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Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates, International

AYNLA is an international network of young leaders in health care especially nurses who organized themselves to help achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). AYNLA believes that nurses have a huge responsibility in ensuring the compliance of the MDGs through Holistic Nursing Leadership.

Conceived as a revolutionary organization in 2009, AYNLA – which took up a different name upon its conception – started out quite the hard way. After series of test runs for the organization, it finally took off in 2010. The Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates or better known as AYNLA is a professional organization conceived by registered nurses in the Philippines. AYNLA Philippines becomes the prototype organization of AYNLA International with all the programs being implemented in the country. The organization utilizes Holistic Nursing Leadership in all its programs and projects. It has aligned its services in enhancing the leadership knowledge, skills and traits of its members; polishing their personality, presentation skills, capability building, people management skills, critical thinking and conceptualization skills as well as life coaching among others.

AYNLA also has another face, aside from its leadership mandate, which is its “advocacy” side where it responds with a lot of advocacies that directly affects nurses and healthcare professionals or that affects health in general. Because of its Advocacy Mandate, the organization strengthens its core in empowering its members and creating linkage to other international organizations bearing the same causes or advocacies. Therefore, AYNLA is closely defined in two powerful words – LEADERSHIP and ADVOCACY – the two steering wheels that directs the nursing & healthcare profession today. AYNLA invites all young nurse leaders and advocates worldwide furthering their knowledge, skills and enhancing their leadership traits through worthwhile experiences, learning interactions and exchange of best practices from their international counterparts. The organization has also opened its doors to students to train them as early as possible and to other professionals in the allied healthcare sciences to help complement strengths of one another. And since that the two core mandates of the organization, leadership and advocacy, in the international context, AYNLA enjoined in its instructions to adjunct and strengthen the United Nations Millennium Campaign on the eight (8) Millennium Development Goals where nurses play critical and vital part in its achievement especially the goals directly affecting health. Set to be evaluated in 2015, the UN MDGs are in its full swing and AYNLA being organized 5 years before its evaluation takes in no waste of time in participating largely by realigning all its programs and projects. Through nursing leadership, AYNLA created programs to help achieve the 8 Millennium Development Goals and to work closely with the UN Agencies as well.


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