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PRC bent on appealing CGFNS decision on nurses’ work visas

PRC bent on appealing CGFNS decision on nurses’ work visas

By Jerome Aning

Posted date: February 24, 2007

MANILA, Philippines -- The Professional Regulatory Commission will still appeal for a reconsideration of the decision of the US Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools to deny working visas to Filipino nurses who took the tainted June 2006 licensure exams unless they retake portions of the test.

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for the 2nd time

first off i want to commend th PRC for all their effort of trying to convince the CGFNS not to uphold the validity of the portions of the exam in question, as much as the PRC fought for us in the troubled days of the past when our licenses and our status as NURSES were under an unlimited amount of question and doubt, but here are some points:

1) if this "effort" was given back in the day when they needed to exert it in order to make sure the exam held its SECURITY and VALIDITY we would not be in the predicament we are now

2) the CGFNS has given not 1, not 2 but 3 official statements on their website pointing out their stand regarding the matter, is it that hard to follow what they require us to do in order for us to achieve the coveted visa screen certificate, they do not question the validity of our licenses and the NLE here in the Philippines but its comparability to the NCLEX exam, they even suggest us to retake the portions in question in any future licensure exam of equal to the content and weight it is equivalent to WITHOUT needing to revoke and void our licenses for us to use it here in the Philippines

3) why still push for a trip to the CGFNS offices in the US to force their appeal to people including the CEO of the said organization who has formally talked to Chairwoman Rosero explaining further details of the decision and declared it final, a worse case scenario is the CGFNS totally invalidates the whole june 2006 NLE and requires us to retake the whole damn exam, they are merely doing their jobs based on the the US laws upheld by the Imigration and Naturalization Service

4) if all this effort is put to making plans and preparations for us to retake the exam and figure out a "NO SURRENDER OF LICENSURE" clause on the said retake of the portions in question based on what the CGFNS has expressed that there is no need for any revocation or voiding of licenses... IF THIS SEEMS TO BE EXTRA WORK FOR THEM THEN THEY SHOULD DO IT AND FIX IT DUE OF THE FACT IT IS THEIR MISTAKE AND NOT THE OURS FURTHER MORE MAKING SURE WE FOLLOW THE RETAKE GUIDELINES SUGGESTED BY THE CGFNS THAT WE RETAKE TESTS 3 AND 5 FOR THE SAKE OF THE VISA SCREEN CERTIFICATIONS, NOT THE VALIDITY OF THE NLE NOR THE VALIDITY OF OUR LICENSES, yes this will be a bit of extra work but if they are not in the mood for extra work or don't feel like following the terms then there will be hell to pay from us who want to retake without surrender because it is unfair for us when the CGFNS itself has said no need for surrender

5) THE RETAKE SHOULD BE FREE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, WE HAVE SPENT FAR TO MUCH MONEY, if the problem be financial ITS ELECTION SEASON, too much money is being poured out by politicians, why not get some there and for once put all that money TO ACTUAL USE that will benefit people, if need be we can also start a fund for the exam coming from the pockets of the retakers and possibly from some richly generous donors(YEAH IM POINTING MY FINGER AT YOU DANTE ANG YOU OLD FART, YOU WANT A RETAKE RIGHT? FORK UP THE MONEY FOR US TO DO SO MR."I GOT THE NCLEX TO THE PHILIPPINES" AND FOR ONCE BE A MAN WHO IS "MAGINOO")

you can agree with me or not but this is what i feel about all of this but hey ill be a hypocrate if they do pull it off... ill eat my own words if they do

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