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Speak out: Not another exam

Speak out: Not another examBy Peter R. Jabines III

Having just passed the nursing board exam, I am deeply saddened and angered by moves to invalidate the results and to let us take another test. People pushing for this just don’t realize how much time and effort will be wasted if another exam is done.

We have gone through so much pain and are burdened by this leakage incident. So we wish that the practice would stop. But it is not easy for us to sit our butts out for hours answering 500 questions, not to mention the anxiety and sleepless nights we endured, only to end up being forced to go through the experience again.

We could have already recited our nursing oath or have already been employed had it not been for those who created the mess in this licensure exam. They just don’t pity the thousands who have suffered from this incident.

I therefore strongly oppose the proposed reexamination. It is unfair for us who answered the examination questions honestly and who have sacrificed everything just to pass it.

I agree on you,,,retake is not the answer...there are many innocent who sacrife a lot just to pass the NLE,,,and I am one of those....

Your right!!!It is not the solution to this mess...But please dont ever forget the ones who did not make it because not all questions were counted...A lot could have passed,had they consider all the 500 items...Thanks...

naiintindihan ka nmen,pero remember these kme na hindi nkapasa daw" ay mg uulit din,natutuwa nga kme dhil khit pa ano khit d kme nkapasa' daw malinis tingin ng tao smen"" be fair nman me leakage issue na eto kaya only solutions lahat mg ulit para na rin sa kakatahimik at kakalinis ng profession nten!!! d nyo ba narinig sbi ng letter ng amerca if me reject ung retake hindi cla tatanggap ng mga june 2006 nurses?????? naiintindihan nyo ba un???concern kme sa pumasa at hindi pare-pareho tayo naagrabyado kme d ngleakage binawasan pa ng score??mas unfair smen un?????kung mg raly man ung mga nakapasa isipin nyo mas mdme kme na d nakapasa"daw mg raraly na rin kme!!!!!!!

I also passed the board, although i'm one of those who favored a retake but take note: BEFORE THE RESULT WAS RELEASED upon knowing that there was a leakage!!! so much anxiety...Very few of us complained including a friend of mine because of such leakage it was unfair for us who FOUGHT THE BATTLE FAIRLY..and since then all we did was just PRAY AND PRAY..but since the result was released and fortunately with GOD's help, me and my friend passed...Now we've realized that it would be unfair for us to have a retake..coz we worked so hard without that DAMNED leakage...THUMBS UP FOR THE HONEST !!! SO please stop complaining coz it's really so obvious naman na NOW LANG MARAMI COMPLAIN SINCE MARAMI BUMAGSAK...NOT ALL FAILED BECAUSE OF THAT LEAKAGE...SANA LANG NAMAN BEFORE NAGCOMPLAIN NA KAYO HINDI YUNG ININTAY NYO PA RESULT TSAKA KAYO COMPLAIN..kaya minsan obvious na sourgraping na lang..IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HONEST AND HAVE BEEN CHEATED AND FAILED THE BOARD...PLS JUST PRAY AND GOD KNOWS MAYBE HE HAS ANOTHER PLAN FOR YOU...but for those who failed bcoz they just deserved to fail and complain for a retake..MY GOD!!! MAHIYA NAMAN KAYO!!!! AGAIN CONGATULATIONS TO ALL HONEST PASSERS!!!

ang yayabang na ng mga pumasa grabe. head-in-the-clouds.

NLE is not the only gauge ng US in hiring nurses, we have to undergo other tests as well. If you passed these tests, then malaki ang chance mo to be hired. I don't think ganoon kakitid ang brains ng foreign countries hiring Filipino nurses, na dahil lang sa leakage issue, lahat affected. Not all the 17,000+ passers cheated, why do we have to suffer. Wag naman sana nating lahatin. Isa pa, lahat naman tayo nabawasan ng score because of the items deleted, pero sinuwerte pa rin kami kasi we still passed, di ba? Why don't you just be happy for us?

Anne is right in saying....

masyadong pinalaki ng mga bumagsak ang issue na ito, tulad ng 3rd comment.hello! wag ka ng magmalinis nabiyayaan ka man ng leakage o hindi, pumasa ka man o bumagsak kasama ka sa nakakahiyang pangyayari na ito dahil kung tutuusin kayo rin na mga sumisigaw ng retake ang may kasalan nito...kung talagang concern kayo, dapat alam nyo ang implication nito sa lahat di lng sa 17,821 kundi pati na rin sa mga nag-aaral pa lng ng nursing and to the whole nursing profession.hindi nyo ba naisip na bata pa ang mga lola natin may leakage na,at di lng sa nursing board exam ngyari ito kundi sa lahat na binibigay na exam ng prc at bar exam.wala ka pa sa ibang bansa may crab mentality ka na!selfish ka, no wonder kung bakit bumagsak ka sa exam!

Iho, doon sa nagsabi na mayayabang ang mga pumasa... hindi, sinuwerte lang kami. Nagkataon lang siguro na nangyari to... Isa pa, masasaya lang sila coz pumasa sila. Ikaw ba, kung pumasa, magmumukmok, di ba, you'll be proud to let everyone know pumasa ka. Na-misinterpret mo lang siguro ang kasiyahan nila na kayabangan.

Napapansin ko kasi, yung din namang nagpapadala ng comments dito, minsan, akala mo rin kung sino sila eh, di nila alam nakakasakit din sila, esp. to those na lumaban fair and square.
Kaya minsan, di maiwasan ang sagutan, exchange of bad words...

bakit ba yung mga nakapasa, sinasabi pabayaan na yan. dati pa naman may leakage?! ano yan ? pababayaan nalang ba natin na ganyan nalang palagi?! tingnan kasi natin kung ano ang mas fair.. tingin ko retake, kasi lahat makakapagbenefits dito. una kasi mawawala na yung image na lahat ng passer nagcheat. kahit na sabihin mo na ndi ka nagcheat, kasama ka sa batch nun.. nagcheat ka pa. pangalawa, ndi na magiging joke yung batch 2006.. for example sa senate, sinabi, safe ba ako pag naghandle sa akin batch 2006.. isa pang example, yung pagnagkita yung 2 nurse na kasama sa pumasa nung batch 2006.. maglolokohan na sila na, nagcheat ka noh?! para lang malinis lahat, retake tlga. kayo na nagsasabi na malinis ang consensya, ndi kayo nagleakage, ayaw nyo na igeneralize yung cheating sa inyo. so dapat kayo pa mismo sumigaw ng leakage, para malinis yung exam nyo. you work hard for it, so bakit takot kayo ulit kumuha. sabi nyo, may plans si God sa amin, so ibig sabihin may plans din ba si god sa inyo kaya kayo pumasa? kaso syempre, kung maganda plans sa inyo ni God, bakit kaya ngayon pa lumabas ang issue na to? siguro nga, ginawa ni God na ganito ngayon, kasi alam din nya na ndi fair.. so pls.. RETAKE is the best solution ngayon. alam ko kawawa yung mga pumasa na, pero dba mas advantage nyo ngayon? so ibig sabihin nyo pala, pumasa lang kayo dun nalang yun? and kung God plans tlga na pumasa kayo, bakit kayo ibabagsak nya sa 2nd take? sohz.. .pathank God thank God pa kayo, eh wala naman kayong faith kay God.

What? Foreign countries will not accept passers from june NLE? think again.. We are so out of their league. They wouldn't stoop to the shallowness of some of the Filipino people. Humor mongers! Passing the NLE has little bearing, if no bearing at all to get an employment abroad. They have their own state board to assess the competency of foreign nurses who wish to apply for a job in their country.

