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A Reaction on the ALLEGED Leak in Davao

A Reaction on the ALLEGED Leak in Davao
by Lisa Eleanor sent thru Email

I stress on the ALLEGED because as far as we are concerend Mr. Dumdum's information is based on heresay. It is fine that he submit an affidavit of what he HEARD to the NBI but going to the media is another thing. He has not helped the situation in a better way...
All he has are allegations. He has not presented any proof. For all purposes and intentions it could just be black propaganda now that the NBI report and the lifting of the TRO are approaching.
I am from Davao. Earlier in this controversy the deans of schools here met with the June 2006 examinees. We were told that not one of them were ever made aware of a leak and that their friends or other deans in the Luzon region envied their lack of knowledge because it only meant that the integrity of nurses here are intact.
For the one who was offered the leak why did he/she not come forward earlier? Why didn't he/she give a head's up?... "HEY I WAS OFFERED THIS. DELAY THE EXAMS UNTIL THIS CAN BE INVESTIGATED." Who is this person?... Is he/ she not also a nurse and therefore guilty of neglect?....
If I were offered the leak and had the means to pay for it I would have bought it and submitted it unopened to the NBI. The worst case scenario would have been the JUNE 2006 examinees wasted a day on the exams instead of all these months of anguish.
Common sense... "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."...
So far, only allegations have been brought up. Allegations have never been enough to convict the guilty. I guess in the Philippines allegations are made to punish the innocent.

If you want to voice out any of your opinions or reactions regarding the issue feel free to email any of the administrators and we will try to post it here in PinoyBSN.

Mr. Dumdum, how could you? Going to the media and claiming that there was a leakage in Davao City and making it appear as the Gospel truth - without hard evidence - was truly irresponsible. You based your allegations on what "other" people tell you. Do you think it can really hold water in court?
I commend Sen. Gordon for putting everything in the right perspective -- no evidence, no retake.
Accusations can easily be made, but proving it is another thing. If I want to muddle the issue further, I can easily say that there was leakage in Cebu ... in Cagayan de Oro ... in Zamboanga.


Anonymous said...
Mga kasama, nakuha ko ito sa ABS-CBN Forum. Maramin ang pro-retake doon. Di gaya dito, iilang tao lang nagpopost na anti-retake at parang maramin sila.


This is good for humor DH but seriously, the cabinet used a simple Cost Benefit Analysis and had a look at statistics to justify the retake. This is how it probably went:

What is at stake here? The reputation and integrity of around 137,000 Filipino health care workers deployed worldwide, mostly in the middle east, north America, Europe (specially UK), Netherlands, high income asia, and future japan. These nurses remit an average of $ 2.2 Billion US Dollars per annum.

How much will is cost to fund the retake of 17,821 nurses? Inclusive of logistics, lunch and some pocket money to take home? Less than $ 2 Million US Dollars. That’s quite cheap isn’t it?

What can we further gain with a retake? The continued outflow of approximately 13,000 nurses per annum, in addition to the 137,000 who will get to keep their jobs after a retake. The Philippines will continue to enjoy an inflow of over 2$ Billion US Dollars, which is also increasing by approximately $200,000 Million US dollars per annum, at an accelerating rate. Most priceless of all is the peace of mind that Filipinos will continue to be the most trusted race to fill in the ever increasing demand of registered nurses in the future.

Considering these figures, seems like a retake is not such a bad deal for the Philippines after all?
I therefore propose that we change the title of this forum to "LET'S DO A RETAKE!!! - JUSTICE FOR ALL"""

4:30 PM

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