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Nursing exam leakage: a mother’s plea to the PRC

Last updated 02:06am (Mla time) 09/09/2006

Published on Page A12 of the September 9, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

I AM a mother of a newly registered nurse. I was once an instructor and I understand and empathize with the sentiments of the members of the Philippine Nurses Association. But as a mother, I deeply feel the anguish that the leakage in the June 2006 nursing licensure exam has caused my daughter and family.

As a government employee, providing for our family’s basic needs with a meager income is a struggle. We incurred huge debts while my daughter was in school. We sent her to the best school in Manila. Believing in quality education as well as the support of the College Assurance Plan, we were forced to let her continue her studies even though it was beyond our financial capacity. Another exam would cost us a fortune.

My point here is: Conduct a thorough investigation to identify and punish the culprits behind the leakage. The leakage was a wake-up call for education officials. Sad to say, we have always been reactive rather than proactive.

All right, the students are no longer going to pay the examination fees should they be made to take the board exam again. But what about those who are in provinces that are far from the examination centers? Who’s going to shoulder again the fare and the board and lodging of the examinees? And what about the time and the mental anguish they have again to go through as they do their best just so they can pass the exam?

My suggestion -- call this an appeal -- to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is for its officials to look deeper into the root cause of the problem, never mind that such an exercise might be too late. I was hopeful and prayerful that they haven’t thrown caution to the wind by saying that the successful examinees of that June board exam would have a hard time finding a job in a hospital here and abroad. I believe it was too unfair for those who studied hard to pass the exam. Identify those who caused this problem and spare the innocent.

Let me reiterate: Let’s move on to the real issue; punish only those behind this scandal. Let us strengthen the PRC system. Let us examine our values, and inculcate and reinforce them in our children.

I am against a “retake.” I am for being fair and objective. Our institutions and hospitals should exercise prudence and should not be judgmental. Let there be a win-win solution to this scandal, and let that be one that will reduce the stress, the pain and the emotional and financial anguish of everyone concerned, most of all, the innocent.



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