To the third poster here: Malinis ang tingin sa inyo? That's only your opinion and your fellow flunkers. Don't generalize, dear.
My heart goes out to all those who failed who are not selfish.Obviously, you are not one of them. Study harder next time. Stop complaining. I'm thinking you are lucky to have this issue around. At least you now have a lame excuse why you failed and that just saves your face.

sa nagcomment sa taas, malinis ang bumagsak, yung pumasa may bahid na doubt. sino ba nag nasa issue ngayon? yung mga pumasa dba? ndi yung bumagsak? sino nagsusuffer ngayon? yung pumasa ndi yung bumasak? kahit na mismo yung taga baguio gusto magretake, kahit nakapasa.. well dati ndi ako naniniwala sa baguio, pero ngayon, malakas siguro loob nila na magretake kahit pumasa sila kasi alam nila papasa at papasa sila kasi nung nag board exam wala tlga silang tinataga at ndi tlga sila nagcheat. dapat sundan nyo yung nakapasa sa baguio, imbest na tumahimik kayo jan, isisi sa mga bumagsak, bakit ndi natin itayo ulit yung profession natin. we dont want irregularities, so bakit ayaw nyo ng leakage? alam ko malaking sacrifice, pero im willing to take it para masave yung profession natin. kung kaya ko, bakit ndi kaya nyo?!

Alam nyo hindi ko maintindihan bakit lagi nyo pinapalabas na unfair sa mga bagsak yung na minus na leakage questions. Lagi na lang kayo si WHAT IF KUNG HINDI NA MINUS LEAKAGE QUESTIONS BAKA PUMASA KAMI. Kung puro kayo what if, lalo lang sasakit ulo nyo. In the first place, lahat naman binawasan ng leakage questions, hindi lang kayo bumagsak. Bakit fair kasi ginawan na nga ng formula yan ng PRC para pantay pantay computation. Ngayon kung nakaabot ka sa average na 75, swerte mo, pag hindi, better luck next time! Dati pa naman bawal i check sa PRC bakit ka bumagsak or pumasa, hindi ba sabi nga nila pag na release na ang results, NO rechecking or recomputing.

Ngayon sa mga nagsasabi takot mga pumasa na mag retake? well ako magpapa katotoo, OO takot ako, normal na reaction yun. Hindi mo naman sigurado kung ano kakalabasan ng results eh, kahit gano ka pa katalino! Naghirap ako nung June 2006 board exam, buti na lang nakapasa ako. Lahat tayo nagaral mabuti, kahit mga bumagsak, yung gastos, yung anxiety ng 2 months before the exam, plus yung anxiety mo dahil 1 month ni release yung results.

At sa mga nagsasabi lahat cheaters yung mga pumasa, makitid ang ulo mo. Yung iba nga dyan nag cheat na bumagsak pa, so sino mas nakakatawa? Kung may lalapit sakin na magbibiro na kung may leakage ako bakit ako pumasa, hindi ako napipikon, YUN ANG ISSUE EH, alam mo naman pinoy, kung ano issue ngayon, yun ang joke. Isa pa hindi naman ako insecure sa sarili ko.

Wala makakapag sabi kung sino ang deserving pumasa or bumagsak. basta move on, kung pumasa ka.. good for you, kung bumagsak ka, magaral ulit para sa december yun lang. Nangyayari kasi lahat ginagamit ang issue ng leakage eh, kung pinag retake nyo kami, para rin pinarusahan nyo kami lahat na hindi nag cheat. At yung issue ng safe ba pag nurse mo batch 2006? Tandaan nyo newly graduates tayo, i train rin kayo sa hospital, pabayaan nyo na mag judge ang mga hospitals sa amin. Feeling ko nga magaling kami, kasi kahit na madami na binawas sa grades namin, pumasa pa kami. Buti pa ibang ka kilala ko na bumagsak, they don't want a retake too. Mas open minded sila.

Oo mas nahihirapan mga pasa ngayon sa issue, pinagtatawanan pa nga kami ng mga bumagsak. Ewan ko bakit kayo natatawa, parang natuwa pa kayo. Sana walang crab mentality, sige kayo ma karma kayo.

Bakit pa ako nag graduate sa MARCH kung mawawala rin pala ng silbi ang results ng JUNE? Magisip nga kayo? Sana pala sa october na lang nag graduate or kaya hindi nalang ako nag take sa June.

Alam mo wala nga ako masabi sa mga bumagsak eh, I sympathized with them. Pero minsan kayo pa mismo nangiinis, ewan ko ba BITTER BA SOBRA YUNG IBA DYAN? HIndi na uso MISERY LOVES COMPANY! Im sure pag kayo pumasa ayaw nyo rin ng retake. Kung ako bumagsak, hindi ko na pasasakitin ulo ko sa totoo lang, eh d take ng DECEMBER.

Sabi nyo pag tatawanan mga batch June 2006, pero kami mga batch June 2006, kahit pa ano mangyari, kung may retake or what. nasa utak nanamin yan.. PUMASA KAMI. You cannot take that away from us anymore. Yung mga nagsasabi ng kasi kung hindi inalis TEST 5 baka pumasa kami, para kayong bata. Sign of immaturity pa yan no, yan rationalization nyo. HIndi naman porke bumagsak eh tanga or bobo kayo, marami ako kilala na matalino na bumagsak. Hindi na ma-take ata ng pride nyo na bumagsak kayo eh, which is sad. Sa totoo lang yang local boards natin hindi naman test ng nursing competency kaya wag na kayo masyado magmukmok.
what happened to the stages of grieving? nasa denial pa rin kayo, yung iba anger. HIndi na healthy yan.

im not saying lahat kayo nagcheat. may shadow na ng doubt ung exam. nagkamali yung PRC, so ano gagawin nyo pumasa? pagbibigyan nalang ba?! and btw FYI: daming naka 75 percent ang grades nila? dami din naka 74?! wat if pinasok ang test 5? yung naka 75 pwede tumaas ang grades pwede din bumagsak, yung naka 74 pwede pumasa pwede din bumagsak?! kaya unfair tingin ko.. yup, tingin nyo sa sarili nyo pumasa kayo? paano naman ang tatangap na hospital sa inyo? ndi mo naman pwede sabihin dun na pumasa ako. dba nga sabi na nga ng PGH, MENTAL HOSPITAL na ndi na sila tatangap ng batch 2006. pwede mo ba sabihin sa kanila na pumasa ako?! ndi na issue d2 ung pumasa ako bumagsak ako. sana lang maging fair ang PRC. pag nagretake ba kaninong advantage? sa mga pumasa din naman ha. as if naman kung magretake lamang ang mga bagsak?! ndi ganun ang sitwasyon.. siguro kung nagcheat ka tlga, takot ka kumha kasi wala ka ng source ng leakage.. swerte lang pumasa ngayon kasi tinangal nga yung test 5 na alam natin importante sa nursing career natin. PRC ang sisihin nyo at ndi yung mga bumagsak, kasi yung mga bumagsak, gusto lang namin ng tamang paraan sa pag compute.. bakit sa nursing act 2002, meron bang nakalagay dun na test 1 to 4 iaverage mo then yun ang grade mo sa test 5? kayo ndi man lang kayo nahiya sa grades nyo na 83 or lower? yan problema sa atin, pumasa lang wala ng pakialam kung ano nangyayari sa paligid. ang selfish. btw sa crab mentality, yup tama ka crab mentality lahat ng bumagsak, pero ndi nyo ba napapansin na yung sinasabi mong crab na yan nagtutulungan umakyat para makalaya.

