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Regulation body, nursing board told to stop deceiving examinees

Regulation body, nursing board told to stop deceiving examinees

Officials of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) expressed reservations over the way the board and the commission deal with the leakage allegation that is now casting doubts on the integrity of the June 2006 licensure exams for nurses.

PNA officials said they are puzzled as to how the board computed the grades of those who took the exams. The result of the licensure test was released July 19.

They demanded that the commission issues a final answer on whether or not the oath taking for those who passed the test would push through.

Mary Grace Lacanaria, dean of the Saint Louis College of Nursing and president of the deans of nursing schools in the Cordillera, said in a press conference that they are confused on how the computation of the grades was done, adding the nursing board is issuing conflicting explanations on how they computed the grades of each examinee.

They also support the moves of other universities in the country, which demanded for a clear explanation on how the board computed the grades.

In a resolution dated July 17, the board explained the grades were computed by getting the average scores of each examinee in the first four sets of the test and another average, including test five, which were then summed up and divided by two.

This procedure, however, confused PNA officials who questioned why scores in test five of the exams were included in the computation, when, no less than the board, in its own resolution, admitted that bulk of the supposed leaked questions formed part of the said set. They further assailed the explanation contained in the resolution that "the leakage was not widespread."

Meanwhile, lawyer Cheryl Daytec-Yangot, counsel for the group of Baguio nursing examinees who brought to the fore the leakage allegation, hit the PRC for continuing to accept registration, when the PRC said it decided to postpone it indefinitely pending investigations done on the leakage.

She claimed the PRC is actually accepting registrants for the oath-taking ceremonies scheduled on August 22, adding the PRC and the BON are issuing false statements and explanations. "The (BON) said it invalidated set five of the examinations, but it came out that it actually did not. Also, the PRC said it would indefinitely postpone the oath-taking but how come the registration (for the affair) is ongoing?"

The lawyer earlier asked for the removal of the current PRC officials and members of the board, saying they are no longer fit and credible to man said offices as evidenced by their incompetence to resolve the problem.


Yes it's true BON & PRC doesn't seem in harmony when it comes to releasing press statements.The BON issued a statement the other week in the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the OATH taking will push through despite NBI pending investigation. While on the internet (,the BON announced it formally to HOLD the OATH (when it had meeting with UST, UP & UE academe) until NBI will come-up with their findings. They (BON & PRC)have committed a lot of blunders. I hope that they will be careful next time on their decisions because the whole world are watching us. Have mercy on us!!

Brad Pitt

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