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Nurses finally take oath

Nurses finally take oath
By Sheila Crisostomo
The Philippine Star 10/28/2006

After months of agonizing over their fate, those who passed the June licensure test for nursing can finally "move on."

Yesterday, thousands of board passers took their oath at Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) offices across the country, ending months of speculation and anxiety.

"At last it’s over. I dreamt of this for a long time. Now, I can move on," said 20-year-old Faith Infanta, of Barangay Caalibang-bangan, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

Passers have asked those seeking a retake of the June licensure test for nursing to give up and respect the decision of the Court of Appeals (CA), allowing them to take their oath.

"I just hope they’ll let us go on with our life and pursue our dreams. This issue has been stalling us for several months now. We want to move on," said Renato Aquino, president of the Alliance of New Nurses (ANN).

Faith was one of the passers who rushed to the PRC central office in Manila from his hometown to take his oath.

Going through school was a struggle for Faith. The meager income of his carpenter-father was not enough for his needs and if not for his 75-year-old maternal grandmother Marina Reduque, he would have not fulfilled his dream.

"From grade school to college, my Lola was providing for me. He is also helping my cousins. Actually, six of my cousins also finished nursing because of her. She has a family of her own but she does not hesitate to help us," he told The STAR.

In college, Faith worked part-time in the editorial staff of a local newspaper in Nueva Ecija and as a researcher. He also sold bags, pillows, t-shirts and automatic load for cellular phones.

In a small company in Cabanatuan, he worked as an "office assistant" even without pay, but he had free use of company computers for his school work.

Despite these seeming distractions, Faith graduated cum laude from the Wesleyan University of the Philippines in Cabanatuan City to the delight of his Lola.

So when the leakage controversy broke out, Faith’s grandmother was also devastated. "She knows how hard I worked to be able to finish nursing with honors. We were really disappointed but we did not lose hope that everything will be all right."

Faith plans to work in a local hospital for two to three years before taking his chance in a foreign hospital.

"I intend to help my two siblings and other cousins in their studies. It’s actually a tradition in our clan – to help one another get a diploma. I also want to ease the burden of my Lola. I know that’s the only way that I can do that," he added.

For Grace Urquiaga, 39, of Loyola Grand Villas in Quezon City, being a nurse is her "Plan B" to ensure a bright future for her children Isabel, 11; Karla, 10; and Paco, 1.

Grace has been a stewardess for an international airline for 19 years now, but she felt she had to do more for her kids to get a good education.

"It’s actually my daughters who motivated me. One time, when they came home from school, they asked me where Princeton University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are. They said they want to study there. I was shocked," she recalled.

Grace surmised that her daughters got that idea from their classmates at Woodrose School at the Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa.

Her daughters could have popped that question out of the blue, without really knowing its meaning. But their mother took it seriously and enrolled in a nursing course.

"Actually even before, I wanted a service-oriented job. I wanted to become a doctor but I ended up as a stewardess. Now with nursing, I’ll be able also to fulfill my dream," she said.

But migrating or working abroad is not in her immediate plans yet. Grace prefers that her children spend their growing up years in the Philippines.

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