I would like to quote my good friend who is a lawyer: "Retake is not possible, there are legal
problems should a retake be ordered. R.T., one
of the proponents is a very close friend of mine. We have talked about it and this all retake talks are nothing but talks. Pa-pogi lang at pantakot para naman
tumino mga review center na naglalabas ng mga leakage
para dumami magreview sa kanila.

Wag ka mag-alala, pasado ka na at walang makaka-agaw sa iyo nyan. You deserve every congratulatory remark coming your way, cheers!"

You guys be the judge :D Wala na yan retake!!! PRC na mismo nagsabi.

I passed the June 2006 NLE fair and square. With regards to the issue of retaking it again ... ok fine, provided the PRC will pay me for the mental anguish I suffered during the long wait for the results. The NBI and PRC should determine the extent of leakage -- what percentage of the examinees had the leakage? As far as Davao City is concerned, copies of the leakage did not reach us. I take offense when people generalize to blacklist our batch. It is unfair!

excuse me alam mo ba meaning ng crab mentality? anong sinasabi mo nagtutulungan umakyat para lumaya? ang layo ng meaning mo iha. Eto meaning ng crab mentality para sayo. Crab mentality describes a way of thinking best described by the phrase "if I can't have it, neither can you." The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs in which one tries to escape over the side, but is relent lessly pulled down by the others in the pot.

Yang 75 na yan, normal lang po na madami naka 75, at pare pareho pa rating sa all tests. normal yan iha, kahit saan ka pang board mapunta normal na magkaroon ka ng 75 sa lahat ng exam. swerte nga nila eh 75, pumasa. yung naka 74, pasensya hindi nakaabot talaga ganyan buhay. sa dami ba naman ng nagexam nagtataka ka pa kung maraming naka 75 na average?

Yung hospitals na pinaguusapan nyo PGH, MENTAL HOSPITAL? sa PGH ok lang kasi tga UP yan eh, kasama sila nag reklamo malamanh support rin hospital nila. YUNG MENTAL HOSPITAL i doubt kung hindi sila kukuha, hindi mo naman narinig yung spokesperson mismo ng MENTAL. Kayo kasi eh nagpapaniwala sa media eh puro naman yung si YANGOT AT ASSOCIATION OF DEANS na gusto retake nagsasalita. Wag mo na rin idagdag american hospitals, dahil matatawa lang ako sayo. Hindi ka nga kailangan RN para mag take ng Nclex.

Tulad ng sinasabi nung nauna BAKIT BA ANG HILIG NYO SA WHAT IF. What if sinama test 5. Eh cleanse na nga ang exams kasi dami nyo reklamo na leakage, pag inalis naman reklamo rin. wag mo na isipin kung sinama test 5, kasi nga hindi sinama!! kung papasa ka papasa ka talaga kasi dami na inalis pasa pa rin kami.

ndi lang nationwide yung issue na leakage. pati yung US tinitingnan kung ano gagawin ng pinas sa leakage na yan. sa tingin mo ba magiging masaya ang u.s na may issue na nga na leakage, linabas parin yung result. tapos wala man lang ginagawa yung mga government natin. and btw, yup, tama yung lawyer na pasado ka na. pero remember, sinabi din ni rosero na pwede marevoke ang license mo. kung kaw tatanungin, revoke or retake? syempre kung medyo nagiisip ka retake nalang.

Crab mentality, yun ang sabi sa book kung saan ka man nagresearch. yan ang sinasabi ko naman na tingnan mo sa ibang angle yung ginagawa ng crab na yan. dba nagkukompulan sila sa isang side, syempre para pwede umakyat yung ibang crab... pero sa tingin mo ba kung kanya kanya silang akyat, may makaakyat kaya sa kanila. kung ikaw ay maabilidad, kaw ang unang makakaakyat. ndi dahil sa naghihilahan pababa... pwede makakuha ng 75 percent pero ndi naman pwede ganun karami?! may nakita ka na ba sa lotto na 4 na beses lumabas ang number? sa grades mo? nakakuha ka ba ng 75 lahat ng subject? ang sinasabi ko lang lokohan lang ginagawa nila ng prc.. pls mamulat kayo. para sa atin naman to

To those who are saying that there is already a shadow of doubt as to the competency of those who passed, Hija, mag isip-isip ka! It's not your problem anymore. Wag problemahin ang hindi dapat problemahin. Wag ipilit ang solusyon na ayaw mismo ng mga taong involved. In the end its still the decision of the PRC that would have bearing on this issue. Not the opinion of the bitter minority. And right now, PRC is already broadcasting nationwide that there is no reason why we should question the ability of those who passed. Your mentality is that of a communist in the making. Geesh! a typical fundamentalist-extremist..more often stupid. We don't even worry about the news that hospital won't accept passers from June NLE. This is black propaganda of those who are clamoring for a retake. And if indeed we encounter that problem once we start applying for a job with them, rest assured the administrators of that hospital will have their heads on their hands due to the legal charges that can be filed against them for descrimination. We are not idiots and we know are rights.

why not imitate the people from Baguio? WE are SANE. We don't just copy the actions of others. your statement made me realized something, That there really are people na mga mangongopya.

Nuff said.

To poster 18: I doubt if you have a training in linguistic or have been familiarized properly with Filipino adage, clearly you have no idea what you are saying about "crab mentality". I certainly feel that your definition need some ironing out. It has already been defined correctly for you and yet you still refused to listen. I just don't get yah.

bakit ba yung mga bumagsak ang sinisisi nyo? wag nyo naman lahatin. tanggap na namin na sa december na kame mageexam. ilang months na lang december 2 na. eh kayo magseseptember na di pa rin settle yang issue na yan. at kayong mga pumasa happy na ba kayo sa score na nakuha nyo basta pasado okey na sa inyo?? when in fact u deserve more than that! pero wala eh basta pumasa na kayo ayos na sa inyo. you dont even know how to fight for the real grade u deserve!

EDSA 4 pag nagretake. hehe^^

**oops... pinapatawa ko lang po kayo hehe**

To all RN of batch 2006, please have a big heart for all those who failed. Just like us, they worked hard and spent much. Imagine the extra Php2,500 each they paid for the 18 pages manuscript? Not all those who failed benefited from this "leakage". We just need to understand that they feel bad and cheated too (those failed but really studied hard). AND TO THOSE FAILED examinees, please watch your mouth... WE PASSERS DID NOT CHEAT to pass. You are just not lucky enough to answer correct number of items used by the PRC statistician in the computation of grades after deleting the "leakaged" questions... Let's see if we can appreciate the beauty of each day with this issue not being settled between the PRC Officials and the DEANS of Nursing Schools.

hello everyone, peace na tayo lahat board passers and those who failed. Wala tayo magagawa, talaga kung bagsak ka dun ka sa side ng retake, yung pasa sa ayaw na retake. Yun lang yun.

To poster 18. pare natawa ako sa meaning mo ng crab mentality. Hayop may nalalaman ka pang kumpulan natawa ako.

Pumasa po ako sa awa ng diyos. Hindi ko po sinisisi ang mga bumagsak. pero sana wag rin kayo magalit pag mag nag react sa inyo. Sinasabi nyo nga tanggap nyo na december na kayo mag retake pero after naman nun may sasabihin ka pang EH KESYO mag SEPTEMBER NA HINDI NAMAN MATAPOS ISSUE? Labo d ba? Parang gusto mo mag comment ng mabait pero hindi mo mapigilan mang gigil sa dulo? :p Lets all pray na matapos na ang issue. Gusto naman natin lahat maparusahan ang nag cheat pero i don't think na ang retake ang sagot. Yun lang po. :p

As I have previously posted on other forums, thosed who passed the recent NLE must have good COMMON SENSE to do so.

