UK brings bad news to Pinoy nurses

UK brings bad news to Pinoy nurses

The United Kingdom enforced stricter measures in hiring foreign nurses, including Filipinos, due to budget constraints and deficits incurred by the country's health service, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau reported Thursday.

According to the report, the UK home office will remove nursing from its "shortage occupation list" starting August 7.

The new rule on hiring foreign nurses was due mainly to the National Health Service's fund shortfall and budget deficits incurred by other hospitals.

The report said the new rule will hit the private sector, particularly those processing work permits and hiring foreign nurses.

The imposition of new rules came following an immigration order in April that extended the residency requirement of foreign nurses from four to five years.

Authorities are also set to implement their new points systems in the next two years. The new migration strategy is to hire only highyly-skilled workers.

Under the new system, new applicants will have to undergo a thorough screening to secure work permits.

Nurses who currently work in hospitals, however, would still find difficulty in renewing or extending their work permits. Some of them are already looking for new prospects in other countries, the report said.

Most Filipino workers in the UK are in the health services sector.

From ABS-CBN News

hay.... nu n bang nangayayari na sa mga Filipino nurses nagun. Puro kamalasan dumadating.

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