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Palace aide says CA decision ‘fair’

Palace aide says CA decision ‘fair’

By Lira Dalangin-Fernandez
Last updated 06:34pm (Mla time) 10/13/2006

PRESIDENTIAL Chief of Staff Michael Defensor described the Court of Appeals ruling
for a selective retake of the leak-tainted June nursing licensure examinations for more than a thousand nursing graduates as "fair" to all.

"I think that’s fair. For example, in Cebu, there was no evidence (of cheating) according to the report of the National Bureau of Investigation,” Defensor told GMA Network’s station dzBB.

He said the decision came just as the Department of Labor is firming up its decision on whether or not to order a retake of the nursing board exam.
In a 33-page decision penned by Associate Justice Vicente Veloso, the appellate court said 1,687 examinees should retake tests 3 and 5 of the nursing board exam, which the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) invalidated because questions to these portions had been leaked to examinees.

The decision also allowed 17,322 board passers to take their oath as nurses.

The NBI submitted its report to Malacañang on Wednesday.

Its findings showed that the leak of questions to tests 3 and 5 of the nursing board exam took place only in Metro Manila and Baguio City.

The NBI also recommended the filing of charges against 17 officials of three review centers.

mike is saying, CA decision is fair, does this mean that all the justification in support for the retake that his boss made was all bullshit.. now its so easy for gloria to say that we must respect and follow what the court had decided....

Well, the truth is, after the NBI report, Malacanang was in a bind.

It cannot order retake in Visayas and Mindanao--malaking gulo yan pag nag-retake pa dun gayung sinabi na ng NBI na walang proven cheating doon.

Sa Manila and Baguio naman, tama, sinabi ng CA, proven na may dayaan sa PLACES na ito, pero hindi naman masabi ng CA kung sino ang proven EXAMINEES na nandaya out of so many thousands. This is a matter of evidence, and without concrete proof, papasok yung presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. So retake in Manila and Baguio is also problematical and is bound to elicit a lot of protests.

The CA decision seems to give a way out for many, including innocent passers who do not deserve to be punished for the wrongdoing of examiners and reviewers in the first place.

With the CA ruling:
1.PRC Comm Rosero should be commended even during the time where many retake hardliners(Ang,Brion) attacked her and fence sitters/politicians/ pleasers(Defensor,Ermita, Bunye) waffled. In management that is what you call successful brinkmanship to say no without losing one's head.No senators or congressman(except Cong. Puentebella dared to take a position. She deserved her position. She never wavered.
2. Ang should be sacked for poor judgment.
3. Media was deeply divided with ABS-CBN(why Ms Maria Ressa?Quo Vadis investigative journalism? Sayang! ABS CBN vehemently cried for fairness but why did it take an unreasonable and strong bias againtsthe board passers? Body language and facial contortions slip?) and same with PDI, the bastion of investigative journalism.Why this kind of lapses. Most particular with CDeQiroz,my idol.Never did it crossed my mind that you would have the kind of position in your last post.
In malacanang ang babaw ng judgment.Who is the flip and who is the flap. I do not believe that it is a script. Do you?


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