From the comments of those who bitterly failed that NLE & eagerly clamors for a retake... it's obvious that they lack that most important sense of all senses.

basta sa lahat ng pumasa, congrats and wag na nating patulan ang bumagsak dahil ingit lang yan at kaplastikan dahil im sure pag sila ang pumasa, malamang gagawa pa sila ng malaking banner sa edsa ng no retake

about sa hospital na ayaw tumangap ng batch 2006, eh hinde lang naman sila ang hospital sa mundo eh, kaya wag natin silang pakielaman kung ganun kakitid ang ulo nila... u cannot question the competency of a person coz the question came out to the board is critical thinking and not conceptual, and besides ano pa ba ang nirereklamo nyo eh tinangal na nga ang part ng may leakage di po ba.... nagkataon lang na pumasa kami kahit gaano pa ka laki ang dineduct sa aming grades so ibig sabihin talaga non eh pasado kami...hehehe

at sa mga deans naman na walang magawa pwede ba wag na kau magpalapad ng papel nyo coz, tinatakpan nyo lang ang kakulangan nyo, ang icipin nyo kung paano nyo patataasin ang ratings ng skul nyo hinde kung paano kayo magiging popular sa issue na ito.....

ok ok ok papayag lang ako ng may leakage kung lahat ng nurses sa pilipinas ay willing magexam pati yung dati pang batch dahil dati pa naman yang leakage issue na yan eh, ewan ko ba kung bakit ngayon lang may nagrereklamo ng ganyan... hinde kasi matanggap na kahit gaano ka pa katalino, sa exam lahat pantay pantay, kc hehe mautak si ate letts eh....

sa mga nakakuha ng leakage, congrats ang galing ng source nyo pero sana happy kayo, kasi masasabi mo ba sa anak mo na " anak pumasa ako ng walang daya " or " anak sources lang yan " hehehehe

at sa mga bagsak...... tips lang, review na kayo for december kc pag hinde kayo nakamove on masasayang lang ang oras nyo at hinde humihinto ang oras.......

at sa mga iba na dumadamay kay god sa away nyo.... wag ganyan para naman kayong anti christ nyan eh....

at sa akin congrats nalang ksi pumasa ako.... at kahit may mangasar pa sa akin na june 2006 ako at leakage, hinde ko sila papatulan, patutunayan ko sa kanila na mali ang iniisip nila....

at pwede ba wag nyo gawing tanga ang amerika, may nclex silang pang assess sa tao kung saan walang leakage, ngayon kung papasa ka don, den hinde ka na aasarin sa america kahit batch 2006 at kahit gapuz ka pa nagaral.....

goodluck sa ating lahat pasado man o bagsak..... kung may retake, retake lahat ng nurses hinde lang batch june 2006

- supremo -


if kung magkakaroon nga pala ng retake, dapat sagot yun ng mga nagrereklamo ok at ung mga may gusto ng retake, lahat ng board and lodging pati review center, aba mahal din ang east west ah pero bilib ako sa inyo wala kayo leakage...

- supremo -

Para sa lahat:

1) It's not mandatory to be a LOCAL RN to take the NCLEX (simply because "with or without leakage issue, they don't trust our system")

2) You can work in the US as an RN even w/o a local RN license, as long as you passed the NCLEX & have an employer.

3) Atty. Yangot & her company of deans pushing for a retake, "mahiya kayo at huwag mag magaling"! Sa mga naging duties namin, baka mas marami pa kaming nakitang incompetent at corrupt nurses including chief & head nurses & even doctors isama mo na din. Don't tell us na sa board at bar exams nyo, walang nandaya? Pwede ba sa Pinas yon? Kung kamag anak kita or me pera ka, pasado ka! TSK TSK!

4) Another thing, don't mislead the passers that because of this issue, the international community would look down on these passers. (Matagal na pong ganun ang tingin nila sa atin, from the president down to the common citizen)

5) FYI, in the US, they would train you again & they do prefer fresh graduates (because they easily learn their ways than our old, unsafe, unsanitary & unsystematic ways. lalo na sa goverment hospitals di ba?

6) For the senators that are dwelling on the issue, ano po ba ang pinagkaiba nyo sa isyu ng dayaan? Ganun din, me nandaya sa inyo, merong hindi (daw), dapat ba ulitin din natin lahat ng election? Kung meron pinagtatawanan ang international community, kayo yon. Hehe

Di po mahirap pagisipan ang mga bagay bagay.... but it's sad to see na marami ang hindi gumagamit ng isip nila..

COMMON SENSE lang po kailangan....



If the reason is because "they can't determine the extent of it's coverage", e di dapat ang mag retake yung pasado lang? Me leakage na nga hindi pa kayo pumasa, dapat lang mag aral pa kayo!

B)RETAKE for those who FAILED only:

If ang reason nyo eh "hindi fair ang computation dahil inalis yung madaling part ng exam", I agree. Dapat, hindi na mag retake yung pumasa, kayong bumagsak ang mag retake kung gusto nyo. E binawasan na nga kami ng madaling part, pumasa pa din kami, bakit kami mag retake? tama di ba?

C) NLE PASSERS who can pass the NCLEX, automatic NO-RETAKE:

Para sa doubtful sa credibility ng mga pumasa, pag pumasa na kami ng NCLEX, doubtful pa ba kayo? hindi na diba? kapal nyo kung doubtful pa din kayo.. hehe



punish only the root cause which are the BON and the gapuz review center, do not include the passers of june 06

lokohan na lng ngyayari ngayon,,dati gusto ko ng retake kahit pumasa ko dahil nga sa lintik na leak na yan and besides naaawa rin ako sa mga friends ko na bumagsak at iba na nag-sunog ng isipin ko pa lng na may mga taong tulad ng dean ng skul namin na gustong mag-retake just bcoz di pumasa ang apo nya at mga classmate ko na alang ginawa during review kundi gumimik,,,pwes manigas kayo!NO RETAKE! 'wag nyo kaming isama sa mga kababawan nyo!

NO RETAKE!!! The PRC's decision is final! kung retake ang gusto nyo dahil sa leakage eh di magretake na rin lahat ng me leakage sa mga previous board exams! Bakit akala nyo ba ngayon lang me leakage? matagal na po yan mga hijo at hija kaso nga lang nagkabistuhan lang ngayon.Kung gusto nyo maging fair at malinis lahat, aba'y ulitin na rin natin ang 2004 election, dba me dayaan din dun?Kung ako sa inyo, i'll start reading my books in preparation for the december board, walang mangyayari senyo kung uubusin nyo time nyo kara rally. Bakit pag sumama ba kayo sa mga rally na yan mabibigyan kayo ng license ng mga nagpapasimuno nyan?Sasagutin ba nila lahat ng gastos pag nag-exam kayo uli?Ginagamit lang kayo ng mga deans o me ari ng mga review center na yan, dahil nde nila matanggap na mababa ang passing rate ng mga skuls or review center nila. Porke ba't cum laude nde na pwedeng bumagsak?nde porket cum laude ka lahat na lang ng grasya aanihin mo.At kung talagang sigurado ka sa sarili mo na kayang kaya mo ang NLE, eh di sana pumasa ka kahit pa binawasan yung number of items! At kaya nga po me NCLEX at CGFNS para ma measure kung competent ka , di po sa NLE natatapos ang laban.Yung mga nagrereklamo po na anlayo naman sa katotohanan ang mga board rating, pls lang pakitanong naman sa mga sarili nyo kung me karapatan kayong magreklamo.

