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‘Visa hold the worst we expected’ -- nursing group

‘Visa hold the worst we expected’ -- nursing group

By Nikko Dizon
Last updated 07:47pm (Mla time) 02/16/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- It was the worst case scenario they had wanted to avoid.

"That was our point from the start. That's what we were worried about. That's what we wanted to prevent," Pia Bersamin-Embuscado, lawyer of the University of Sto. Tomas Faculty of Nursing Association said on Friday.

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one of the results of what the dean of nursing of the UP College of nursing did is this. imagine going to the US (at the expense of the people's taxes) and convince the nursing community there NOT TO HIRE JUNE 2006 PASSERS who graduated from other schools!

now, even the graduates of your school, madam, are affected by the decision of CGFNS.

i can not imagine your line of thinking why you did that act, if you really are a filipino or maybe you think that the UP represents the entire Philippines.

what you did madam, is a devils's act. maybe you are so happy now that the entire June 2006 Passers will not be issued visa certificate unless they retake tests 3& 5.

my son is working in a tertiary hospital since august 2006. he was on volunteer status until december 15, 2006, and i was glad that he can live by himself since then.

i felt sad that the people who are in the positions to at least appeal for the reconsideration are the very same people who lambasted the passers before, like mr. brion.

mother of june 2006 passer

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