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June 2007 Board Examination Result UPDATE

Retake result will be release first week of July according to DOLE.

General results of the board exam held last June 11, 2007 has still no scheduled date for release. Usually they do not make any official announcements for the release. Considering the number of examinees, I can safely say that it will take a LONG while :) More than a month and a half perhaps.

I'll keep you posted for informations regarding the release of the results. Relax! I know naman na sobrang hirap mag hintay. It almost killed the last time because I was thinking of failing the boards talaga. You would wish you will fell asleep until the day of the release ng result... it's normal and depressing.

You will know naman if the results will be release na. Just do not believe in the text messages na lalabas na ang result today or tonight or tomorrow. Usually they are hoaxes and time wasters.

You will only know that the result was out na pag may mga tumatawag na sayo na meron na, usually a friend or a text from a friend na lumabas na yung result. And once you passed, you will feel a great relief! Invite me to your celebrations ha!


thanks sa info... a lot of classmates texted me aboutthis issue na irerelease na daw ang result and everybody seems very tense about it... thanks a lot again though it will prolonged our agony of waiting, well that's life... Thanks for the info again

sir budek salamat sa info here sa really helps us,,thank you for being there for us your younger bros and sis...
kaya nga ang tagal ng result ng exam..kinabahan na kami dito sa dumaguete kng ano ang result...sana marami ang papasa..
oncs again salamat sis budek sa suporta..

im quite excited for the result this coming July...

kuya..keln po mku2ha ung reslut..hmmm..if ever san site xa mki2ta pra msa mdli ung pghnap..mxado kc knkbhan mga frend q eh..hmmm...thx po..

an info i got is it will take 50 working days from the last day of the exams for the results to come out. if that is true, the results would come out middle of aug pa. goodluck to all those who took the exam. tuloy2 lang ang dasal.

Sir Budek,
Hello po.Ang tagal2 talaga ng results!

Hayyyy.....salamat...puwede pang gumimick he he he... thanks a lot sir for everything. Hulog ka ng langit ha ha ha ....ay teka bakit nga ba hulog? Ay better than kinuha ng langit. So thanks again. Have a good day.

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