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DOJ exec advises nursing board passers to insist innocence

DEPARTMENT of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Raul Gonzalez Sr. urged the nursing board passers to insist their innocence on the exam leakage found in June's licensure exam.

In a broadcast of Aksyon Radyo where Gonzalez was interviewed, he pointed out that foiling of oath taking ceremonies for nurses meant the generalization of cheating which is unfair to those who pass the exams in good faith.

The same day when the oath taking ceremony of more or less a thousand of nurses from colleges in the Province yesterday at Rose Memorial at Central Philippine University, the Temporary Restraining Order from the Court of Appeals came just two hours earlier.

Gonzalez viewed that the oath taking ceremony would be valid depending on the judicial knowledge of the organizers and new nurse.

Contempt of court then, could be filed against the new nurses as well as to those who organized and held the event if the court finds that they has had secured a copy of the decision, which is the main question of the validity of the ceremony.

The court of office could look into the 'judicial cognizance' .

The DOJ Secretary was convinced that only minority of the board passers have cheated./LABB

(August 19, 2006 issue)

..and i believe that a minority of examinee's really passed, too!

i mean, a minority of the 40 odd thousand examinees.. hehehe

correct! the passers are a minority of the examinees, and the cheaters who passed are a minority of the passers, its good to see that there are those supporting us passeres and not passing judgement without due process, i thought the system in this country has failed us, but in some strange way it still works...

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