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NBI looks at no-leakage-at-all angle in Nursing board mess

NBI looks at no-leakage-at-all angle in Nursing board mess

By Rizal S. Obanil

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is now looking into the possibility that no leakage ever took place in the recent licensure exam for Nursing.

"There might not have been any leakage in the first place. Of course, there's always that possibility. So, we are also looking into that,'' Supervising Agent Martine Cruz of the NBI Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division (AFCCD) said.

Cruz said there might be some quarters who are just "circulating rumors" about the June 11-12 nursing exam so as to discredit the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) or the Board of Nursing (BoN). ''They might be out to tarnish the image of the PRC or the BoN,'' he pointed out.

When asked why anyone would be interested in doing such things, Cruz said that ''there might be some people interested in the positions of some of officials of the PRC or the BoN.''

Cruz said that they have already interviewed six officials from the PRC and the BoN to get a clear picture of how the exams are conducted.

He also revealed that they are still verifying whether some of the officials of the PRC or BoN could be held liable for violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

Cruz was quick to explain that some officials of both regulating bodies were merely appointed or hired as consultant and could therefore not be considered as ''government employees or officials''.

Although the no-leakage angle is being studied, they are still considering the earlier lead recommended by the PRC fact-finding committee that there were two examiners and possibly several other people involved in distributing copies of the test questionaire before the exam.

"We are looking at all possibilities," Cruz said.


Don't be so naive about this matter.We're not living in a perfect world.Lets not deny the fact that most of our officials are hungry for more wealth and power..

I just hope that the NBI will not be bias in the said issue and will really do their job as they should..

the NBI people are idiots.. if they couldn't find killers, they couldnt find cheaters..

no-leakage-at-all angle!!! Is this a joke of NBI? Is that how they're going to solve it if they dont know how to deal with it? Or they also belong to those group of corrupt people or in short, kampon ng mga corrupts...? I refuse to believe it...hope they will search for the truth.

I do not know if the NBI or their law enforcement officers, i am sure they underwent basic rules on evidence. First, as a general rule, positive testimony prevails over negative allegations, unless the contrary is proved. Second, the preponderance of evidence angle--there are circumstantial evidence to point to the alleged massive widespread of leakage. The first comment is correct---please do not be so naive about the situation. by analogy, we who are objective in this particualr case should act as a scalpel that will help remove the abscesses of officialdom. I am not a nurse, i am not a nursing studet, much less thereofre a person who took the board exam last June 2006. Do not look at a no-leakage-angle just to please the somebody. We must be bold in accepting that there is flaw in the system because unless and until we accept such idea, we will be forever slave of our own wrongful system. We must act right now...this is an awakening for us... people...not just those nursing board takers. Please NBI do not sugar coat everything....please be fair in your assessment of the not make any pre-emptive move to conclude a just have to stick to the facts taking into consideration impartiality about the surrounding circumstances. Do not ignore the massive protest but without prejudice to weigh its crdibitlity. the only thing that i cannot accept is the NBI's pre-emptive comment of no-leakage scenario. Do not make an earlier conclusion but rather pound on the facts. Do not take for granted the issues raised and the documents that surfaced. Why would the BON suspend its two memebers if there are no semblance of impropriety? why would the prc invalidate some test questions if there are no irregularities? think about that? On that score alone, there are circumstantial aspect tending to prove a particular fact--which according may is LEAKAGE.

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