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Anne Curtis: I want to be a nurse

Anne Curtis: I want to be a nurse


The young actress Anne Curtis is aspiring to become a nurse. Not because she wants to work abroad and earn dollars, but "to save lives."

What motivated Anne was the experience of seeing a nurse revive a baby after the little one momentarily stopped breathing.

"I don’t think I will have any experience as an actress as moving as that of seeing a baby come back to life. I think the only way I can have that experience again is by being a nurse myself," says Anne.

It’s a dream she will have to work very hard for to fulfill—and seemingly against all odds. Though Anne is already 21, she is just on her junior high school, having given up her studies in the past in favor of a show-biz career that began in her preteen days.

It’s her fragile looks—an interesting blend of Oriental femininity and Occidental toughness—that have always made Anne a real standout even in her childhood days.

She was only 12 when a talent scout for commercials spotted her in a burger restaurant, just a couple of days after she flew in from Australia where Anne was born and raised. Little Anne did not speak a word of Pilipino.

Her father, an Australian, at first didn’t understand the fuss over his daughter. But Anne’s Filipino mother told her husband there was nothing wrong about being a model.

So little Anne did the commercial--her ticket to show business. Right after played the role of the princess in Viva Films’ fantasy flick Magic Kingdom.

"My first step in show biz was also a moment of glory for me," Anne recalls. "It was such a beautiful movie, and I couldn’t ask for more."

Guest appearances on TV shows followed as Viva Entertainment Group signed her up into a management contract. She appeared in Filipinas with Maricel Soriano, Dawn Zulueta and Aiko Melendez. She tried comedy, too, as a mainstay for sometime on a television gag show.

In 2004 Anne moved to ABS-CBN 2 where she became the Kampanerang Kuba, a fantasy series about an ugly bell toller. Before that semi-musical bubbler, she costarred with Dina Bonnevie, Kris Aquino and Heart Evangelista on the nightly drama series Hiram. That’s besides cohosting stints on various ABS-CBN 2 shows.

Early this year, she appeared with Luis Manzano in one episode of the movie trilogy All About Love, produced by Star Cinema, a sister company of ABS-CBN 2.

There was really no time to go to school in her younger busier years, though there was time to fall in love (such as with Richard Gutierrez and with Paolo Araneta, a son of former actress Maritess Revilla) and to save a lot of money. She has earned enough to buy a sprawling lot in upscale Parañaque and build a five-bedroom, Victorian inspired three-story house.

"I might be able to move in if not late this year, then hopefully early next year in time for my 22nd birthday in February," reveals the still sweet and serene Anne.

"I’m still furnishing it and I have come to realize that Victorian furnishings are quite expensive! The ready-made ones I can’t afford, so I just have them copied," she further reveals.

With her comparatively lighter show-biz schedule these days, she has been managing to go to a regular school.

"I don’t think Nursing is offered anywhere as a home study course, so I am now training myself to go to school five days a week and do my schoolwork as seriously as all regular students are required to," she declares.

Who knows, we might really have a successful nurse in Anne Curtis someday.

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kala ni anne ganun lang kadali yun



its easy to be a nurse..

its hard to be a human being..

Go Anne!!!!!!! Good choice. Kung nakaya namin, makakaya mo rin. Just put your whole heart into everything you want to achieve. i am sure you will be a good nurse...Good luck!

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