PUMASA AKO... i got 77.8% rating

these are thoughts lang naman...

-may nag-file na sa bagiuo before pa nilabas ang results pero inupuan lang ng PRC. Administrative charges are not enough, hindi pa nirerevoke ang license nila!

-that time din, there's a petition not to release the results dahil nga hindi pa finish ang investigation pero they published results... e d dapat in the first place they didnt published results and have a retake para by that, hindi mo alam kung pasa ka o hindi.

-Bkt ngayon lang nagrereklamo? kasi nga po PRC put a grade in test 5 in which they said they invalidated... how can u put a grade in something invalidated? Is that valid? E bat pa may RA 9173 pa kung d naman nasusunod?

-at kung hindi sa pressures from associations of nurses with the help of politicians etc hindi pamapipilitan ang PRC at BON to make a move regarding the leakage

-The NBI is investigating about the issue, according to an news article before the oath was postponed, oath taking will be continued and if the there is really an annomally, PRC would not be hesitant to revoke our licenses... gus2 nyo ba un? na kapag nagwowork na tau, after we are granted our license, irerevoke na lang kung naging positive nga ang investigation na may leakage na sa totoo naman e meron...

-pumasa kayo with honesty but are you sure that people around will think that way?are you sure that employers will think that way? remember, we are the TAINTED BATCH... there's a STIGMA...

-sure ka ba na pasa ka talga? remember, 120+ items were invalidated. Panu kung ung psych ang makapag-pull down ng grades mo? or wat if those who failed e un ang panghatak nila? Statistically we passed, based on the treatment they used pero still, there is a CLOUD OF DOUBT in our licenses...

-some local hospitals are starting to implement NOT TO HIRE NURSES who PASSED THE JUNE 2006 NLE...panu kung dumami ito? dba tayo din naman apektado?

-yun nga, tingin satin ng foreign countries e COUNTRY OF CHEATS...gus2 nyo pati NURSES natin e ganun ang isipin nila? panu kung 1 day, ayaw kang papasukin sa hospital dahil patients will prefer other nurses dahil we are the batch na may leakage... possibleng mangyari ito...

-at kung nakapasa ka, bat kayo takot mag-exam ulit? validity wise, may discrepancy... DEANS wont push through on something they don't know...

-SILA na ang mga "nanay" ng nursing... at sila ang mas nakakaalam kung ano ang makakabuti sa propesyon natin, porket ba alam mo na pumasa ka e NO RETAKE ka? e panu kung honest ka at bumagsak ka?

-sure ka ba na lahat tayong pumasa e walang leakage... there are news na sa batangas, cds was sold for 7,000 pesos containing the exact 500 items were in in? panu kung ung iba e sinadyang hindi pinerfect ang exam?

-this issue is a test of your values as a nurse... nasan ang natutunan nyo sa BIOETHICS? We are the stewards of our profession...

-Panu kapag someday, at hinayaan natin itong issue na ito,wat if those who "undeserving to pass" were the ones who took care of our relatives sa hospital at ang kapabayaan nila ang naging sanhi ng pagka-alanganin sa buhay ng relatives natin, can you afford to gamble that?

ayun lang naman... sana pagisipan nyo din...

Look at the long term effects din...

lahat tayo ay hanggad na magtrabaho pero mas maganda kung magkakaroon tayo ng job na free na tau sa discrimination regarding the leakage...

ok naintindihan ko ang point nung nasa taas.

Nung after ng exams natin, bigla lumabas sa news ang RA GAPUZ RIGHT? ang issue ng leakage nagsimula. Ang dami suggestions tulad retake, ibawas na lang leakage questions at kung ano ano pa. Pressure na rin ang PRC na maglabas na ng results kasi isang buwan na.-- okay sana retake dito eh kasi lahat tayo nasa equal ground pa.. wala nakaka alam kung sino pasa or bagsak. At mga intentions natin pare pareho, malaman sino ang nag cheat.

July 19, nilabas na ang results. Sabi sa PRC, pagnaglabas ka na ng RESULTS, hindi na pwede bawiin yun, hindi mo na matatanung kung pano ka bumagsak or pano mo na compute grades mo. May pumasa may bumagsak. Pero shempre may issue eh, so napilitan sila sabihin pano na compute. --- pag ganto na kasi ang sitwasyon iba na po para sa akin lang. Kasi hindi na pare pareho intentions natin. Biglang dumami na ang nagreklamo. HIndi maiiwasan kasi nga nagka alaman na kung sino bagsak at pasa.

At hindi rin pwede irason ang pagbawas ng leakage questions. Yun na nga ang paraan ng PRC AT BON para ma cleanse ika nga ang exam. para lahat eh pantay pantay ulit. Ang desisyon po na iyon ay nasa discretionary job ng BON. Sa mga exams talaga pong may babagsak at papasa =(.

Lahat tayo naghirap magaral at gumastos rin. Katakot takot na anxiety ang dinanas natin. kung mag reretake tayo, unfair sa lahat actually. Kasi yung mga nag cheat, magkakaroon ng 2nd chance kung pwede naman sila mahuli ngyon. Eh pano yung mga bumagsak? Ang nangyari sila nabigyan ng chance parang naging laro laro lang ang exam natin? sana maintindihan rin kami ng mga bumagsak at mga pasa na gusto mag retake. Pero dapat hindi tayo magaway.. dapat awayin natin BON, pRC at senate nakiki sama pa porke elections na. wag po tayo magpagamit.

again..i would say..dati wala nag rereklamo konti lang kami pati na mga 91 complainants..ngayon katakottakot ang nagrereklamo kasi madami bumagsak...pati mga deserving bumagsak nagrarason na lang na dahil sa leakage...kung dati nyo pa gusto ng retake dapat dati na kayo nagreklamo hindi kung kelan nalaman nyo na bagsak o pasado kayo tsaka kayo sabat ng sabat...napaka simple lang ng dapt natin gawin..if you think you are really good..then no doubt about it that you can really pass the board pero kung bumagsak ka may pagkukulang din sa part mo hindi lang sa part ng nagcompute ng grade mo..kadami dami na nagleakage pero bagsak pa rin...accept reality..either you failed or passed..MOVED ON!!! GOD have better plans for all of us..even if you cheated or NOT!!!!

i agree dun sa nag-comment na ginagamit lng tayo ng mga review center at skuls dahil madami ang bumagsak sa kanila...coz i heard na ang nagrereklamo na review center ay from baguio based at ang may ari nito ay galit na galit talaga kay gapuz, dahil c gapuz ay pamangkin nya na kinumpetensya sya.matagal na away na ito pero ngayon lang nakakuha ng chance ang review center na ito.obviously someone is trying to manipulate us and the whole tayo naman mga tanga na wise, be grown up,, talasan mga nurses ang pang-husga

may liability din c gapuz coz he approved the publication of a document without really screening it. Kung ito ay tungkol sa rivalry or whatsoever e wala na taung magagwa pero isa siya sa mga review centers na may leakage. Actually hindi lang cya, may iba pa pero under investigation kaya hindi pwdng i-reveal dito kahit na ako'y anonymous.

at kasi nga tactic ng PRC un na ilabas ang results para madivide ang nursing community sa pumasa at d pumasa. Cyempre, madami na ang oopose sa retake dahil nalaman na nating pasa tau.

kung nanghihinayang kau sa time n effort... panu kaya kung nagtatrabaho na tayo e chaka i-revoke ang license? pwdng gawin ng PRC un sa june 2006 passers kasi un ang pinublish nila sa newspapers na even though we passed pero if u reviewed for a review center / naiugnay ka sa something kahit wala ka namang nakuha e they wont be hesitant to remove it...

