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Ombudsman okays filing of charges vs 2 nursing officials

Ombudsman okays filing of charges vs 2 nursing officials


Ombudsman Ma. Merceditas N. Gutierrez yesterday approved the filing of criminal charges against two members of the Board of Nursing (BON) for the 2006 nursing exams leakage.

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Is this just a big coincidence brought about by the swiftness of justice in this country(calling on justice speedy gonzales or is it slowpoke the looney toons not the evening news for the enhancement of your knowledge regarding the mentioned characters) or just a result of the domino effect of recent events concerning the controversial june 2006 NLE. Well i'll be damned, now we can really prove that we are being watch not only by Uncle Sam but the whole world as well...and if it were not for the CGFNS board imposition on the said unfortunate event,both of this involved Nursing officials would just be lounging around while watching their favorite tele-novelas or maybe another trip to switzerland to cap their years of service. As the saying goes..."better late than never". But the question is...Does it take that long before we figure out and file charges or do we need an external stimulus for an action potential to happen? Hey let me just reiterate, we are being watch not only by the whole world but also by the MIGHTY ONE above.

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