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Plan to take nurses oaths despite TRO bared

Plan to take nurses oaths despite TRO bared

A PRC report bares that Rey Gapuz, owner of Gapuz Review Center, sponsored the Hong Kong trip of PRC-Baguio Director Senando Esteban in November.

An ABS-CBN Bandila Exclusive

A radio station in Baguio exposed Tuesday a plan by some nursing graduates to take their oaths despite a court order barring nurses' oath taking ceremonies for 60 days, ABS-CBN Bandila reported.

The report said several nurses in Baguio who passed the June 2006 nursing licensure exams planned to take their oaths through connections with Professional Regulation Commission officials in Baguio.

"Karen", a nursing graduate in Baguio, told Bandila that the graduates would antedate their registration with the PRC to make it appear that they took their oaths before the TRO was issued last Friday.

Broadcaster Jun Villanueva of Bombo Radyo Baguio exposed the plot after receiving complaints from other nursing graduates.

"In politics there's already cheating, now we see the same in education. The government should do something to clean up the PRC," Villanueva told Bandila.

The PRC denied the report, adding that it will obey the TRO.

"The PRC Baguio is strictly abiding the rules so we have not accepted any registrant or oath taker for the new nurses," Senando Esteban, PRC Cordillera Director, told Bandila.

A PRC report earlier said a Philippine Nursing Association official paid P7 million to get a leakage from PRC Board of Nursing members who drafted the nursing board exams. The PRC report said PNA president George Cordero leaked questions and answers from Tests 3 and 5 of the board exams to a review center.

Cordero resigned last week after the Senate started investigating the scandal.

Leak traced to Baguio

The owner of a review center allegedly threatened to bomb ABS-CBN Baguio for airing reports linking the center to the nursing board leakage.

Rey Gapuz, owner of the Gapuz Review Center in Baguio, made threatening remarks to ABS-CBN after Bandila aired its report on Monday.

His sister, Mia, however, denied that Rey made the threats.

The report by Ces Orena-Drilon said a store owner told her that test papers were photocopied on her machine a day before the board exams.

"Sabi nung una, punta na kayo sa baba sa review center may good news ako. Sure na sure na 100 percent na ito yung lalabas (I heard one of them telling the others to go to the review center. That person had good news. He said he was 100 percent sure that the photocopied questions would appear during their examination)," store owner Vicky de los Reyes told Drilon.

The report said at least 2,000 copies of the questionnaire were printed at de los Reyes' store.

The PRC said Gapuz sponsored the Hong Kong trip of PRC-Baguio Director Senando Esteban in November, an allegation that Gapuz denied.

Bandila reported that a PRC employee managed to sneak out portions of the official nursing licensure exams that were encoded and printed at the Teachers Camp in Baguio.


Did the store issued a receipt of the said photocopied materials to the Gapuz review ctr? If so, then show it.

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