mas maganda na ngayon na maging hassle kesa sa future pa...

un lang naman...

to what ive understood sa sinabi nang prc abwt revocation... theyl just revoke the licenses of those proven to have had benefited from that leakage. so kahit nag review ka sa gapuz or any center hu was alleged to have one, they cant revoke ur license jst like that. and remember, they cant prove anything hu hadnt done. my laws din tau and alam nila yun. know ur ryts so 2b on the ryt track.

first of all, i would like to congratulate all the passers of the 2006 NLE..hindi man ako kasama dun, it is ok for me..i don't want to dwell on negativity & drama at papangit lang ako kung iiyakan ko ' is not the end of the world for me & to everybody..syempre, i don't wanna be a hypocrite & say na hindi ako nalungkot when i heard the news, nakakahiya kasi sa parents ko..alam ko lahat ng passers ayaw na mag-retake, pero hindi nyo ba naisip na mas unfair yun sa mga hindi nakapasa, na hindi gumamit ng leakage & the reason why they didn't pass was because PRC removed 25 items in test 3 & the whole test 5?? im not saying na kaya ako hindi nakapasa e dahil tinanggal nila yung mga items na yun, what im saying is that nobody from all of us will really know the TRUE results of the 2006 NLE because hindi nila sinama sa counting lahat ng items that we answered in the exam.. wala naman sigurong mawawala sa mga passers kung magreretake because if you are really meant to pass, you will pass..gaya nga ng sabi ng isa sa mga comments dito, my plan si GOD sa ating lahat..kung hindi fair sa inyo yung retake, sa tingin nyo ba fair sa mga non-passers yun?? of course not!!(hindi na nga kami nakapasa tapos magbabayad pa kami ulit just to take the exam again!!) pero wala ng ibang solution for this problem but a order to bring fairness & equality to all who took the exam & to bring back the lost credibility of our chosen profesion in our country..

ung kapitbahay namin right after graduation (he took up BSN) a few years ago, flew to the US without taking the local NLE and he had been working in california as a nurse for years! i also have a friend who is an american citizen (but with filipino parents, her mother being a nurse in california) who came here in our country and enrolled in nursing. sa tingin nyu ba pagka-graduate niya, kukuha pa ba siya ng local board exam natin? hindi na di ba? ung mga ibang kabatch natin nasa america na either reviewing for or getting ready to take up nclex exams. nakakatawa dahil tayo2 nagaaway dito samantalang kung mayaman ka pwede ka na umalis at duon na mag-nclex.

Unfair talaga kung may retake. Pareho sa mga pasa at bagsak. Yung gastos, stress pa lang hindi ko na mabilang.

Maganda lang sa pumasa, pumasa kami knowing na kahit inalis pa yang ilang questions sa test 3 and 5, ay sa awa ng diyos pumasa pa rin kami.

Like i said, wag na po tayo mag what if KUNG HINDI INALIS yung questions baka pumasa ako? Yun na nga ang paraan ng pag cleanse ng exams eh. Kung mabubuhay tayo sa baka.. BAKA NA LANG NG BAKA.. wala na mangyayari satin. isa pa lahat naman exams binawasan. Kahit saan pa kayong board magtanung, ginagawa yan pagbawas at gawa ng bagong computation para maging fair sa lahat.

Ang pag retake po ay hindi sagot sa problema. Hulihin nyo kung sino nag karoon leakage. Magiging obvious naman yun eh KUNG MA PERFECT BA NYA EH, isa pa may mga codes ang review centers, madali mahanap.

Sa mga bumagsak, I pray talaga na pumasa kayo sa december na exams. Wag sana kayo mang husga na takot kami mag retake. Kami po ay may napatunayan na, pumasa na kami.

Dun sa poster namomroblema na baka ma hassle tayo sa future na ma revoke yung licensa natin eh di ganito na lang, punta ka sa prc then ask them to give you another exam, diba? why gusto mo kami isama eh yung pinoproblema mo eh hindi naman namin problema. Why is it not our problem? because we know the law and we know our rights. gets? brush yourself up on issues of legalities. baka malinawan ka. And like what the other poster here have said, only those who will be proven to have cheated will be punished, not everyone. that's what the prc is suggesting.

Masyado kang matatakutin. You better cut down your caffeine intake.

ala ng retake, mga bagsak lang ang magretake, kc bagsak nga cla..bout sa mga pumasa, juz b cool!!

sa mga bagsak(NOT TO ALL), mas malala ang impression sa kanila kc nga napapatunayan lang na kulang sila ng common sense, f ever my leakage nga sila, bagsak parin, umasa lang cla sa leakage hindi sa kanilang GALING ...ngelngel!! (KC MY ILAN BAGSAK PARIN ATA, KHIT MY LEAKAGE N CLA)

sbi nila di raw tatanggapin un mga pasado nun june sa work dhil incompetent daw, e di mas lalo nA un mga bagsak dhil bagsak cla MAS INCOMPETENT SILA compare sa pasado diba?? ihe ihe....

Un mga magaaply sa U.S., di raw tatangapin un mga pumasa nun june, E MAY SARILING EXAM UN U.S. DI BAH? NCLEX!!!!, PAG DI KA PUMASA DUN EH D, DI KA TATANGGAPIN..baka sbhin nu, not eligible to take NCLEX, di naman kau BON SA U.S.!

sana pumasa ako sa december, 2020!!! bwahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sana wala ng leakage sa time na un!!!!!



alam nyo kung ayaw ng retake eh di wag...

sa mga pumasa.. dont you think this a good chance to prove urself na your competent enough? u have passed 3/4 of the exams already so i dont any reason bakit di nyo din kaya ipasa ang other 1/4. if ur reason is psyche lang naman un at hello madali lang yun blablaba... well think again... still the world knows that the board exam wasnt complete. and yesterday lang sa news sinabi ng employer sa usa they will be hesitant to accept those jun06 passer dahil nga di naman complete ung exam na pinasa nila. and i also read some nurses abroad they want to email the ncsbn to ban this batch from taking nclex which is very unfair. see guys?? this is a chance para malinis at mabalik ang tiwala sa batch nyo. kung tutuusin dapat ung mga passer pa nga ang mag ask for a retake! to completely tell the world ur competent enough. baka later on magsisi kayo if wala namang tumanggap sa jun06 batch and sabihin nyo sana nagkaroon na lang ng retake. wag nyo na isipin na pasado ako at hindi ako nagcheat blabla..well alam mo na yan sa sarili mo but unfortunately you still belong to jun06 batch na may leakage issue. involve na dito ung profession as a whole. di na lang sarili mo ang dapat mong isipin kundi pati ung future nurses pa at mga nurses na kung ano magiging implication nito sa kanila esp ang magiging tingin na ng ibang bansa sa mga nurses sa pilipinas.

for those who failed naman wag nyo na ipilit kung ayaw nila ng retake. i guess blessings in disguise pa nga ang pagkabagsak nyo to think about all this issue and stigma attached to the jun06 passer. hopefelly sa december mas magiging fair ung exam and ul truly show na competent kayo becoz 500 items of the exam will be counted. God has beautiful plan for you. So just study hard and give ur best shot sa december. dont just aim to pass the exam but aim to get high grades in all subjects. advantage nyo na un na december kayo at least u will be given another chance to take the exam and if the employer ask u if kelan ka pumasa sa board then ul say december06 na sana naman eh malinis na talaga.

