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Credebility and Integrity (sent vial email)

The statement "Only a retake of the said examinations can redeem the credibility and integrity of the nursing profession in our country" is a very "subjective" statement and may or may not be factual.

Others would say that a retake can redeem the credibility and integrity. Others believe that we, the Filipinos ourselves, are creating the stigma for us to fear. Others would say foreign employers don't care. Others say they care...

Point is... Opinion lang lahat ito. Unless, there is a very strong statistical evidence, maybe conducted by a reputable sociologist - both in local and foreign settings, leaning towards the assumption that a retake can redeem us, I think it is not prudent to say that "a retake can redeem us"... let alone make it a statement of fact in a court of law.

My point... If it can't be proven that the said statement is indeed factual, statistically or otherwise, it should not hold much weight in any court of law...

[The statement "Only a retake of the said examinations can redeem the credibility and integrity of the nursing profession in our country"]


CORRECT! sa ba galing ang baligtad na katwiran na yan?!*#@%

Mahina kasi ang utak ng may sulat niyan kasi wala na siyang alam na ibang solution...

Ang ibang bansa ay hindi naman pinapansin ang problema natin sa Pilipinas, nagbibigay lang sila kunwari ng comments then pagkatapos problema na ng kanilang bansa ang haharapin nila.

Tayo lang naman ang nagpakalat, nagpalaki, at nagsambulat ng issue na ito, then sasabihin natin nakakahiya sa ibang bansa????

Sa ibang bansa pinagtatakpan pa nga nila ang mga ganitong issue kasi mga wise sila pero dito sa atin pinapakalat at pinapalaki at gumagamit pa ng mga warnings or comments galing daw sa ibang bansa for personal interest at personal gain....

Matagal ako sa abroad at ang issue lang naman doon palagi ay Smokey mountain, Si Emelda Marcos, ang corrupt na government natin at economy at mga prostitution.

Ang mga ganitong issue na leakage ay hindi sila interesado maliban sa kunwari magpapalabas sila ng kanilang kaunting comments pero actually naghihintay lang sila ng solution at hindi nila pinoproblema ito.

Puro tayo "Credibility at Integrity" eh wala na ngang makain. I'm sure mas malala pa diyan ang mangyayari kung hindi agad makakapagtrabaho ang Nurse natin dahil sa pang-aabala ng mga retake advocates. Puro lang sila panggugulo, grandstanding, gustong magpasikat para makilala for personal interest!!!!!

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