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Ifugao medical practitioners favor re-take of NLE

Ifugao medical practitioners favor re-take of NLE

By Jina Shirley G. Dacmay

Lagawe, Ifugao (1 September) -- "Let the right be left right and let the wrong be let right."

This is the principle that is expressly believed by the medical work force here, in relation to the Nursing Exam Leakage which has wrecked havoc to nurses who are eager to work locally or abroad.

Dr. Mary Josephine Dulawan Head of the Ifugao Provincial Hospital here, believes in the principle that you follow the consequence of your act whether it is bad or good. "This incident is so bad that it has destroyed the image of this noble profession and which has badly affected the situation of nurses. Not only those who were part of the batch that took the June Nursing Licensure Exams but to the whole nursing profession," she said.

Still she said that although they may be amenable to the no-retake stand of the PGMA which is unfavorable to the nurses and to their families, their fear is on how to make good the unfavorable notion of local and international market for this profession.

"A re-take will incur additional financial expenditures plus the stress and the pressure these nurses and their families are undergoing which is really very disadvantageous to them," Dulawan and Marquez said.

She said that Filipino nurses as observed by foreign employers say that we have the right attitude, the right brain and the right skills. That is why they prefer to employ more of our kind. "But will they still have the confidence in our nurses now that this is known to the whole world?" she stated.

Mrs. Dorotea Marquez Chief Nurse of the IPHO here also said that employment of the June passers had really been affected "Volunteer nurses who are applying in this institution are not accepted because they do not have the legal papers to show that they are licensed nurses," she said.

The NCLEX, an exam to enable Filipinos to work as regular nurses in the United States , which was publicized to be conducted here sometime in the future will surely be affected. (PIA Ifugao)


"Let the flunkers be flunk and Let the board passers passed"

This medical practitioners are to bold to speak out retake. I sincerely believed that this medical practitioners should lead the retake exams for themselves and not shout only at batch 2006 to which many believed are the honest among the examinee to openly announced that there is leakage. Many believed that batch 2006 are only "Tip of the Ice Bergs" and this medical practitioners themselves cannot scape the suspicion that they, during their times, also have cheated but no strong individual has the courage to speak.

Remember!!! we cannot put to rest everything unless we have to clean everything starting from before and up to the present. Just cleaning top of the table is not enough without cleaning everything under the table and sorroundings.

Therefore, you!!! medical practitioners should lead by example that you have the courage to surrender your license and take the exam, and lead everything in order to restore dignity in Nursing and Medical profession...

Don't point your fingers at batch 2006 for it cannot help you believed us that this are all enough. Don't spare anyone including you as the leaders. You must be brave!!!!

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