so goodluck! Godbless sa inyong lahat

oo, nga my point un nasa above comment......magretake na kau lhat!! 500 items exam nu uli, sakit sa ulo uli, sakit sa bulsa uli(uutang na ulit nanay nu), sakit sa oras, pero after ng sakit, sarap uli pag pumasa kau d b? un mga pasado last jun, sigurado uli papasa kau d b? :-)
kaya ang gawin nu, un willing magretake, sila ang mageexam, pag ayaw, di wag nu pilitin, hayaan nu sila, di naman kau ma22lungan nyan...

for the 46th poser, can u give out ur sources? i dont get why the us would care about our local board exams.. they dont even care if ur a passers or not, much more if uve taken the local or not. as long as u passed their state board then ure in.

why do u think they have their own state exams? simply because they dont trust the local exams of other countries, not just the phil's. with or without these issues, they still have this implied thought of making sure that the nurses that wanted to get in their system is tested personally by them.

retake is an option but not a gud one. read the latest news above, rosero asked the deans of the universities hu are shouting for retake if it really is the sentiments of all their students hu passed.. but.. then werent able to answer. dito pa lng, we should know that they are not after the feelings of their students to pass. tell me if its fair.

just be glad that 17k passed even though several items were invalidated.. dba mas nakakahiya if no1 passed, proving that most rely relied on the leakage?? why put bigger weighs on the leaked questions? eh pare pareho din nmn clang importante?? to think na the nullified items were only 1/4 and the remaining 3/4 were still intact. dont say that nullifying is unfair. it is indeed fair to all, hindi lng nmn kau ang binawasan. u failed kasi u have not reached the passing in maybe one or two of those unnullified tests.

I am not from philipines i am not even form asia my gf was pasing board exam today wiht gods help she passed and with me believing in her i think all that cheated should be punished but no harm should be done to those who werent cheating and passed i knw some exams i mean part 3 and 5 wasnt couting but it works 2 ways it might make u pas and not pass so it is exualy fair for lla not to count that parts i know that exam is extramly imporant for u all but think lie kthtws what would happen if u passed and tehy made u ratak it would u be happy ? so dont do same thing to otehr s if u dint passed bad luc kit iwl hapen next tiem sjut keep on trying and trsut God he is the only justice on this world there is no otehr justice so sjut lets pray to him and ask for justice nothing more and he will listen and good thing wil hapen to those who were pure heh i geus that all i duno if u ladies and gentelmens wantto listen to me


why do we need to prove ourselves the 2nd time around? I don't get it?

To those who failed the JUNE 2006 Nle and still remained LEVEL-HEADED AND DOWN TO EARTH. I wish you all the best this December board exam.

To those who can't accept their failures: I don't care if you are a doctor or a 2nd courser. Parang kayo BATA.. ano to DARE? if you are really good .. you should have a retake? thats bullshit and you know it. YOU guys have the nerve to dare us to to take a retake when you guys didnt even pass the boards?

Stop spreading shit about US EMPLOYERS NOT WANTING TO HIRE JUNE 2006 PASSERS. you guys are spreading black propaganda, you yourselves who want a retake are ruining the nursing profession. I guess I shouldnt be surprised, since I can see so many NURSES WHO ARE SO livid with envy when someone better comes along.

You guys are really lucky that there are SELFISH DEANS, LAWYERS, SENATORS, JOURNALISTS and FELLOW narrow-minded june 2006 board passers behind you. You can't even see that they are using you.

You guys keep saying we are narrow minded, we are only thinking of ourselves and not the future. Why? Do you think if theres a retake it will solve everything? I can tell you right now, its just the start. Geez you haven't even seen board passers complaining yet.

Your comments are contradictory. Messages about alot should have passed the nLE if the questions weren't removed at all. Then you accuse June Board passers of not being competent enough. HOw can you judge us when we passed it even after removing all the leakage questions? Be consistent!

To all June Board passers. Let's all pray the PRC will not be pressured by selfish and immature people. Besides we know our right and you can't fool us.

- demo -


WE, the students of the College of Nursing of the University of Santo Tomas who took the June 2006 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination, would like to express our stand on the issue concerning the leakage in the recent Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination and the preemptive action of the Professional Regulations Commission and the Board of Nursing in releasing the results of the June 2006 examination.

Contrary to what people may think, we are not releasing this letter as a bitter attempt to appeal and have our examination results reconsidered. We have transcended beyond that. Securing a license through an examination that is clouded with controversy is the least of our concern. We are more worried about having to practice our profession with our competence in doubt. In peoples eyes, we may or may have not cheated in an exam that we may or may not have actually passed. This disgraceful situation is something we do not deserve.

The investigating body had come to the conclusion that certain items were indeed leaked out from Test III and V and this had become the basis of the decision of the Professional Regulations Commission and Board of Nursing to invalidate certain portions of the examination as per stated in PRC Resolution No. 2006-345 Series of 2006. How sure are they that the manuscript in their possession is the only source of the leakage? We are all aware that there is more than just one manuscript. From witness accounts we have heard that there are also softcopies and other hardcopies containing items which contained not just test question items for Test III and V, but also Test I, II, and IV. If proven true, this would mean that the integrity of the entire exam had been compromised. Why then did the PRC-BON refuse to wait for the investigation to be finished before releasing the results of the exam?

The action of the PRC-BON was done as a premature attempt to allay the anxiety of those who took the examination, a desperate attempt to close with finality an issue that has not yet been resolved. We have all seen this before. This cowardly fear of the truth is all too common among those who have something to hide.

The PRC-BON in this hasty attempt had failed to consider the repercussions their action could cause. Foreign countries have expressed their dismay and are now questioning the competence of not just those who passed the recent exam but also those who have passed the previous examinations working in their respective countries. Testing Centers hesitate to administer foreign licensure examinations in a country so rife with blatant dishonesty.

Life will be difficult for us in our country. Already we have heard of institutions who will not hire nurses from our batch because of the dubious nature of our exam. This is discrimination of the worst kind, for we have been branded through no fault of our own.

Nursing is a unique profession whose essence is the act of CARING. It is not so much a job but a vocation. It is something we dedicate our lives to because of the honor and nobility we find in following it. For the past few years, however, the nursing profession had degraded to a lucrative endeavor, a money-making business for many opportunistic individuals. “Mushroom” nursing schools sprouting everywhere and the failure of the government to ensure a high quality of education in these schools are the underlying causes of all these troubles now.

Let us all remember that the PRC and BON exists in order to safeguard the welfare of the general public. It is their duty to protect people from individuals who lack the knowledge and skills to do their job. To protect the interests of certain individuals, institutions (centers, schools, etc.) should be none of their concern. When they allow incompetents to endanger the people, they should be held accountable.




BSN Coalition
University of Santo Tomas- College of Nursing

haha UST SO FUNNY, I heard its mandatory for UST STUDENTS TO ATTEND their rally this AUGUST 15. Give your students the freedom of choice!! pwede ba galing rin ako ust.. and i know they treat their students like HS. Kung ano gusto ng head.. sunod mga bata!

Stop spreading black propaganda about USA not hiring june 2006 passers or hospitals here because its not true. You guys are not the only ones applying, and I heard some hospitals are accepting already.

I feel sorry for those UST PASSERS who can't say anything against their dean. Speak up!

