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PinoyBSN declared TOP 3 Academic Blog Site in the WORLD.

BLOGTOPSITES.COM Now ranks Pinoy BSN As the current top 3 Blogsite this week in the Academic category receiving 9,000 Hits in mere 3 Days. PinoyBSN Is the LEADING Academic Blog Site in the Philippines as of today, Ranking 20th overall in all categories.

We will continue to strive hard to serve the filipino nursing student without anything in exchange with the goal of improving the nursing students and making them globally competitive and at the same time, Building a community of student nurses in the Philippines.

If you are intrested to be part of this NON PROFIT team and you are willing to devote time to share your KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE email with your name and purpose of joining.


Congratulations guyz! Ever since the June 2006 leakage issue came up, you have provided us with the most updated news possible.

Thank you so much for the administrators and contributors who spent their precious time in helping nursing students and graduates.

Now, everytime I go online pinoybsn is the first website that I visit.. :)

God bless and More Power!

kudos to pinoy bsn! cheers!

Naks, nakaka choke up of the best web blog daw ang Pinoybsn. Ito lang kasi ang matino na chatroom na napuntahan ko. kahit maraming pasaway minsan, I met a lot of good and professional people. Im so proud of you guys. This website/chatroom is the only live connection I have to the Philippines.

Congrats guys! You surely deserve it. Your site is a big help to all of us. Goodluck and God bless....:)

hey, thanks to budek & co... we owe you big time... dito lang talaga kami nakaka-vent ng frustrations namin sa result ng 2006 NLE...

aside of course, dun sa mga helpful mnemonics... ang galing! sobra! sana madami pang budek ang umusbong sa balat ng nursing sa pinas... hehe!

keep striving for the best! keep up the good work!

God bless everyone! More blessings...

CONGRATULATIONS to for being the chose as TOP 3 academic blog site in the WORLD!!!!

Truly your service to the community especially in the recent NLE June '06 leakage scandal make us updated on the issues.

Keep up the good work and may the spirit of fairness, balance & transparent views you have will continue to a greater HEIGHTS!


Wow! Ngaun ko lng nabasa to and im speechless! top 3 in the whole world? that's way too far from what ive expected, but not something i would doubt...

i was just an ordinary visitor here before and big thanks to budek for letting me be one of his co-admins! im so proud of this site! congrats to budek, joan, jeddah, robis, brewed, mariz and the contributors!


Wow I just read this like kitchie... this is amazing KUDOS to Budek... you were the one who started this and well thanks for giving us the opportunity in contributing and becoming admins... thanks for the trust...

To the viewers and constant visitors thank you for the support and trust... looking forward to seeing you more here and we shall try our best to give you the best and most updated information and tips...

God bless to everyone! We love you guys mwah!

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