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Cebu-based hospital inks partnership with US-based hospital for jobs

Cebu-based hospital inks partnership with US-based hospital for jobs

Cebu City (21 October) -- A Cebu-based Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital and a California-based Good Samaritan Hospital inked a memorandum of agreement recently for its nurses and other medical workers of the university to work abroad without having to pass through recruitment agencies and without any financial obligation.

The agreement under this program is that CDU will send at least 10 nurses each year to work for the Good Samaritan Hospital, a major research and training hospital in California.

Andrew Leeka, chief executive officer of the Good Samaritan Hospital said, the U.S. has a tremendous need for nurses and California alone needs at least 22,000 nurses. “At Good Samaritan Hospital, Leeka said, 35% of the 500 nurses are Filipinos.”

“We are in need of a lot of nurses because of the ageing population and a lot are retiring, so we have decided to venture also to this. Cebu Doctors’ University has a good record,” Leeka added.

Dr. Potentiano Larrazabal, president of Cebu Doctor University (CDU) Hospital on the other hand said, the agreement is beneficial for everybody although he is “sad that many of our nursing students leave the country, but that is reality. It’s for their welfare.”

Larrazabal added, while the program will result in more CDU nurses leaving the country, he assured though that nursing graduates that qualify to go to the Good Samaritan Hospital will be required to render two years of service at the CDU hospital.

According to Angela Pelayo, GSH director for employment and labor management, the program is initially open for nursing graduates only but an exchange program is also provided for doctors from both hospitals who want to undergo further research and study.

As this developed, the Philippines and Bahrain are in also in talks to send Filipino nurses and other health workers to the Middle Eastern Kingdom. The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said, the negotiations began in January and are expected to lead to the signing of a deal on medical health services cooperation either later this year or in early 2007, the press statement said.

About eight million Filipinos or 10% of the population, work abroad with nurses as a growing segment of the labor export program to graying populations in many countries. (PIA-Cebu)


meron na naman comment ang mga nagmamagaling na deans na yan...

hehehehehe, sinabi mo pa. wait and see nalang. ayaw kasi nila makarinig ng positive news...

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