- kashi -


dun sa isang poster na nagsabi kung ayaw ng retake e di wag...

agree ako sakanya...
kahit ako'y passer gus2 ko parin magretake dahil may stigmang naka-attach sa batch natin. at akala nyo e hindi nyo din ma-eexperience un pero kayo din naman kawawa in the end.

at ung lisensya thingy na sinabi ng isang poster, yap i saw it on news paper na kapag na-conclude ng investigation na malawakan sa luzon ang leakage e revoke ang license natin whether we are involve or hindi... so mas oki na rin na magretake for me at least hindi ko na aantayin na mangyari ang worst...

at about sa UST sa aug 15, hindi required un, un e ung mga gus2 lang pumunta... according to my sources e yung ayaw d wag... d lang naman ust ang kasama e may iba pang skuls sabi ng source ko...

sa mga bumagsak...

ang swerte nyo kasi kayo pa ung walang problema sa stigma etc... at least kayo free of stigma na may leakage... ayun lang...

kaya respetuhan na lang ng views jan... kung ung gus2ng mag-retake e d go ahead, yung ayaw d wag...

basta wag nyong kalilimutan na dapat we're fighting for a cause a mapurusahan ang mga culprits, masyado kasi kayong nag-dedwell sa retake issue, wala pa namanng decision...

masaydong obvious ang reason ng UST na yan for a retake. and its not 4 a gud cause. yung issue, pinapatungan pa ng another issue. kayo nagpapalala. you and ur big mouths, anu ba yan. cant you just accept the fact that there are a lot.. and i mean LOTS more.. hu are better than ure magna cum laudes..?? fine, u have set ure records.. but that doesnt mean ul be unvulnerable. baket, my mga cumlaudes din nmn kmi na d pumasa.. but they accpted defeat. eh kayo? i wonder if ure the tope performing school last june exams, wud u still waste ur tym composing an open letter for all nurses to "seek" the truth?? come on, get real!! there's no space for hero-wannabes

natatawa ako sa mga pumasa... ganyan ba ang i.q ng isang pumasa?! Ano ba gusto natin d2, dba justice?! failed or passed, victims tayo. bakit sa tingin nyo ba kung bumagsak kayo mga passer, ndi din kayo for retake?! and pls.. wag nga kayo magmalinis... madaling sabihin na ndi kayo nagcheat. ang problema, yung mga tao nasapaligid nyo tingin sa inyo nagcheat kayo.. alam nyo, kung wala kasing retake, ndi natin matatapos yung bulok na systema ng prc. yan ang problema sa atin eh, nakapasa, dun nalang sya. kahit nakakuha ng 75. proud na proud pa. kawawa tlga mga passer.... ndi ako pumasa, kaya gusto ko ng retake, kasi i want my real score. ndi yung manipulated na scores. yun lang naman gusto ng mga bumagsak. kung ano sinagot namin, dapat yung din ang score namin. walang labis walang kulang. eh yung grades nung june, kulang kulang. so kayo mga passer na nagsasbi na may common sense kayo. nasaan na yun?! mukhang nawala na yung common sense nyo. passer, Aim Higher... and pls, magising nga kayo. kung pababayaan lang natin to, kawawa naman yung profession natin.mabubulok nalang.. kung may retake, atleast nagkaroon tayo ng impact sa nursing profession natin. eh kung walang retake, at pababayaan nalang natin yan, tutuloy tuloy ang pagiging walang systema ng prc. mga passer, isipin nyo nga to, gusto nyo ba makasama sa bulok na systema ng prc, then go for no retake, pero kung kayo gusto nyo sabihin na, dahil sa amin naayos yung PRC at BON na yan.. ndi ba mas maganda pakingan kaysa sariling interest. u passed pero it looks like u failed.

f me ang bumagsak, xempre RETAKA AKO SA DECMBER, wag nu na isali un pasado, pampagulo lang sila, hayaan mo sila magkaproblema sa kanilang stigma..


for the 57th poster: u probably havent had enuf of you not making it to the list of passers. after all the issues, ud still want to join in? why not take the dec boards? mas peaceful yun. hehehe. u dare talk about common sense? duh! do u think malilinis ang reputation ng nursing in just a snap? by just a retake? oh no dear, u got it ol wrong. kahit mag retake ka ng 100x, it wont change the fact that there was a leakage. there always had been one.

and bat kmi mabobother on what other peepz, like u, think of us? eh kmi passers.. kayo flunkers. bahala kayo kung anung gusto niung isipin bwt us, cool, mas alam pa ninyo na nagcheat kmi! oi, super powers ba twag jan? or generalizing??!

and yeah, PNA is now accepting registration and membership, just pay p300, and theyl give u a list of reqts for the oath taking and registration at the prc w/c starts tomorrow.


yeah, feeling talaga nung poster na yan! masyadong takot sa sasabihin ng ibang tao. it doesn't speak good of your personality. :) siguro you are so used in your life na everything that you do ang iniisip mo is ipleased yung iba. kawawa ka naman. may issue ka ,hijo. Dapat kung may gagawin ka kasi gusto mo. hindi yung dahil takot na takot ka sa sasabihin ng ibang tao.

dun sa poster na nagsabi na hindi required sa UST ang umattend nung rally, BULOK yung source mo.It's mandatory na umattend sila. May UST blood din ako. Wag ka mag post ng hindi mo naman alam yung totoo. They are being pressured by their dean to clamor for a retake. Wag ka nagpapaniwala sa mga sinasabi sayo.

AHH MAY STIGMA ang mga pasa... HAHAHAHAHAHA.. tapos yung mga bagsak wala? O SYA BIGYAN KO KAYO NG STIGMA. Pati stigma samin inggit kayo? hahaha SIGE MGA SOUR GRAPING, D MAALIS NA CRAB MENTALITY, LOSERS, FLUNKERS, MGA ENGOT ANO PA BA? :p You're making me laugh man :p Its better to have a grade of 75 than to fail it now and top the december exam . RECORDED YAN! BUti pa nga yun mga 75 eh pasa.. eh kayo? haha WALA KAYO LOGIC GRABE

61 poster: ndi nakalagay sa license mo kung ilan take ka. take 2 is as good as take 1. and btw, may issue ngayon.. hehehe. failed ka june, tapos nag top 1 ka sa board... naprove lang nung nagtop 1 na bulok ang june passer.yan yung sinasabi mo na mas maganda pumasa ng june kaysa sa december na take 2 ka.

Poster 62: point lang nung 61 eh mas maganda pumasa sa take 1 lang d ba? sino naman ayaw pumasa sa isang take. I don't think its about the issue of leakage anyway, its just better to pass your exam in just one sitting.

HIndi nga naka record sa license, recorded naman sa PRC, at sa kapitbahay, kamaganak, classmates pero shempre wag mo na sila intindihin.. pake ba nila hirap ng exam.

Shempre mas madali mag top sa december, kasi haba ng review time mo, sa June 2 months lang, April and May. Pag december ka magtake 5 months kapa review.

Malaking karangalan maging top kahit pa pang 2nd take mo na. Ang point lang eh wag kayo mang insulto sa mga naka 75 at least sila pumasa, kahit ba sabit. Iba pa rin ang one take. :p

I also passed the NLE 2006. . .sobrang pagod at hirap. We are just so lucky diz tym dat wer able 2 make it, but for those hu wer not able 2 make it, i know they can make it to but they wer just unlucky diz tym. .I passed w/o leakage and i swear to God. . lets just stop diz mess, its just a matter of luck wid dedication. . . sana po maintindihan niyo po ang nararamdaman namin at ng aming mga pamilya.. NAHIHIRAPAN NA PO KAMI SA LAHAT NG NANGYAYARI. . D NARRINIG ANG AMING PANIG . .

para sa lahat ng tropa ko na pumasa na sa wakas sa nursing board.. painom na kyo??
huy bokyo ung pangako mo pag pumasa ka??
boramz congratz..
rock on men??

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