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PRC defers oath-taking of new nurses

PRC defers oath-taking of new nurses

July 28, 2006 Updated 01:56pm (Mla time) Christian V. Esguerra Inquirer

THE Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) said on Friday that it has decided to hold in “abeyance until further notice” the scheduled August 22 oath-taking of 17,871 new nurses.

Eufemia Octaviano, chair of the PRC’s Board of Nursing, said the decision was made after she met with the deans of the colleges of nursing of the University of the Philippines, the University of the East and the University of Santo Tomas.

She said the postponement was meant to allow the PRC to hear the concerns of other deans and await the results of the probe by the National Bureau of Investigation into the alleged leakage of questions in the last nursing board exams.

FROM: INQ7 Express

WTF??!! this is the worst event that ever happened in the entire nursing history

mabuti naman at nagbago isip nila affected lahat tayo dito kahit pasado ako di ko pa rin maisip na baka marevoke license ko after nbi nvestigatiom.Mas gusto ko pa magretake na tayo lahat para fair.

so what happens now to the registration and application for licenses? they did not mention this at all.


mejo late na 2 pra ipost.. e2 ung article prior to this post.. post ko lang so as to let u know kng pano mgiba iba ng desisyon ang prc.. wawa naman cla.. tsk..tsk..

PRC: No stopping oath-taking of new nurses

By Christian V. Esguerra
Last updated 06:07am (Mla time) 07/28/2006

Published on Page A8 of the July 28, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

THERE’S NO stopping the oath-taking of 17,871 new nurses on Aug. 22 despite unresolved allegations that the June licensure exam were marred by widespread leakage.

Eufemia Octaviano, chair of the Professional Regulation Commission’s Board of Nursing, yesterday said it would be unfair to the successful examinees to postpone the oath-taking.

“It would be as if they didn’t pass at all,” Octaviano told the Inquirer. “They can’t proceed with their careers without taking the oath.”

Forty-two percent of the 42,006 nursing graduates who took the board exams passed.

The University of Santo Tomas earlier sought a postponement of the oath-taking ceremony until an official investigation of the alleged leakage was completed.

Present evidence

Octaviano maintained that the reported leakage, purportedly coming from one review center, had “no glaring impact on the test.” This apparently was the finding of a special PRC committee that looked into the controversy. A separate National Bureau of Investigation inquiry is ongoing.

Octaviano said people aware of the cheating should come forward and present evidence.

She was set to meet yesterday with around 10 nursing school deans to address lingering questions about the board exams.

A contentious issue was the “toning down” of the last of the five nursing tests, covering psychiatric nursing, or how nurses deal with different kinds of patients. Only 10 out of the 100 questions in this area were credited as a result of the leakage.

To arrive at the final grade for Test 5, Octaviano said the board took the examinees’ average grade for Tests 1 to 4 and Tests 1 to 5. The two averages were then added and multiplied by two for the Test 5 rating.

Testing competence

Prof. Zenaida Famorca of the UST College of Nursing earlier criticized the board’s decision to credit only 10 items in Test 5, explaining that the procedure didn’t really measure an examinee’s competence in this area.

Octaviano didn’t think so, saying the four objectives of the exam -- nursing, research, leadership and communication -- were all integrated into each of the five tests. Simply put, not one competence was tested in a single exam, she claimed.

The official also responded to some accounts of purported cheating as told to the Inquirer by examinees.

One examinee reportedly blew her top in the PRC office in Manila upon learning that her seat-mate who didn’t show up on the second exam day still passed.

Octaviano said it was possible that the absentee examinee didn’t have to take the tests on the second day.

Identical ratings

Under PRC regulations, she said examinees with a general average of 75 or above but registered, say, below 60 percent in two of the five tests, need not take the entire board exams the next time.

The examinee is “conditioned” to retake only the two failing subjects.

Some examinees also wondered why many of them got identical 75-percent ratings in each of the five tests. They felt that the uniform rating indicated the possibility that even the scores were manipulated on top of the reported leakage.

Octaviano said getting identical scores wasn’t a statistical impossibility. She said the Board of Nursing was even authorized to decide in favor of an examinee on the threshold of passing by rounding off a grade of 74.5 percent.

The official, though, didn’t comment on one examinee’s account that another examinee had shown him a copy of answers to all 500 test questions within hours after the conclusion of the board exam on June 12.

The other examinee purportedly bragged that his copy came from a document circulated in his school in Sampaloc, Manila, three days before the test. The school was purportedly owned by a well-connected official in the nursing industry.

Tens of thousands of Filipinos, including doctors, are taking up nursing because of the huge demand for nurses in rich countries like the United States and Britain.


tama ka! nung thursaday sure na sure na. pero nung friday biglang nagiba ang ihip. nakausap ko yung BON, grabe! nagulat ako sa grade ko. ndi ko ineexpect na ganun lang nakuha ko. well, kaya ko iassess naman sarili ko. at sa tingin ko sobrang baba nung nakuha ko. tingin ko sa September ang oath taking nyo

mag-retake na lang na kayo just have to accept na lang....malaking mali ang paglabas ng results ng hindi pa klaro ang lahat....kung hihintayin ang mga probe ng lahat ng mga nasabing opisyal natin ng gobyerno, baka lalung tumagal...hindi din naman papayag yung mga naargabyado na bumagsak dahil lumaban ng parehas....pati yung mga nakapas na lumaban ng parehas....simple lang yan, kapag ang basket ng kamatis ay nahaluhan ng bulok, lahat damay, lahat di mapapakinabangan. wag na nating hayaang lumaki pa ng todo ang isyu at tumatak pa sa isipan ng buong mundo....hindi ako nurse, hindi rin ako istudyante ng nursing, hindi rin ako nag board...ang sa akin lang, wag na lang pansarili ang ating isipin...mag-retake na lang kau lahat para fair....kasi kuing maabswelto kayo magiging findings, pangit pa din ang tingin sa June 2006 exam...hindi maitatawa ang ganitong mga pangyayari....hindi mo din masasabi na alang leakage kasi...maraming lumalabas....hindi ordinaryong prostesta ang lu8malabas. mag special retake exam na lang before december na lang ang pagkagastusan ng gobyerno kesa yang mga imbestigasyon ng while me tulong eh masyadong magtatagal.


ang saya namn!!! para yatang pinaglalaruan nlng tayo ng BON at PRC... mahilig silang magmalinis... actually di naman yata standard ung NLE... kung anong feel ng examiner na ipalabas na exm parang un na lng... some questions r nonsense!!!

add lng po!!!

wrong grammar pa!!! i wonder kung alam din nila ung l8st trends sa nsg practice.. at tsaka sana naman, ipalabas nila ung answers nila after the release ng exms... cguradu ba sila na tama lahat ng sagot nila?

indeed, passing the NLE does not measure a person's nursing capability...

pang local nga talaga... no offense lng ha.. kita namn sa ibang nurse sa hospitals diba..

i passed the NLE wd high scores but i dont consider myself a good one..

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