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Flunkers, not cheaters, are on ‘retake’ list

Flunkers, not cheaters, are on ‘retake’ list


BAGUIO CITY -- The local nursing community, including the graduates who exposed the cheating in the June board exams, said the examinees who are now compelled to retake the test were not the cheaters but the flunkers.

Some of the whistle-blowers’ names turned up in the list of the 1,678 examinees ordered by the Professional Regulation Commission to retake Tests III and V of the exams.

Ryan Manzano, one of the Baguio examinees, said his score of 77.6 “was not even borderline,” so his inclusion in the “retake” list came as a shock.

“I was surprised to discover my name there, but the PRC would not tell me how they came up with the list, so I complained,” he said.

The situation prompted the local Philippine Nurses Association chapter to demand an explanation from the government. Vincent Cabreza, Inquirer Northern Luzon


I deeply symphatize with those whose names were published as passers but were later stricken down by the CA after they rejected PRC's Res 31.What you can do is join the petition to the CA pointing out that what PRC did is within the authority of PRC. Technically your case is not a retake but for whatever reason they treated your case as retake. Normally either you pass or condition. Your grade is borderline(say 73) and under the law PRC is authorized to increase this to 75(which the PRC did but the CA disagreed).What iam wondering about is how come 1,186 is affected? I thought it is just a simple increase of the pie by increasing lowest passing from 73 to 75. That is not the case. Most probably it is due to the recomputation. When PRC applied the IBE formula 1186 (despite 2% bonus) failed and 1687 passed. what CA did is to bring justice to the 1,186. The CA did this because they concluded that there is no leakage becauseit is not widespread. What is painful is when your name got published, first as passer then as retaker. You can file a case againts PRC for the harm and damage it may have caused you but as it stands now the most practical course is to take a retake which may in effect waive your right to pursue a case againts pRC or CA in the future. On the other hand you may proceed with the MR to the CA and this may take time. Mahirap talaga, kasi nareduce na lang sa 1,687. Iba yong marami kayo at mas malakas ang pressure kahit man lang sa public opinion. Do not despair,pray and hope that this will be a blessing in desguise. Remember it is not technically aretake, more of a conditional grade. God Bless!

What is PRC really good at....make mess

So it means that the result published by PRC is not reliable. Bakit ganun ang case ni Ryan Manzaon? Ang average niya ay 77.6 pero pinaparetake siya? Di nga naman borderline ang score niya. May mga kilala nga ako na 75% ang average pero di kasama sa 1687. Bakit ganun? PRC has a lot of explaining to do.

Ngayon, PRC will appeal daw to the Supreme Court so that the 1687 will not retake. PRC is doing that to get the sympathy of the 1687 who are now complaining. Pag magcomplain sila, mabibisto ang mga ginawa ng PRC na nagswitching-switching ng scores at nag-assign ng arbitrary scores which it should never do. Baka noon pa nila ginagawa iyan kaya lang ngayon lang nabisto dahil ngayon lang may nagcomplain.

Grabe na ito. We are hopeless.

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