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Reply to QueenB's email from ANA

Guys eto yung sagot ng ANA sa email ko, sa tanong na retake all ba o partial lang ang gusto nila?? QueenB ito


Thank you for contacting the American Nurses Association (ANA) about its recent announcement on the compromised June 2006 Philippine Nurse Exam. As noted in our letter to the Philippine Regulation Commission, ANA considers this to be a matter of public health and safety. Absolute integrity of the professional licensure and exam process must be strictly maintained for purposes of public safety and confidence. ANA also noted in the letter that it is clear that the United States has benefited from the many excellent Philippine nurses who have come here to practice.

ANA recognizes that these nurses are duly licensed and able to practice within the Philippines. Our interests lie with those who wish to come to the United States to practice nursing.

ANA understands that investigations into this matter have found that Tests #3 and #5 were substantially compromised. However, there was nothing that was made public that indicates that these were the only two tests of the exam that were compromised – only that these were the most compromised. It is for this reason that the ANA Board of Directors recommended that the entire exam be retaken. ANA is aware that the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) has agreed that retaking Tests #3 and #5 is sufficient to meet their requirements for a VisaScreen Certificate.

Each organization’s position stems from a different perspective. CGFNS is a regulatory authority. ANA’s position stems from our role as the professional association and the custodian of the U.S. Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements. Provision 3.4 states that:

Nursing is responsible and accountable for assuring that only those individuals who have demonstrated the knowledge, skill, practice experiences, commitment, and integrity essential to professional practice are allowed to enter into and continue to practice within the profession.

Given The Code, ANA’s perspective is that when entrusted with caring for the public, there can be no doubt as to the qualifications of the nurse. ANA recognizes the CGFNS’ position that successful retake of Tests #3 and #5 is an acceptable remedy to meet the needs of a VisaScreen Certificate.

Again, thank you for contacting the ANA. Please do not hesitate to contact Cheryl Peterson,, should you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Mary McNamara

Senior Public Relations Specialist

American Nurses Association

Credits to QueenB [ monserat ]

so what is the bottom line, what is ANA implying that they would not hire
us even we retake 3 and 5....ano ba yan, can brion or whoever is in authority give us any concrete statement regarding ANA stands...i am
really so tired on how the government
mishandling this leakage issue since
day one.... please make our tax money be worth the salary you receive...

If ANA wants everybody to retake the 2006 Nursing Boards Exam, then do it. If you feel that you are not satisfied with the decision, then fight it out in a court of law. Kasuhan nyo rin ang PRC na naglabas ng board exam result na hindi pa naaayos ang lahat. Sa gagastusin nyo sa pag-file ng kaso at sa tagal ng desisyon nito, mabuti pa mag-exam na lang kayo uli.

ANA is not a regulating body but they have influence over preferences in hiring. Kaka-exam ko lang ng CGFNS, we talked to them and sabi nila, CGFNS only reuqired 3 & 5 for the purposes of VisaScreen pero it would depend in the dicretion of the employer whether to hire or not to hire june 06 passers. Sabi nila, it is better to take it all, for the purpose of erasing the stigma brought about by the issue. They knew that we can do better pero law would be law, and should be implemented

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